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I help overworked solopreneurs get back your time and energy so you can ACTUALLY see progress on your business goals WITHOUT sacrificing your personal life.


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Book a 1:1 life & success coaching call — we can work together to upgrade your productivity and pinpoint your internal bottlenecks/mindset blocks so they STOP holding you back from your true desires!

Our product suite specializes in anti-hustle productivity for solopreneurs so you can design your customized, sustainable lifestyle business.

Signature programs include the Productivity Powerhouse anti-hustle e-course and Solopreneur CEO 6-month 1:1 coaching program.

We also offer 1:1 life coaching sessions!

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The best way to access our programs is through our NEW bundle offerings.

There are 3 core bundles that make up a tiered system in the SaganMorrow.com Product Suite: Bundle A (Introduction to Anti-Hustle Mindset), Bundle B (Business Planning Package), and Bundle C (Business Strategy Bundle).

Each of these bundles lead directly into one another and build on top of each other. Bundle B includes access to all e-courses in Bundle A, and Bundle C includes access to all e-courses in both Bundle A and Bundle B. (This means that when you purchase Bundle C, you don't need to purchase Bundles A or B, because you'll get access to all of those e-courses anyway in Bundle C!)

You also get a CREDIT for each bundle that you purchase! For example, if you purchased Bundle B for $199, you can use that as a deposit for the next bundle, Bundle C (AKA you'll get a $199 credit toward your purchase of Bundle C. Woohoo!)

**Credits are non-transferrable. Credits only apply to full bundle purchases (You will not receive credits if you purchase individual products separately). The entire set of 12 legacy e-courses (including all content in Bundles A, B, and C) are available to you when you purchase Productivity Powerhouse at the PLATINUM Package for $1,997, and/or when you become a Solopreneur CEO.**

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Quick overview of what's included in each of these bundles:

product suite

IMPORTANT: The content of Bundles A, B, and C are available with the Platinum Package of Productivity Powerhouse, however they are NOT included if you purchase either the Gold or Diamond tiers for Productivity Powerhouse.

Full details about each of those 3 tiers within Productivity Powerhouse can be found HERE.

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Purpose & Result


Solopreneur CEO

Solopreneurs at any stage of the journey who want to up-level their business foundations & scale sustainably, with a mentor to guide them along the way Upgrade your mindset, create amazing business foundations, and achieve your goals 6 months of business coaching & consulting (12 calls plus unlimited access via email or voice/text messaging) plus backstage pass to Productivity Powerhouse


Productivity Powerhouse

Anyone who wants to improve productivity & time/energy management, and achieve their goals independently Save 10 hours/week and transform into your most prolific & successful self Self-paced e-course (video-based with transcripts & audio recordings) & certificate program

Day of Voxer (coach in your pocket!)

Solopreneurs who want real-time feedback, brainstorming, mindset coaching, and more Get a "coach in your pocket" for a full day with voice/text messaging coaching on ANYTHING you want help with in your business One-day unlimited Voxer coaching (available on short notice when you're in tough spot, OR we can plan ahead if you know you've got some big things happening in your business)

Productivity Workshops

Businesses & organizations who want to improve productivity in the workplace (among team members or leaders) Visionary leadership, eliminate burnout, save 10+ hours/week Half-day workshop (1 - 3), plus certificates of completion, debrief and 2 follow-up meetings

Anti-Hustle Method private podcast

Solopreneurs who wants to revolutionize their mindset & escape toxic hustle culture Get inspired & motivated with mindset shifts that will improve your productivity & success as a solopreneur 10 podcast episodes, plus journalling prompts accompanying each audio recording

One-on-one coaching: single sessions

Anyone who wants to overcome hurdles to finally achieve their goals, and/or improve productivity & time/energy management—especially for very specific or smaller issues Identify & overcome the hurdles that are holding you back from embodying your best, most successful self 45-min single one-on-one coaching calls plus recordings

Productivity Magic Audit

Professionals (solopreneurs, team leaders, or employees) who want to improve productivity specifically Discover what you’re doing wrong with your current systems and how to upgrade your productivity abilities Single one-on-one session

Business Planning Retreat Intensive

Solopreneurs who want to get clear & focused with their business Host your own solo business planning retreat & create your awesome business plan Self-paced e-course (mixture of video-based with captions and text-based)

Foundations of Business Productivity

Small business owners (including solopreneurs, team leaders, and employers) who want to improve productivity for them & their team Discover the powerful productivity assets & templates that will fix your productivity problems (for yourself & your team) Self-paced e-course (video-based with transcripts); available for you to watch for 2 weeks upon signing up

Irresistible Offers

Solopreneurs who want to create incredible products that their audience loves Create an amazing product that sells easily to your ideal client/customer Self-paced e-course (video-based with transcripts) plus the opportunity to get feedback on your irresistible offer 

Business Bootcamp

Solopreneurs who are just starting their business Create your mission statement & vision, outline your business plan, and create a marketing plan for getting hired Self-paced e-course (video-based with transcripts) 

Begin Your Biz in 15 Minutes/Day 

Solopreneurs who are just starting their business and feel overwhelmed & too busy to make much progress… You want someone else to tell you exactly what to do Make progress with starting and building your business in just 15 minutes/day, for an entire year E-book with fillable checklists

Pitching Clients 101

Freelancers who want to find their first—and next—client Market your business effectively and get hired by clients using a replicable system. (Want more—or ANY—clients? This program teaches you how to do it) Self-paced e-course (text-based)

Keep Your Clients

Freelancers who want to retain their best clients, enjoy great client relationships, and get paid more money for the work they do It costs 5x as much to get new clients compared to retaining clients—learn how to get paid more, work less, and only work with clients you love Self-paced e-course (text-based)

Goodbye 9 to 5

People who want to quit their day job and start working from home full-time as a freelancer Quit your day job and start working from home as a full-time freelancer within the next 3 months Self-paced e-course (video-based with transcripts)

Monetize Your Blog With Freelance Writing           

Bloggers who want to make money as a freelance writer Start making $2,000/month as a freelance writer, using your blog as a platform Self-paced e-course (text-based)

The Business of Writing & Editing Deluxe Package

New freelance writers and/or editors Get the basics for how to start your awesome freelance writing and/or editing business from scratch, with confidence E-book with video (includes captions) and fillable templates

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