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The Daily Strength Training Challenge

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I received so much positive feedback from my Walk Every Day Challenge (it’s so nice to hear that others are in a similar situation!) that I decided to share with you a new little fitness challenge… Get fit with this strength training challenge! This fitness challenge will help you get into shape, especially if you are newer to exercising. And it won't take a ton of time out of your day, either! Just a few minutes each day and you'll see yourself get stronger and in better shape. Get the details for how to do this strength training challenge (plus fitness tips, exercise ideas, and additional workout challenges) in this article.

Now that I’ve made walking a daily habit (and perhaps you have too?), it’s a good time to start strengthening our muscles even more. Enter the Daily Strength Training Challenge!

This fitness challenge is fairly simple and straightforward. The idea is to do 15 reps of three different strength training exercises each day.

So for example, the first few days of your strength training challenge could look something like this: 

Day 1

  • 15 push-ups
  • 15 bicycle crunches
  • 15 squats

Day 2

  • 15 shoulder presses
  • 15 lunges
  • 15 calf raises

Day 3

  • 15 regular crunches
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 15 bent-over rows

…and so on.

You could focus on different muscle groups each day, or do a mix each day. You can do them all at once or spread them over the course of the day. It’s up to you!

This fitness challenge is really nice and basic. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, but over time, it has the potential to make a huge difference on your overall physical fitness. That’s pretty awesome.

I’ve chosen three exercises each day at 15 reps each because it’s just enough to push ourselves a little, without feeling like it’s too daunting. In fact, it’s very doable! If you want to incorporate dumbbells but you’ve never lifted weights before, don’t be afraid to start small. Use light weights to begin with, and focus more on your form than anything else. You can increase weights with time—but the important thing is to not hurt yourself!

If you’re looking for ideas for what kinds of exercises to try, check out the Fitness section of my blog (and more specifically, the 31-day 100 Reps Challenge. There are some great strength training exercises with tips on how to do each of them in that article!), or get inspiration from the 20-Minute Workout.

Will you join me in the daily strength training challenge? Is strength training something you enjoy? What’s your favorite fitness challenge (and your favorite strength training exercise)? Share in the comments section below!

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