Work With Me: one-on-one anti-hustle productivity & success coaching
with Sagan Morrow


Put an end to procrastinating on your goals... without burning out along the way.

You have big dreams… and you *WANT* to be a success story.

You want to enjoy more freedom, experience REAL work/life balance, and make money doing what you love!


→ You keep procrastinating on the stuff you *know* you should do.

→ You’re a TOTAL perfectionist.

→ You feel overworked, overwhelmed, and frustrated that you haven’t “made it” yet.

→ You’re even starting to think that maybe you don’t have what it takes to achieve your big goals & dreams. 

I get that ♥



Imagine, for a moment, if those things WERE *NOT* holding you back.

→ Imagine what would happen if procrastination wasn’t a problem for you.

→ Imagine what your life would be like if “perfectionist” wasn’t in your vocabulary.

→ Imagine what you could achieve if you weren’t so overworked, so overwhelmed, so frustrated with your progress (or lack thereof).

→ Imagine what would happen if you didn’t feel like an imposter.



Want to know the truth?

The truth is, it’s POSSIBLE for your life to be like that.

YOU are capable of achieving professional & personal excellence, enjoying true work/life balance, and being a success story who gets stuff DONE…

YOU can be the productive & prolific boss of your own life, the kind of person who knows exactly what to work on & when to do it, who takes action that aligns with your big goals & plans, who truly enjoys every aspect of your work, and who has a professional life that SUPPORTS your dreamy ideal lifestyle.


“Thank you so much, Sagan, for your time, your material, and your guidance! I really appreciate your insights and keeping me focused. I am saving all of your recommendations! This all makes so much sense, but I never thought of it on my own... 

Thanks to your productivity coaching, I've finally started making progress on what I've been dreaming about for 15 years.” 

- Jessica, artist



It’s time to get clarity on your goals, achieve TRUE time freedom, and finally follow through on your plans…


...It’s time to create awesome strategies you lovelovelove—So that you wake up eager & enthusiastic to start the workday, *and* so you can enjoy 3-day weekends, guilt-free, every week in your business!

...And if you aren't a business owner, you can still design a life you LOVE—One where you are productive & prolific, while honouring the work/life balance of your dreams.

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You thought that you’d have built a professional EMPIRE by now. After all, you’ve done all the right things!


✔ You copied what experts told you to do.

✔ You got your diplomas & certificates.

✔ You work hard at your job.

✔ You go above & beyond for your clients.

✔ You’re committed to working on your business religiously.

✔ You even “clock in” on evenings & weekends.

✔ You’ve tried #allthethings!


...But it's still. not. working. 

You're still just spinning your wheels.








You know you are capable. You know you are good at the work you do. And you know that you really, REALLY want to have 10x more freedom & flexibility with your schedule… 

...You know you want to be able to run a business (and/or live a life!) on YOUR terms.

But along the way? You lost sight of it.

You got distracted by what others were doing in your industry, by what experts told you were the be-all-end-all, by paying bills, by trying to be an #Adult… all while surviving through recessions, pandemics, and global climate crises.

Along the way, your work started running YOU!

...And just like that, you drifted further and further away from your dreamy ideal of enjoying long weekends every week.

Even though you have the credentials and the work ethic—you constantly have a feeling that something is off. 

That maybe, there’s something MORE out there for you. 

That maybe, you don’t need to hustle so freakin’ hard, just to get ½ inch ahead.




I’m guessing this sounds pretty familiar...


You can’t enjoy time off work. You can barely take a break in the middle of the day. You can’t remember the last time you just sat down to the simple luxury of reading a book… and hobbies seem WAY too decadent for you to even think about.

Plus—you have no clarity on what to do next! Your to-do list is a mile long, and trying to choose which task to focus on is EXHAUSTING. (What if you pick the wrong one??)

You’re not happy about the fact that you’re spending time, money, and energy on fancy website updates, yet another certification program, —just hoping, wishing, praying that something clicks. 

You feel overwhelmed & scattered—and no amount of traditional “productivity hacks” or additional diplomas & certifications are gonna fix it. 

