Anti hustle is NOT lazy (here's what you need to know about the anti hustle movement...)

Anti hustle is NOT lazy (here’s what you need to know about the anti hustle movement…)

You are a high-achiever with a strong work ethic. You care DEEPLY about your clients and customers... and you're skeptical about the anti hustle movement, because you assume that "anti hustle" is synonymous with "laziness." Does that sound familiar? In this vlog, we'll debunk this myth and explore why anti hustle methods are actually the OPPOSITE of laziness — plus how embracing the anti hustle method can benefit YOU as a high achiever.

Quick overview of what's in this video...

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:50 Why I do NOT like the term “lazy”
  • 3:20 What an anti-hustle approach is REALLY about
  • 5:05 How anti-hustle is actually the opposite of laziness!
  • 6:05 Wrap up


Are you skeptical about the idea of the anti hustle movement, because you think that it's the same thing as being lazy? Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you an ambitious solopreneur who cares deeply about your work, and you believe that the only way to achieve your goals and be a good worker is to hustle for it? 

In this video, we are going to bust that myth! 

My name is Sagan Morrow and I'm an anti hustle Productivity Strategist and internationally board certified Success and Life Coach who specializes in working with solopreneurs. Be sure to grab my free training Anti Hustle Secrets to Solopreneur Success!

Now let's get into today's video: This whole concept of “anti hustle” being synonymous with “being lazy” — and why I am so NOT here for it. 

Here's why I really don't like the term “lazy”... There are a lot of negative connotations associated with laziness. Laziness is really this whole idea of being really selfish and only thinking about yourself. There's a lot of sort of greed associated with it, as well as a lack of working hard and a lack of work ethic. Anti hustle is NOT lazy — what you need to know about the anti hustle movement

Laziness implies that you're always looking for the easiest way out and the fastest way to do something. Laziness implies that you are willing to cut a lot of corners in order to achieve your goals. Laziness implies that you don't care about doing a good job; you don't care about working hard or anything like that. Instead, you just care about doing everything as easy as possible and that's all that matters to you. 

…And so that can really impact your view of yourself, if you are calling yourself lazy. If you are referring to yourself as lazy, if you are using that label of “oh, I'm lazy,” then it's going to be very disempowering for you. 

And it's, again, going to really suggest that you do not have a good work ethic. 

So I really do not like this term, “lazy,” I'm not a fan of it! 

And if you are a high achiever or if you are ambitious, if you value a good work ethic, then you might be succumbing to toxic hustle culture, simply because you mistakenly believe that anything else will not fit your work ethic

→ You do not believe that an anti hustle approach fits your work ethic because you might think that anti hustle is the same thing as being lazy. 

…And that makes complete sense that you would believe that anti hustle is just not a solution; if you assume that laziness and anti hustle are the same thing, then you're going to think that hustling is the only way to be a good worker or to achieve your goals! 

This is really why so many hardworking people who care deeply about the work they do end up getting trapped in hustle culture and toxic productivity. 

They view hustle culture as being virtuous. 

They assume that HUSTLING is the only way to be productive — but that is not true. 

…And it really starts by understanding that anti hustle is not about laziness. 

Taking an anti hustle approach is actually about being intentional and strategic with your work. It is about having an amazing work ethic and caring deeply about the work that you do about your clients and customers and about producing high quality, high value work. 

Anti-hustle is about STOPPING the time waste and the energy waste of doing unnecessary busy tasks… Anti-hustle is about starting to create higher quality work and to also work more efficiently while also conserving your energy and freeing up your time. 

In this sense, anti hustle is an ongoing practice. It is something that you are being very intentional and mindful and strategic about. Anti hustle is very considerate and thoughtful, and anti hustle allows you to shift your approach to work so that you are no longer going through the motions or just working for the sake of working or doing things because that is how it's always been done. 

Taking an anti hustle approach 100% works beautifully when you are an ambitious high achiever and when you love and care about your work, your customers and your clients, and when you enjoy the work that you do and when you want to really do your best. 

Anti hustle is about doing all of those things! It's just about making sure that you aren't, again, working for the sake of working and over taxing yourself and burning yourself out and getting super overwhelmed and scattered. 

Anti hustle is about being very strategic and thoughtful and mindful with the work that you do. 

Anti hustle is definitely not lazy! In fact, it is the opposite of laziness. 

If you were truly lazy, you wouldn’t have put in all the effort of incorporating anti hustle methods. 

You would not be using it as that sort of ongoing practice. 

Anti hustle is not lazy. 

So if you have been thinking that the only way that you can make progress on your goals is by hustling, think again! Using anti hustle methods helps you make more progress, faster and more enjoyably, without that burnout or overwhelm, compared to if you instead keep on using those tired “hustle and grind” sort of methods. 

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