In mid-July this year, my business partner Dan “broke up” with me, for lack of a better term. He realized that he no longer wants to be a business owner and that he was more interested in the benefits of working from home/being one’s own boss, rather than the actual reality of it.

Fair enough. So we amicably agreed to go our separate ways.

The last few months have been pretty tough. As much as we’re still friends, and as much as I understand where he’s coming from, and as much as I think this a really good thing for both of us,

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Confidence issues can be killer—especially in the world of business!

Something I hear again and again from people is that they haven’t taken the leap to do XYZ (usually things like pitching their services to clients, quitting their day jobs, and asking for a raise) because they don’t feel confident in themselves or their ability.

Sound like you?

You need to use some confidence-boosting strategies!

freelance marketing plan

Here are 3 steps to boosting your confidence in business:
1) Get more experience.

Honestly? Sometimes you just need some practice at your skill! 

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