The truth is: you know it’s not supposed to be so damn hard. And honestly, you can’t keep going this way forever. 




You deserve 3-day weekends every week...

You deserve leisurely, worry-free mornings...

You deserve more success, without working so darn hard every second of every day! 

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And you might be resisting making changes because of something you haven’t even realized: 

...It might be that you actually don’t want to improve your productivity & take back control of your time.

Yep, I said it! Hear me out:

What I’ve found is that there’s a lot of discomfort around the idea of taking back control of our time, because it leads to questions like...

>>> Who am I, if I’m not busy or overwhelmed or exhausted 24/7?

>>> What does it *say* about me, if I have free time?

>>> When I save time & have the energy to enjoy myself, that means I’m going to need to actually FOLLOW THROUGH on those hobbies & pet projects I’ve been talking about for years… GAH, that’s scary!!


The truth → Saving time disrupts the status quo.

Taking back control of your time & energy is a radical act.

Yes: Of course that’s going to be scary!

And also?

It’s EXHILARATING. It’s magical. It’s pure & joyful FREEDOM.

And you deserve that freedom. You deserve that joy, you deserve that magic, you deserve that wonderful, beautiful exhilaration.

Don’t let anyone tell you different ♥

Taking back control of your own time & energy is radical. It’s revolutionary. And YOU have the power to be part of this radical movement, to stop letting society tell you that you need to grind & be constantly burned out...

...You are worth so much more than that.



What you need is to change your approach: to be STRATEGIC with your actions, to get your mindset right, and to get guidance & direction along your business adventures…

...So that you can fall in love with your business all over again, get the results you’ve been dreaming about, and transform into a productive boss with delightful ease.

That’s where I come in.


WORK WITH ME: One-on-one productivity coaching

with Productivity Strategist (and your new biz bestie!)
Sagan Morrow


This process unlocks your confidence, courage, and creativity for maximum motivation...

Transforming you into an energetic, getting-stuff-DONE, productive powerhouse.

One-on-one coaching is a powerful way to make more progress, faster.

Whether you are struggling to achieve your goals, having difficulty following through on your plans, desperately need some extra accountability along the way, want to up-level your business to start thinking like a CEO, want to enjoy better work/life balance, achieve professional excellence in a 9 to 5 job, or simply desirable more time & energy for your hobbies…

...One-on-one anti-hustle productivity & success coaching is here to help!



“Thank you for your time, Sagan. I have loved setting myself and the business up for a great year!

I feel positive about the future—now I’ve realized I CAN get myself organized. I can do this!”

- Linda, florist

“I’m so grateful I found this productivity coaching program—Sagan’s incredible!

Now I'm more confident and I have a clearer path for my business. I'm excited for the road ahead. Thank you for everything!”

- Richelle, freelance editor

The relief you feel from actually managing your time well—rather than IT managing YOU—is something you simply cannot put a price on!

I was absolutely thrilled to work with Sagan!"

- Anabeth, project manager



What can we achieve together during your one-on-one productivity coaching sessions…


⭐ Structure your solopreneur business like a CEO 

⭐ Time & energy management techniques for your learning style & unique productivity style

⭐ Guide you through the process of doing performance reviews to become prolific & successful

⭐ Goal setting, action planning, and productivity strategy to achieve your dreams

⭐ Transformational tapping to overcome imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and procrastination

⭐ Designing your business to accommodate for 3-day weekends every week (or any kind of schedule you desire)

⭐ Accountability, motivation, and hybrid coaching/consulting to jumpstart your (anti-hustle!) productivity skills


This process unlocks your confidence, courage, and creativity for maximum motivation...

Transforming you into an energetic, gets-stuff-DONE, productive powerhouse.


"I'm now at the point where I am comfortable making my plans each day and week and have a good idea of where to go from here. I'm more confident in myself and my own abilities, and I’m excited for the road ahead. Sagan's encouragement and guidance has led me to a clearer path for my business's future.

I 100% recommend Sagan's coaching to anyone who feels lost with their business, needs to regroup, or wants guidance and direction. She teaches you the skills to enhance your understanding and relationship with your business... Sagan truly cares about your success and wants to see you thrive!”

