Being a social media manager is a super interesting job. You have the opportunity to became well-acquainted with awesome brands, there is constantly more to learn about the industry, and you get to see real progress being made based on what the target audiences respond to.

One of the big issues with being a social media manager, however, is that there is so much behind the scenes work to do. Sometimes clients think that social media is just about writing some content, posting it on social media, and then calling it a day.

Not so!

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When managing social media and doing social media marketing, it’s important to strike a balance between creating vs. curating content. These are two very different things, but they can both make a big impact to your social media platform!

curating content

Content Creation vs. Curating Content:
Creating content…

  • Is when you write the materials yourself.
  • Can take a significant amount of researching, writing, and editing time, on top of the marketing component.
  • Enables your particular voice to shine through.
  • Gives you the opportunity to put your thoughts to paper.

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Social media management can run anywhere from $500 / month to $5,000 / month and up. It can include anything from social media consulting, to putting together social media profiles, to curating and writing content, to maintaining social media platforms, and more. And one of the main questions that comes up when we talk about social media management are the costs associated with it.

social media management

When we’re discussing social media management and fees, there are two important factors to consider: first, how social media can benefit your brand / business,

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I’ve been blogging for more than six years, which means that every day I am inundated with requests from PR agencies and companies wanting me to promote their products and services.

For some of it, I am delighted to partner on! But there are other things that irk me, and I wanted to share this list of how to best connect with bloggers so that if YOU are trying to build a relationship with a blogger, you don’t make the same mistake your predecessors have.

tips for PR people

1. Always use the correct name.

Oh my goodness.

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How much should an online article cost? Find out one perspective on what to charge / how much you should pay for an online article in this infographic!

Some of you might find the below infographic interesting! I’d love to know your thoughts: what do you think an online article should cost?

Personally I tend to feel that around $100 / article is the “sweet spot” for a brand-new writer, and $150 — $200 / article is more appropriate for an advanced writer,  but it certainly depends on a variety of factors (including things like the writer’s background education and experience, the subject matter of the article, the number of rounds of writing required, the client, and more).

Grab your freelance writing project checklist now >>

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I started my blog in 2008 and have been blogging for clients for years. Blogs can be a great deal of fun and an awesome way to share and connect with, and learn from, others. That being said, sometimes it can be tricky to actually manage your blog(s)!

Learn how to manage your blog with ease with these five blogging tips! Being a blogger can be a lot of work, but it can also be enjoyable - get the most out of your blog by managing it the right way.

Blog management might be one of the most challenging things a blogger faces. If things come up in your life that prevent you from blogging, or if you just aren’t in the mood for writing, or if you are stumped for ideas, it can be really tricky to maintain your blog.

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So you have a few different social media accounts—or you run the social media for several different clients—and you’re wondering about when you should and should not cross-promote between the brands.

This is a really important question to take into consideration, because it can help enhance the different social media accounts you’re managing… but if you don’t do it properly, it could become a real problem for all of the brands involved.

The art of cross-promoting social media for clients... 6 questions to ask yourself  before you hit the "share" button! These are social media tips that EVERY social media manager or blogger should know.

Here are some things to think about when you’re considering cross-promoting between different brands:

  • Does the particular post you want to cross-promote line up with the other brand’s values?

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After discussing the benefits of hiring a professional editor for your work, now it’s time to talk about how having someone to manage your social media platforms can also be incredibly beneficial to improving and promoting your work!

Find out why you need a social media manager in your life (plus what a social media manager actually does [9 examples], and 6 reasons for why social media really does matter for your brand!)

Why does social media matter?

Social media can include everything from blogging to online newsletters to Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook and more. By using social media, your business and your work can reach that many more people. Here’s why and how social media can make a difference for you:

  • Social media of all kinds can enable you to build relationships with your target audience and understand how your business can fit into their wants and needs.

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Forget about starting a blog or writing guest posts for blogs—what if you want to have multiple blogs of your own?

Before, I had four separate blogs that I wrote for regularly: Living Healthy in the Real World, Living Rhetorically in the Real World, Living Fashionably in the Real World, and Health Writer Eats.

I started each new blog because I realized that the blogs I already had didn’t provide me with the opportunity to write about other topics I was interested in,

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