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If you don't find business plans sexy, it's probably because you're doing it wrong.

The reason why I personally find business plans so darn sexy is because I’ve figured out a way to make them appealing to me. I don’t use tons of jargon. I don’t go overboard with creating a tedious, ridiculously lengthy document that I’ll never want to read again. Instead, I make it fun! I write in a language that I enjoy. I look at my business plan as a living document that “steers the ship” of my business.

If you’re of the “business plans aren’t sexy” camp, then give me a chance to change your mind...

This (free) bootcamp covers the various components your business plan needs, how to create a strategic plan of action for your business, and a peek behind the curtain of what parts of my own business plan looks like.

"Sagan is my favourite online instructor right now! Creating a glorified to-do list was inspiring. I like that Sagan's teaching style is calm and she breaks everything down step by step: it's easy to follow and understand.

When you have thoughts about or a vision for your business, it can be hard to harness them. Putting them into writing forces me to hold a thought still, long enough to milk every drop of meaning from it. I am so glad I came to this realization under Sagan's encouragement, and I know this Bootcamp is going to change things for me in a major way!"

- Hannah

You'll learn...

  • Why you need a strategic plan in place
  • How to create a mission statement for your business (and why it’s SO SO important)
  • What you need to include in your strategic plan to make it a SUCCESSFUL one
  • How to set goals for your business
  • Step-by-step example of a marketing plan you can apply to your own business


  • Introduction to the bootcamp + your instructor (2:33)


  • Your worksheet for this bootcamp


  • Why create a strategic plan of action? (2:41)
  • Example of a mission statement (3:30)
  • How to create your own mission statement/vision for your business (2:55)
  • Where do you want to be 1 year from now? (2:33)
  • Choosing your ideal client + the services you'll offer with your business (3:30)


  • Goal-setting overview (1:23)
  • Example of what your business goals could look like (2:21)
  • Adding objectives to your business goals (2:08)
  • 3 important goals you need in your freelance business (2:43)
  • Breaking down your 3-month goal (1:54)


  • 3-month plan overview (1:11)
  • Example of month #1—relationship-building with prospects (4:08)
  • Example of month #2—getting hired by a potential client (2:08)
  • Example of month #3—upselling to get long-term retainer work with a current client (2:07)


  • Recap + what to do with this plan (2:56)
  • Balancing planning with taking action (2:35)
  • 7 weeks to a successful freelance business (1:03)
  • Case studies of other successful freelancers (1:36)
  • Your next step... (1:41)
  • Provide feedback on this free bootcamp—survey

"My favourite part of this Bootcamp was setting up my mission statement. Sagan gets directly to the point and teaches practical steps—I love the way she teaches because it's very clear and concise. If a short and free program like this has helped me so much, I can't imagine how helpful her paid programs must be!"

- Paola

About your instructor...

Hi! I'm Sagan, a published author and small business strategist with nearly a decade of experience as a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager. And when I first started as a freelancer, I found it just as overwhelming as you do.

I get it: I've been there.

The first time I tried my hand at full-time freelancing, I hustled hard before getting a ton of work. It was fantastic! But when those projects wrapped up (which they all seemed to do at around the same time), I realized I had NO IDEA how to proceed. I didn't have a strategy in place, and I didn't have a clue how to find clients or thrive as a freelancer. I panicked. So I took the first office job I found, grateful for the security. Except... it wasn't enough. I wanted the flexibility and freedom of freelancing. I wanted to call the shots and work on projects I LOVED.

It took a couple years of freelancing on the side before I took the leap to be a full-time freelancer again. And this time, I set up the systems and processes that would lead me to building an incredibly successful and profitable freelancing business.

This free bootcamp outlines a step-by-step process for reducing overwhelm & getting more focused in your business, using a simple process for creating a strategic plan of action for your freelance business. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions...

1) Wait... this is REALLY free? Are you sure? Learn step-by-step how to create a strategic plan of action for your freelance business -- includes a 12-week overview of how to get retainer clients for your freelance business

YEP! It's really free!  Woohoo!

2) Is this going to take me a really long time to go through?

NOPE! Each video is approx. 2—3 minutes long. They're deliberately broken down into easily-digestible bite-sized pieces so you can consume them quickly.

3) I sign up for free stuff all the time and then promptly forget about it. Won't this bootcamp be the same way?

I TOTALLY get that. I'm the exact same way. That's why, over the course of about a week, I'll send you brief email reminders about which module you should check out, with a breakdown of what you'll learn in that module.

4) I’m hard of hearing. Do you have transcripts available?

Sure do! Every single video has written word-for-word transcripts to go along with it. I want this information to be as accessible as possible for everyone.

5) What if I want to learn more information beyond the 2-minute videos?

Additional resources accompany every video, so you can check those out if you have extra time and are curious to learn more about any of the topics.

6) How long do I have access to this bootcamp?

Forever—hurray! If you're so darn busy over the next few days that you can't set aside 2 minutes to watch a video lesson, don't worry about it—you can watch them later on at your leisure.

What people have said after participating in this bootcamp...

“I can’t wait to get started with my business plan now!”

"This is all really helpful to go over, especially since I made my goals a couple months ago and things have changed a bit!"

"I like how practical Sagan's teaching style is. Turns out, starting a business doesn't have to be as overwhelming and difficult as I thought it would be!"

“This was very helpful! I felt like I was losing track of what I needed to do—this makes me feel better about getting back to where I need to be.”

“This workshop definitely helped put a spark in my business!”

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