Four one-on-one coaching calls

Single one-on-one coaching call:


Limited spots are available. 

There are currently only one-on-one coaching spots available a few clients... so grab yours now before they get scooped up by someone else!



As you are getting this one-on-one productivity coaching...

✔ You will improve confidence with every aspect of your life, personally & professionally

✔ You will get clear & focused on your priorities, hop on the Goal Achievement Express train, and stay motivated every step along the way

✔ You will stop working so hard, and instead start getting real results

This is something you’re interested in, isn’t it?

I thought so!



Here are a few examples of transformations that other clients—just like you—have enjoyed, as a result of my productivity teachings...


⭐ Freelance editor Teri saved more than 500 hours in the past year

⭐  Artist Jessica was able to finally make progress on the idea she’d been dreaming about for 15 years

⭐  Freelancer Melanie completely changed her mindset about her business, and was able to easily pivot in business, identify the right tasks to focus on, and move forward with confidence & purpose

⭐  Lifestyle blogger Michele got more done with her side hustle in one month than she had in the previous 6 months (without “working harder”)

⭐  Side hustler Allison was already feeling motivated, encouraged, and confident about her business direction, within just a few days of enrolling

⭐  Freelance editor Richelle mapped out a clear marketing & business plan, set up her business for success, dramatically increased her confidence, and started having fun marketing & pitching clients—even as an introvert

⭐  Brand strategist Kim released procrastination & gained the courage to keep moving forward with her business... in just 1 session

⭐  Project manager Anabeth improved her leadership skills (so her team works more productively) and now enjoys abundant quality time with her family in evenings & on weekends, without worrying about the following workday

⭐  Florist Linda actually started enjoying business planning (for the first time ever!), and got back control of her time—on her own terms



Those clients all face their own unique struggles—busy parents with small children, side hustlers juggling chaotic full-time jobs, brand-new business owners dealing with ADHD, established business owners frustrated with lack of progress, and the exhaustion of running a business during a pandemic—and they have STILL achieved all of the above, and more.

That’s because the way I work with you is designed for your unique situation: all of my coaching methods are adapted to your personality, learning style, and business model, to ensure your success in becoming a productivity powerhouse.



Yes, my productivity coaching is about empowering you to be more productive, get organized & focused, achieve your goals, and save time…

...But it’s REALLY about enabling you to enjoy yourself again: 

✔ To stop feeling burned out

✔ To stop seeing more & more tasks added to your to-do list, without any progress

✔ To stop feeling so frustrated with your business

✔ To stop wishing things would get better, without any light at the end of the tunnel

You can have a DELIGHTFUL life & business that feels like playing, every single day!

Soon you will know just how good this is…


“Sagan’s coaching methods offer a jumping off point, and she walks beside you as you discover where to take your business. Thanks to working with Sagan, I had quite a few ‘aha’ moments and accomplished so much!”



About Your Coach

Productivity Strategist Sagan Morrow (she/her) has 10+ years of experience in business (as a freelance writer & editor, blogger, author, and online course creator & instructor)—both as a solopreneur and as a business partner, in multi-passionate capacities.

She has been teaching and coaching other entrepreneurs to get powerful results since 2016, and is known for her demonstrable skills as a Productivity Strategist who specializes in empowering solopreneurs & multi-passionate creatives to save 10+ hours/week—and finally achieve their goals.

Sagan has professional experience in public relations, community leadership, fundraising & development, and coordinating & managing teams.

She is an alumnus of the Anti-Racism Leadership School and is actively committed to doing lifelong work for a more equitable, diverse, inclusive world.

Sagan is an internationally board-certified Magnetic Coach® with 120+ hours of continuing education in the following modalities:

✔ Life & Success Coaching

✔ Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

✔ T.I.M.E Techniques

✔ Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

✔ Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

I am committed to your success, and after 5 years of experience in coaching and teaching other solopreneurs, I know that you are 100% capable of getting the productivity results outlined above…

...It’s yours for the taking. Are you ready?


“Investing in coaching with Sagan was definitely a good course of action! It was so good to break down what I want to achieve, and this process even helped me figure out new things I want to do.”

