Michelle, an accomplished sonographer and the creator/teacher of the popular YouTube channel Sonography Minutes, joined Solopreneur CEO (productivity coaching for solopreneurs) this past summer. She was ready to start making more progress on her business goals! 


Solopreneur CEO is a 6-month, 1:1 anti-hustle productivity coaching program designed specially for solopreneurs (layered with consulting, mentorship, and teaching) to help you FINALLY make progress on your business goals, structure your business so it truly supports your personal lifestyle goals and values, customize your strategies and actions so they feel amazing for you and your unique wants/needs,

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Earlier this week, I shared *behind the scenes* about how I do anti-hustle business planning in a LIVE training… and it was gold!

This behind-the-scenes peek at my business included a review of what I’d mapped out for my business a year ago (at my 2021 business plan retreat), what worked/didn’t work (and why), what I did as planned vs. what I did differently than planned (and why), lessons and takeaways from this past year, how all of this is informing my upcoming directions for my business, and what I’m doing to prepare for my upcoming business planning retreat.

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Become a successful Solopreneur CEO! As a solopreneur, you are the CEO of your own business (and life)… so, how do you truly embody that and become a next-level boss with awesome work/life balance, while simultaneously making great progress on your goals (WITHOUT burning out or getting overwhelmed along the way)? How do you succeed as a solopreneur? Are you wondering what it’s like behind the scenes of a Solopreneur CEO? 

Over the course of several days on my Instagram Stories recently, I shared some insights and a “peek behind the curtain” of what it’s like working together inside Solopreneur CEO (my 6-month 1:1 productivity coaching program for solopreneurs),

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Are you making these common solopreneur mistakes? Did you know there are 5 mistakes nearly EVERY solopreneur makes? The 5 common solopreneur mistakes that you are making are preventing you from achieving your goals.

The good news: these mistakes aren’t the end of the world! They are 100% fixable.

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, or if you just want to make sure that you’re really set up for success with achieving your goals, then you’ll love this training where I share about the top 5 mistakes every solopreneur makes — plus how to FIX those common solopreneur mistakes so you can truly embody the anti-hustle method.

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What is energy management? As an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist, one of the first things I teach my clients is about the importance of energy management as the foundation for good time management. It is essential for overcoming toxic hustle culture!

…But what exactly IS energy management? What does “energy management” mean?

Put simply, energy management is the act of **managing your own energy levels**.

Good energy management means that you are protecting your own energy, without neglecting the world around you (including but not limited to your community, customers and clients, people in your personal life,

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Maybe you already know about Productivity Powerhouse, AKA my signature self-study, anti-hustle productivity e-course that teaches you how to save 10+ hours/week—EVERY week—WITHOUT burnout or overwhelm… so you finally achieve your business goals with ease & enjoyment.

…and in that case, you might be a bit curious as to what’s actually inside the program…

…so I decided that today, I’d share a SNEAK PEEK of Productivity Powerhouse with you!

Sneak peek of the Welcome video inside Productivity Powerhouse:

Productivity Powerhouse features my signature ANTI-HUSTLE method that takes you from *overwhelmed &

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How many tabs and folders do you constantly have open on your computer? If you’re anything like me, you have at least a dozen open at any given time!

This often makes life easier for us when we’re business owners: We might need to refer to a few different internal resources while we’re working on projects, for example. Rather than closing them, it just makes more sense to keep things open. 

→ But it can ALSO lead to distraction and overwhelm. Eep.

A beautiful way to navigate this—and get the best of both worlds—is to make great use of your computer background screen.

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At some point or another, we all experience overwhelm. Some of us may be more familiar with the feeling than others! And when you have your own business (or you’re thinking about starting one), or if you’re multi-passionate… Well. Overwhelm DEFINITELY becomes a reality that we need to deal with.

There are three mistakes people tend to make at this point:

The first mistake you’re probably making is to succumb to the overwhelm.

The second mistake is when you think that there’s no way out…

And the third mistake? You aren’t addressing the real root cause of your feelings of overwhelm.

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I was out for a walk the other day, and a woman stopped me on the sidewalk: “Omg, where did you get those pants?! They look so classy and comfy!” 

It made me laugh, because I get A LOT of comments on the pants I wear—which are pretty much exclusively faux leather leggings. 

For years, I used to wear jeans (or dress pants in professional settings), because that’s just what you do. I can’t even remember why I first decided I should try on a pair of faux leather leggings, but once I did,

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I recently rewatched all the Marvel movies in chronological order, and—because my mind always comes back to business!—it got me thinking about our origin stories, our hero journeys, the “villains” we face, during our business adventures…

For superheroes, the choices they make (which tend to affect everyone in the world & beyond… *cough* Avengers: Infinity War *cough*) always come back to their origin story. Who they *are*—and how they interact with/respond to the villain(s)—is a direct result of where the hero has been and what they’ve experienced along the way, throughout their “hero journey.”

For us,
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