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Health Benefits of Sleep for Solopreneurs

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How well we sleep has a serious impact on our health. And when you’re a solopreneur working from home, sleep can be of particular importance for ensuring your business keeps running smoothly!

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When it comes to the health benefits of sleep for solpreneurs, the list goes on. But today, we’re just going to address a few of them…

Here are 3 important ways that sleep benefits our health—for solopreneurs and everyone else:

1. Gives your brain a rest

Working from home full-time sometimes means working around the clock… and having a constantly-active brain.

And THAT can result in reduced productivity. Not ideal!

Getting a good night’s sleep gives your brain a rest (not to mention your eyes a rest from staring at a screen all day) so that you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start a new day.

2. Helps you with decision-making

When you’re tired, it’s hard to think straight. However, you need to make a lot of decisions when you run your own business! You need to be sharp and on your game. If you’re exhausted, you might start making poor decisions that hurt you and your business.

Getting plenty of rest will help you to think more clearly and make better decisions for your life and your business.

3. Strengthens your immune system

One of the WORST things about getting sick as a solopreneur is that it’s really hard to just take a day off! If you don’t have someone else to cover for you, and if you aren’t staying a few steps ahead on your work, you can run into serious problems.

That’s where sleep comes in handy: it helps keep our immune systems healthier, which means our chance of getting ill is reduced. Thanks, body!

(This was all too apparent to me earlier this week when I had a couple of really bad sleeps in a row—I ended up getting a sore throat and a headache for the next couple days. Taking it easy and resting a lot quickly helped to curb it from getting any worse!)

Do you have trouble sleeping?

I hear ya!

While there are many different things you can try to improve your sleeping habits (which will have varying levels of efficacy, depending on the type of sleeping difficulties you have and so on), one thing that I’ve found to be particularly valuable when it comes to navigating sleep problems as a solopreneur is to go with it.

By that, I mean that there’s something valuable in paying attention to your body and what it needs.

Can’t sleep because your mind is too active? Get up and do some work.

Got ideas percolating in your mind? Write them down! I like emailing myself from my phone at night when ideas pop into my head. Sometimes I’ll be greeted the next morning to multiple emails in my inbox!

One of the luxuries of working from home full-time means that if you sometimes have odd sleeping habits—if, for example, you can’t sleep one night, or you don’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning and you end up sleeping in late into the day—it’s okay. You can simply start your workday a little later than you usually would.

Tuning into what your body and mind are telling you and what your personal needs are in that moment can enable you to make use of sleepless nights.

Note: this isn’t something I’d recommend doing every single night—but if some nights you just cannot fall asleep, then that’s one of those times when you just go with it.

Just a little tip from me to you 😉 There’s always a silver lining!health benefits of sleep for solopreneurs

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Another thing that can help you to sleep better? The right mattress! Take some time in choosing your mattress—after all, you spend 1/3 of your life in it.

…and it’s hard to get a good feel for a mattress by just testing it out briefly in-store. Luxi Sleep offers a really cool policy where you can test out their mattress for 1,000 days to see if it’s right for you (and if you’re unsatisfied, you’ll get a full refund and they’ll take it off your hands!).

Want tips on how to sleep better? Visit the Luxi Sleep Blog for more information on sleeping well.


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