A few weeks ago I guest-blogged over at Amy Howard Social about how to leverage your blog as a platform for freelance writing services. Today I want to expand on that and cover the top 10 reasons why bloggers should offer freelance services! Find out 10 reasons why bloggers should be freelance writers in this article! Every blogger who wants to go pro with their blog + make money blogging should read this article. Freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money with your blog! Click on over to get the tips + additional resources now.

Note: this applies to bloggers who want to go pro with their blogs or monetize their blogs in some way. 

Grab the worksheet on how to create your freelance services webpage >>

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Making time for blogging can be challenging when we have other aspects to our business (or are in university… or have a 9—5 job… or all three!).

In this video, I’m sharing two important tips on how to make time for blogging:

A quick note: Find out 2 great tips for how to make time for blogging in this article! If you work a 9 - 5, if you are in college or university, if you have a whole other aspect of your business that doesn't involve blogging, it can be challenging to make time for blogging. Get time management tips & blogging tips by clicking on over now!

One of the things I point out in the video is that if you are starting a blog with the sole purpose to make money,

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After investing very little in my business for years, these past few months I have started making a lot of business-related purchases.

From software to home office equipment, I’ve spent more in the past few months than I had spent in a very long time for my business! Find out questions to ask yourself BEFORE you spend money on your business. Not sure when to spend money on your business? You'll get everything you need to know about investing in your small business in this article! Click on over to get the small business investment tips now.

And this is important: you have to invest in your business to help it progress. The question is, how do you know what you should spend that money on?

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No one wants to fail. But unfortunately, quite a lot of freelancers do fail in their businesses. Freelancing can be hard! It can be overwhelming and challenging to succeed as a freelancer. But success is possible! You can be a super successful freelancer when you have the right strategies and systems set into place.

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Before you get to that point,

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Should I start freelancing? This is a question so many of us ask at various points in our lives. Should I start freelancing? Is freelancing a good choice? What do I need to know about being a successful freelancer? Get your answers to these questions in this blog post! Find out what you NEED to achieve success in your freelancing business ---> click on over now to get the tips now! ::: freelance tips :: new freelancer :: freelance business tips

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated with the type of work you’re doing at your 9—5 job, and you don’t see any opportunity to move up or across at that place of work.

Maybe you’re tired of being micromanaged when you KNOW you could do a better job than your boss.

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Besides wondering exactly how to price freelance services, this question of the method of setting rates is one of the BIG questions that every freelancer asks themselves when starting a freelance business. What’s the best way of setting rates—hourly or by the project? And should you confirm the amount in advance or give an approximate range upfront? 

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Grab your pricing strategies worksheet now >>

I have another video training for you today! This video looks at the big question so many freelancers have… how much should I charge friends for freelancing services?

It’s one thing to set your rates for the general public. But what about when friends are involved?

We’re getting to the bottom of that today!

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Edited to note: this webinar is over now. BUT you can sign up for the free cheatsheet to save time in your business!  Grab it here: 

Grab the cheatsheet to save 45+ hours each month >>

Popping in quickly to say hi, friends! And also, if you are thinking about starting a home-based business, I’ve got something pretty awesome for you…

It’s a free Q &
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Sorry! This giveaway is now over. But you can still get a copy by purchasing this book on Amazon or via Goodreads.

Want to win a hard-copy of my business book for freelancers? You’re in luck!

I’m doing a special giveaway for a paperback copy of The Business of Writing & Editing: Practical Tips & Templates for New Freelancers 🙂 You can enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

freelance business book review

This book is for YOU if you… 
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My Internet died AGAIN this week, hence the delayed blog post scheduling these last couple of days. I am currently working outside of the house but *hopefully* it will all be fixed this afternoon! Discover why failure is a good thing in this article about success and failure... in life AND in business. Being a home-based small business owner is TOUGH but keeping this important lesson in mind can help you set yourself up for success! Click on over to learn why failure is a good thing and how to empower yourself to be successful. ::: small business tip ::: freelancing tips :::

It was extremely frustrating to have the Internet go down yet again this week. Last week it was bad enough, but at least I managed to take advantage of the time to work on projects unrelated to the Internet.

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I’m video blogging today!

In this video, I share some behind the scenes information—two awesome things I created, plus the changing direction my business is taking (and what that means for


Here are the links I talked about in the video:Get the behind the scenes scoop of a small home-based business in this article! In a video blog post, I share some of the exciting things I've been doing with my business, and the new direction my business, blog, and brand are moving towards. This fun vlog shares valuable info for other freelancers and home-based small business owners too! Click on over to check out the video right now.

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I get asked this type of question (or variations of it) at least once a week: how do you make money online? 

Are you wondering how do you make money online? This article covers 10 possible ways that you can make money online! Discover some of the ways you can start making money online as a freelancer or a professional blogger in this article. Click on over to check it out now or Pin for later!

My favorite version of it came during a Table Topics session at Toastmasters a couple weeks ago: “Sagan, you do something on the Internet. Tell us about how you make money online.” You do something on the Internet. Heehee!

People are so confused by the concept of making money online,

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Edited to note: This e-course has since been archived, HOWEVER all of the material is still accessible (and greatly expanded upon!) in the other programs more recently created in the School

A couple weeks ago, I released a free social media tips e-book. And then a couple days after that, my business book for freelance writers and editors was published.

And now I have ANOTHER special announcement…

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In past years, I’ve chosen a word/phrase to live by for the year instead of a New Year’s resolution.

This year, however, I decided to implement a challenge for myself: to write 500 words a day, every day, for the whole year.

Grab your worksheet to create your freelance services webpage >>

It was residual, I think, of successfully completing National Novel Writing Month in November.

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I’ve got a special surprise for my lifestyle blogger friends today!Get 82 social media tips for lifestyle bloggers in this article! These social media tips are perfect for new bloggers or for bloggers who want to transition from hobby blogger to professional blogger, or for bloggers who want to up their social media game. Get all 82 social media tips for bloggers for FREE --- click on over to get the tips now! ::: blog tips ::: lifestyle blogging tips ::: social media tips for lifestyle bloggers -- FREE ebook! Grab your copy now.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been hard at work putting together a couple books and a course. On a whim a few days ago, I decided that instead of publishing one of those books—82 Social Media Tips for Lifestyle Bloggers—on Amazon for purchase, I would make it FREE.

Just because. 🙂

This book contains a ton of useful social media tips and tricks for lifestyle bloggers!

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