Where will you be in 3 months? What about 3 years?
I want you to take a second to imagine your future… 

You’ve taken action on the goals you’ve been dreaming about for YEARS, and you’re pleasantly surprised at how quickly (and painlessly!) you’ve been able to make progress on those goals and dreams…

You feel really good, happy and satisfied and fulfilled, with how you spend your time every day — you no longer dread the workday,

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We ALL make mistakes along the way throughout the solopreneur journey. Today I wanted to share with you a big mistake I made with my own solopreneur business — so you don’t repeat it!

If you’ve read my solopreneur story, then you’ll know that I scrambled to find a 9 to 5 job early on as a freelancer — not because I needed money ASAP or because it was my only option,

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Since I’ve been telling you all about Solopreneur CEO lately (my 6-month 1:1 coaching program to help you make awesome progress on your goals while enjoying the work/life balance you desire)… Today we have a round-up collection of solopreneur coaching results! These testimonials and feedback are all from solopreneurs I’ve worked with over the years in a 1:1 capacity.

NOTE: Some of these testimonials were from 1:1 sessions and programs I used to offer before creating Solopreneur CEO.

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You started your solopreneur business to enjoy more freedom, more flexibility, more control over your own schedule… 

You wanted to be a business owner so that you could spend more time doing the type of work you’re passionate about, with awesome clients/customers who you care about, and so that you’d stop feeling miserable at your old 9 to 5 job that ran you into the ground…

You love the idea of being able to be more present and available for your loved ones,

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As an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist and Success Coach for solopreneurs, I see so many solopreneurs making the wrong assumptions about solopreneurship. I TOTALLY get why you might believe some of these myths — because they’re very widespread, and at first glance, they *appear* to be true. That’s why today I want to clear up some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings that people unfortunately believe when it comes to solopreneurship!

One of the big reasons why we need to address these myths is because often,

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Where are you at in your solopreneurship journey? Depending on which of these 6 phases you’re in, you’ll be experiencing different types of difficulties — and there will be specific steps along the way that you need to take in order to shift out of that phase and into the next one.

These are milestones that we ALL go through, by the way!

For example, here’s a timeline of (part of) my own solopreneur journey: 

(You can read the full story of the struggles I’ve faced as a solopreneur in a recent blog post I wrote)

  • November 2013 — Ideation phase (milestone #1): Realized that I was no longer willing to stay at my 9 to 5 job!

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You know how your hands start shaking and your heart beats faster when you’re submitting a final project to a client, or when you’re about to walk onto a stage and give a presentation, or when you’re about to tell someone “I love you” for the first time, or when you’re on a Zoom meeting and waiting for a prospective client to tell you whether they’re going to hire you?

That’s because you CARE.

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I have been a solopreneur for well over a decade at this point, and I think that often, we lose touch with the REAL reason why we become solopreneurs in the first place — and all of the wonderful facets of solopreneurship that there are to embrace. (This is especially true when you’re caught in the “hustle and grind,” or when most business gurus are talking about how you “need” to grow your team, or that “staying as a solopreneur means you’re playing small,” etc.

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Thinking about hiring a business coach for your solopreneur business? Let’s go over everything you want to know about solopreneur business coaching, how it differs from general business coaching, why it matters for YOU, and whether hiring a solopreneur coach makes sense for your unique business needs…

Quick background: I am an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist and Success Coach for solopreneurs (with over a decade of experience as a solopreneur, international board certification as a Success Coach,

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Michelle, an accomplished sonographer and the creator/teacher of the popular YouTube channel Sonography Minutes, joined Solopreneur CEO (productivity coaching for solopreneurs) this past summer. She was ready to start making more progress on her business goals! 


Solopreneur CEO is a 6-month, 1:1 anti-hustle productivity coaching program designed specially for solopreneurs (layered with consulting, mentorship, and teaching) to help you FINALLY make progress on your business goals,

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Earlier this week, I shared *behind the scenes* about how I do anti-hustle business planning in a LIVE training… and it was gold!

This behind-the-scenes peek at my business included a review of what I’d mapped out for my business a year ago (at my 2021 business plan retreat), what worked/didn’t work (and why), what I did as planned vs. what I did differently than planned (and why), lessons and takeaways from this past year,

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Become a successful Solopreneur CEO! As a solopreneur, you are the CEO of your own business (and life)… so, how do you truly embody that and become a next-level boss with awesome work/life balance, while simultaneously making great progress on your goals (WITHOUT burning out or getting overwhelmed along the way)? How do you succeed as a solopreneur? Are you wondering what it’s like behind the scenes of a Solopreneur CEO? 

Over the course of several days on my Instagram Stories recently,

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Are you making these common solopreneur mistakes? Did you know there are 5 mistakes nearly EVERY solopreneur makes? The 5 common solopreneur mistakes that you are making are preventing you from achieving your goals.

The good news: these mistakes aren’t the end of the world! They are 100% fixable.

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, or if you just want to make sure that you’re really set up for success with achieving your goals,

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What is energy management? As an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist, one of the first things I teach my clients is about the importance of energy management as the foundation for good time management. It is essential for overcoming toxic hustle culture!

…But what exactly IS energy management? What does “energy management” mean?

Put simply, energy management is the act of **managing your own energy levels**.

Good energy management means that you are protecting your own energy,

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Maybe you already know about Productivity Powerhouse, AKA my signature self-study, anti-hustle productivity e-course that teaches you how to save 10+ hours/week—EVERY week—WITHOUT burnout or overwhelm… so you finally achieve your business goals with ease & enjoyment.

…and in that case, you might be a bit curious as to what’s actually inside the program…

…so I decided that today, I’d share a SNEAK PEEK of Productivity Powerhouse with you!

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