- Alaina, nail artist




...features high-touch, personalized productivity strategy & mindset sessions for solopreneurs who are ready to STOP overworking on the wrong tasks, and START taking delightful actions to achieve your goals with ease!


Several options available to suit your needs...

Four one-on-one coaching calls

Single one-on-one coaching call:

Once you book, in EVERY coaching session, you’ll get:

✔ 60-minute call with Sagan

✔ Analysis of your current ideas, plans, and strategy

✔ Coaching through your biggest productivity struggle 

✔ Goal planning with action items to achieve your goals faster

✔ List of personalized, actionable recommendations for how to improve your productivity skills

✔ Recording of your call to review later

✔ One week of unlimited email & text/voice messaging access for any follow-up questions after our call


Sample session schedules:

Wondering what our sessions will look like together, when you get the package of 4 coaching calls? Let's satiate that curiosity!

Here’s a sneak peek of several sample schedules for what our sessions can look like together, depending on where you’re at in your journey…



(or if you want productivity coaching for your personal life):


✔ CONFIDENT CLARITY is for *you* if you have a vague idea for your business (or personal goals)...
...But haven’t actually STARTED it yet.

Does that sound like you? In that case, our 4 sessions together will look something like this:

  1. Breakthrough session & goal setting
  2. Confidence booster blueprint
  3. Energy management techniques
  4. Action-taker advancement



(or if you want to achieve professional excellence):


✔ TIME BOSS is for *you* if you already have your business foundations set up (maybe you’ve been working on your business for 6 months or 6 years!)...
...But you really want to get a lot more organized & focused, and take back control of your business again.

Does that sound like you? In that case, our 4 sessions together will look something like this:

  1. Organizational assessment & planning
  2. Business structure blueprint
  3. Performance review development
  4. Goals & success audit




✔ MULTIPASSIONATE MASTERY is for *you* if you know what you want to do with your business (allll the things!)...
But you can’t figure out how it all fits together! You want to be more productive & cohesive with connecting the dots & juggling everything.

Does that sound like you? In that case, our 4 sessions together will look something like this:

  1. Cohesive connection alignment
  2. Documentation manual blueprint
  3. Time management accelerator
  4. Strategic control centre

These are simply examples of 3 different containers we can work within—ALL of my one-on-one productivity coaching sessions are FULLY CUSTOMIZED to your unique situation… so we might combine a couple of these options, or incorporate different methodologies, based on your unique needs ♥

**After you sign up for your package of one-on-one coaching, we’ll identify which of the above coaching containers is right for you, if any**


"Working with Sagan was amazing! In only one session, she helped me uncover what was really holding me back from procrastinating on certain things in my business and helped me shift my perspective and gain the confidence I needed to move forward.

Sagan does an amazing job of holding space and asking powerful questions to help guide you to a more empowered place. I highly recommend working with Sagan!"

- Kim, brand strategist & business coach



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different coaching options? 

You have 3 options:

✔ Option A: 4 coaching sessions

✔ Option BSingle coaching session

✔ Option CSolopreneur CEO (6 months of coaching sessions + Productivity Powerhouse e-course

Not sure which productivity coaching option is right for you? Email & let's discuss!


What is Productivity Powerhouse? 

Productivity Powerhouse is a life-changing, self-paced e-course featuring a powerful framework to help you save 10+ hours/week (EVERY week) in your solopreneur business. More details here.


How does one-on-one coaching work in conjunction with Productivity Powerhouse?

One-on-one coaching and Productivity Powerhouse compliment each other beautifully!

As an accompaniment to the Productivity Powerhouse framework, we recommend four one-on-one coaching sessions (available as a pay-in-full option or three-month payment plan) to get best results.

Each coaching session can be tailored to take place as you go through each element of the framework (one session when you begin Productivity Powerhouse, and one session upon completing each element in the framework).

NOTE: This means that you'll get benefits from one-on-one coaching whether you just joined Productivity Powerhouse & haven't started it yet, or if you're in the middle of going through Productivity Powerhouse!


What if I already went through the entire Productivity Powerhouse framework, but still want one-on-one coaching?

