Reference books and dictionaries are precious to any rhetorician, and they extend far beyond the ordinary (but delightful) Oxford English Dictionary or a thesaurus. There are countless ways that we can play around with language and have fun with it. The Scholastic Dictionary Of Synonyms, Antonyms, And Homonyms is one way to expand your vocabulary and polish your writing skills.

reference book for writers

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. For example, the words bombast, bluster, and pomposity all share the same meaning.

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Writing is, of course, composed of sentences. Stringing words together in a particular order conveys meaning so that we can relate to one another and communicate, and it is as simple (or complex… or compound… or compound-complex!) as that. Today we’re going to look at the different kinds of sentences.

kinds of sentences

Every sentence contains a subject and a verb (if a sentence doesn’t contain a subject and a verb, it ceases to be a sentence and is instead a phrase). The subject in the sentence describes the who or the what.

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Every kind of writing requires a different sort of style to represent it. A newspaper column is different from a film script is different from a self-help book is different from classic literature is different from a cookbook… the list goes on. Indulging in one style of writing more frequently than another certainly enhances our abilities with that particular style, but neglecting other forms of writing can also hinder our growth and development as a writer in other areas. Writing in different styles can be of great benefit to all writers.

How to improve writing style

As accustomed as I have become to writing the informal,

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Kenneth Burke’s Dramatistic Pentad goes hand in hand with the Narrative Paradigm because of the focus on human motivation and theatrics. The kind of language that we use and the way we express ourselves are strategies to convince others of our viewpoints. If the speaker has the ability to identify with the audience, they can then elicit sympathy, which goes a long way in persuading people.

what is the Dramatistic Pentad

The Dramatistic Pentad is made up of five elements:

1. Act: what happened.

2. Scene: where it happened. This includes circumstances, location, and time (temporal,

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From movies to video games to theatre plays to books, varying forms of entertainment can offer an interesting perspective on the human condition and a fascinating examination of our interactive behaviours. Listed here are some of the best must-watch movies!

Movies you need to watch NOW

These are a few of my favourite films which have characters and dialogue that are not only enjoyable to watch, but are also incredibly interesting to study from a rhetorical point of view:

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset: These are two of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen.

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As Fritinancy pointed out in the comments section of Punctuation matters! Three tips for using commas, I made a mistake in my placement of an apostrophe. This blog is just as much a way for me to learn as it is for you, so I think it’s about time we brush up on our punctuation skills with regards to apostrophes.

How to use an apostrophe

For some reason apostrophes are one of the most common mistakes that writers of any kind make. Here are the basic issues that most people have:


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Living as a successful freelancer is no walk in the park. There are a lot of benefits to the freelance lifestyle if you are passionate about your writing, but there are some drawbacks as well. Key among these includes the meager paycheck and the lack of available work. As a freelance writer himself who has dabbled between journalism, ghostwriting, and author of both fiction and non-fiction, Andrew Crofts delves into the secrets of what you can do to establish yourself as a part-time or full-time freelancer.

Tips from "The Freelance Writer's Handbook"

Crofts is realistically encouraging, using examples of the work he has done to achieve his current position.

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There are many charity organizations around the world. Fighting for human, animal, and environmental rights, fighting against disease, fighting for better education… the list goes on. Charity Navigator lists 5,400 charities and those are just ones found in America. Although many of them are for good causes, they have to compete with one another for our money. How do they do it? How does one charity organization make itself more appealing than another?

How to effectively get donations as a charity

There are many strategies that they can use. World Vision is one charity which I personally find to be incredibly persuasive.

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Communication theorist Walter Fisher created the Narrative Paradigm in direct contrast to the Rational World Paradigm. The Rational World Paradigm, rooted in the sciences, states that humans are essentially rational beings and goes on to explain the reasoning behind this assumption; the Narrative Paradigm presents the alternative humanistic view which takes a step further and states that humans are essentially storytellers. In Fisher’s own words, the Narrative Paradigm refers “to a theory of symbolic actions—words and/or deeds—that have sequence and meaning for those who live, create, or interpret them” (Narration as a Human Communication Paradigm: The Case of Public Moral Argument,

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Wake up. Stumble into kitchen. Take cereal box from pantry. Pour into bowl. Add milk. Reach for spoon. Sit down at table. Eat.

It’s that simple, right? Well, maybe not. If your breakfast of choice is cereal, why did you choose that particular cereal? The cereal aisle at grocery stores is an impressive line-up of bright packaging, enticing pictures, and promising health claims. The amount of choice we have is almost absurd. If your health is important to you, you could potentially spend a ridiculous amount of time reading label after label, trying to decipher the information presented to determine which product is the best for you and your family.

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