After publishing my first business book in January 2016, I began my career as a romance novelist in summer 2018. Book 1 in my contemporary new adult romance series, Polyamorous Passions, was published in August 2018. Stay tuned: new books in the series are published regularly!

Learn more about all of my published works, fiction and non-fiction alike—plus upcoming books currently available for preorders—below:

Polyamorous Passions series:

What if you fall for someone, but you’re already in a wonderful relationship with someone else?

Emma has been dating John casually for the past six months. But when she meets Carlos, there’s instant attraction… and since she and John haven’t had the exclusivity conversation yet, then why not date both men simultaneously?

Emma didn’t anticipate that both men would want to take their relationship with her to the next level, and now she has to choose between the two men in her life… or does she?

What comes after you get to “have it all”?

Since Emma discovered polyamory several months earlier, she knows she’s getting a unique opportunity to eat her cake and have it, too. And yet, it hasn’t all been fun and games. Sure, she gets to have the two men she loves in her life… but she also needs to handle their insecurities and juggle two intense relationships simultaneously.

Does she really have what it takes to make polyamory work? Is it time for John and Carlos to finally meet each other? And besides that… will she ever be ready to come out as polyamorous to others in her life?

Sometimes, you need to kiss a lot of frogs…

When Emma’s boyfriend, John, announces he’s leaving her, she’s devastated. Being polyamorous, she’s still happily dating her other boyfriend Carlos… but, try as he might, he can’t heal her broken heart.

The only consolation Emma has now is in dating new and different men. A lot of new and different men, in fact. But will she succeed in her attempt to fill the empty space… and will she ever be able to get John back?

Join Emma on a series of bad dates and mediocre men as she attempts to get through the heartache!  Filled with snark and sass, Emma is on a mission to distract herself from the void that John has left behind.

The perfect relationship isn’t always enough...

Helen knows her friend Emma has been polyamorous for a while, but she never expected that lifestyle would be right for her.

Until now. With impending nuptials to the love of her life, Ben, Helen wonders if an open relationship might not be such a bad thing to explore—especially since she can't stop fantasizing about their sexy wedding photographer.

The only problem? Ben isn't exactly on board with the idea of non-monogamy. Now Helen's starting to worry their wedding might not happen… and she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to enjoy happily-ever-after with her fiancé if she can't have the freedom she craves...

Coming soon...

Book 5 in Polyamorous Passions, Being Good

It’s not always easy to follow your own rules...

Helen is ecstatic that her fiancé, Ben, has agreed to “open” their upcoming marriage. They’ve outlined the new rules of their relationship and are finally on the same page to embark on an ethically non-monogamous adventure together.

One of the most important rules? You can look at other people, but you can’t touch… at least, not until after the wedding.

But it’s harder than Helen expected to stick to that particular rule when she can’t stop drooling over their wedding photographer! And what’s more, she doesn’t even know if the photographer feels the same way about her. 

Will she be able to wait patiently until after the wedding to make her move? 

Join Helen and Ben on their exploration of an alternative relationship style in this romantic comedy! 

Stay tuned for the cover reveal in September 2019!

About the romance novels...

In late 2017, I realized that I identify as polyamorous... and I was floored that it took me almost three decades to figure that out about myself! I began looking for romance novels featuring that topic, and since I couldn't find quite what I was looking for, I decided to start writing the books I wanted to read.

Because ethical non-monogamy was so new to me, it only felt natural to write about characters discovering polyamory. And since polyamory is all about loving multiple people simultaneously, then it seemed like the best course of action to have three main characters instead of one over the course of a nine-book series!

The Polyamorous Passions series uncovers some of the struggles (and benefits) of ethical non-monogamy and illustrates what polyamorous relationships can look like. It is my hope that these novellas can help reduce stigma and provide new perspectives around different types of relationships, while entertaining the reader through fictional stories.

Polyamorous Passions follows the lives of three best friends as they each embark on their own journeys into consensual non-monogamy. Books 1—3 focus on Emma, Books 4—6 focus on Helen, and Books 7—9 will focus on Scarlett.

This series is suitable for anyone interested in real-life polyamory, open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, positive female friendships, alternatives to monogamy and monogamous relationships, and explorations of sexuality. Includes explicit language and sexual situations; intended for mature audiences.


  1. Please note that Polyamorous Passions uses sex-positive language and both reclaims and embraces terms such as "slut" and "smutty books."
  2. All characters are fictional, and their views do not necessarily reflect the views of the author.

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