No problem!

If you have a big project that you want help with, we recommend getting a package of four one-on-one sessions for best results.

Alternatively, if you have one "piece of the puzzle" that you're struggling with—or if you just want help with one step of the Productivity Powerhouse framework–then getting a single one-on-one coaching session is a great choice.


What if I haven't joined Productivity Powerhouse yet?

We strongly encourage you to join Productivity Powerhouse prior to (or at the same time as) getting one-on-one coaching.

You can still purchase one-on-one coaching sessions with Sagan even if you haven't joined Productivity Powerhouse, but you will get the most benefit from our one-on-one sessions if you also have access to the Productivity Powerhouse lessons and resources.


Do I need to live in Canada to do this?

In a word: No!

Although Sagan is based in Canada, these sessions take place virtually. She has successfully worked with clients across the world: in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia... so regardless of where you are geographically, you are still eligible for—and can 100% benefit from—these coaching sessions.

(Productivity struggles don't discriminate based on geography)

How do I schedule my coaching session?

Upon purchasing your coaching session(s), you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.


What happens during the session?

Each session begins with a discussion about your business & any obstacles you're facing in terms of productivity. Then you'll get coaching & consulting as needed based on your unique situation, plus recommended action steps to follow the session, so that you can move forward with confidence & clarity.


How long is each one-on-one session?

Expect to allot approximately 1 hour for each one-on-one coaching session. (Session length may vary)


What if video doesn't work for me?

We are an inclusive business, so if for whatever reason video calls aren't accessible for you, we can adapt this program to do email sessions instead.


How soon will I get productivity coaching after signing up for it?

Upon signing up for these one-on-one sessions, you'll complete an initial assessment welcome form, and then we'll book a time for your first session. That can happen very quickly!


Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again.


Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We have a no-refund policy.

However, if you are unsatisfied in any way, please reach out to and we'll recommend next steps you need to take to see more success.


What are Sagan's values?

Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. Trans lives matter. Sagan is actively committed to social justice, anti-racism, inclusivity, accessibility, diversity, and equity, and she is enrolled in the Anti-Racism Leadership School. She is sex-positive and pro-choice.

Sagan donates monthly to many important causes that may also be near & dear to your heart, including: Harvest Manitoba (ensuring no Manitoban goes hungry), Main Street Project (serving the needs of Winnipeg's most vulnerable residents), Nature Conservancy of Canada (national land conservation), Indian Residential School Survivors Society (mental health & emotional support for residential school survivors), and Women's Health Clinic (feminist community health clinic).


What if I'm not sure if one-on-one coaching with Sagan is right for me?

We're happy to chat about whether it's the right fit!

Email to let us know what you're hoping to get from our one-on-one session(s), and we'll let you know whether it's a good fit for you.


Is this right for me?

These coaching sessions are PERFECT for you if you are overworked & overwhelmed, if you want to increase your success & productivity the anti-hustle way, and/or if you are in need of guidance & support—in your professional life OR your personal life. You are willing to do the work & eager to level up ♥


Ready to transform into a successful, productive, and prolific BOSS of your own life?


Your time is now to LEVEL UP!

YOU can be that success story who knows exactly what to work on & when to do it, who takes action that align with your big goals & plans, who truly enjoys every aspect of your work, and who has a professional life that SUPPORTS your dreamy ideal lifestyle.


"I cannot tell you how amazing it is to actually 'shut off' from my workday and focus entirely on my family in the evenings. The productivity skills I learned from Sagan saved me at least 6 hours every week... Not to mention the emotional benefit of closing out my work computer at the end of the day, with full satisfaction of everything I accomplished that day.

My team is even working more efficiently, now that I have a more productive plan that has us moving forward rather than in circles. Sagan’s coaching has absolutely started me and my team down a better, more productive path!"



Limited spots are available. 

There are only one-on-one coaching spots currently available for a few more clients... so grab yours now before they get scooped up by someone else!


Four one-on-one coaching calls

Single one-on-one coaching call:

BUNDLE: 6 months of one-on-one coaching calls + e-course

Email with any questions or concerns.