Productivity Powerhouse: DIAMOND PACKAGE

This is the perfect package for you if you want to level-up your Productivity Powerhouse experience!

productivity powerhouse


You'll get everything inside Productivity Powerhouse, PLUS...

⭐️ Meditations & Emotional Freedom Techniques, including:

✔ Guided meditations & visualizations to ground yourself and increase clarity & focus

✔ Transformative EFT tapping sessions (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for alignment, flow, self-trust, increasing energy, and more

✔ Each meditation recording and each EFT tapping session video accompanies the 9 steps of the Productivity Powerhouse framework, so they're the PERFECT supplement to the curriculum.

✔ Downloadable audio recordings of the meditations so you can take them with you wherever you go.

✔ Word-for-word transcripts of each meditation for accessibility purposes.

⭐️ 1:1 life & success coaching session, including:

✔ 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Sagan where we'll pinpoint your internal "bottlenecks" & mindset blocks (so you STOP holding yourself back)

✔ Recording of the call (lifetime access)

✔  Customized thought exercises, self-coaching practices, and/or EFT tapping sessions (optional — as needed) to support you after the session

Get all of this now:


⭐️ Productivity Powerhouse

✔ 9 powerful core lessons to teach you anti-hustle methodologies & transformative mindset work

✔  Step-by-step guides & practical action steps  to make it simple & straightforward for you to IMPLEMENT what you learn

✔  9 spotlight trainings accompanying each lesson, featuring tactics & strategy to enable you to easily take action

✔  Framework roadmap, flow charts, curriculum overview, and comprehensive checklist so you never have to wonder what to do next

✔  116-page fillable workbook featuring guided questions to make it easy to take action

✔  328-page Companion Guide to read through all the lessons, guides, and trainings at your leisure (this is the "book version" of the program, so you can take it with you anywhere you go!)

✔ Accessible learning options available: Video trainings, audio recordings, word-for-word transcripts, and physical copies of the program available to accommodate for all learning needs

✔  4 months of weekly support & pep talks, delivered to your inbox

✔  BONUS: Quick Wins resource (30 ways to save 17 hours/week)

✔  BONUS: Supplementary resources to help you implement everything you learn 

✔  BONUS 2 extra spotlight trainings to prepare you for the program & keep you making great progress afterward 

✔  Lifetime access to all materials (including any future upgrades to the program)

✔  Monthly live calls featuring behind-the-scenes real-time, real-life examples of how Sagan uses Productivity Powerhouse methodologies in her own life and business (you get access to *this* month's live call & recording, plus ALL FUTURE live calls & replays — does not include access to past calls from any months prior to you joining the program)

✔  Productivity Mastery certificate program & exam to test your comprehension of concepts you learn in this e-course (optional)

✔  Affiliate opportunity available

⭐️ Backstage pass to the legacy programs: You'll get lifetime access to our entire product suite of 12 e-courses (organized into Anti-Hustle Mindset, Business Planning Package, and Business Strategy Bundle) to take advantage of even more learning opportunities — $1,196 value

⭐️ Meditations & EFT Tapping Sessions: You'll get access to meditations and Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA tapping sessions) that accompany each of the core lessons inside Productivity Powerhouse

⭐️ 1:1 life & success coaching session: You'll get a 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Sagan where we can unpack your struggles, address the root issues of perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter syndrome, unlock your unique superpowers, and overcome your mindset blocks

Productivity Powerhouse is your #1 resource to personal fulfillment & professional excellence, in which you will:

Free up time & increase your energy,
Gain clarity & focus,
Enjoy your desired work/life balance with a true LIFESTYLE business,
Eliminate burnout & overwhelm,
Have fun while making great progress on your goals!

Your time is now.

"I joined Productivity Powerhouse because I wanted to create a consistent schedule that still had flexibility for me to achieve the work/life balance I wanted. As a sole proprietor, my goal with Productivity Powerhouse was to add to the time management skills I already had, but reignite my motivation to implement those competencies.

Productivity Powerhouse is excellent! It enabled me to create a schedule that works for me and my family. I have 3 children who are in school, so being able to productively use my time when they are in school is critical for me. I also feel motivated to adhere to a schedule again, which is particularly important because I completed the program during the pandemic.

Now, I feel less overwhelmed with the tasks I have to complete to run my business successfully, which helps me spend more time with my family while still putting in productive days at work. I loved that I was able to complete the program at my own pace—Sagan’s lessons were very motivating, and I found myself looking forward to each module. I found the way Productivity Powerhouse was structured was quite useful for my business/life because it encouraged me to look at aspects of my personality that I ordinarily wouldn't have when diving into productivity.

Productivity Powerhouse changed my business for the better—I'm very glad I found it at this stage of being a sole proprietor! I noticed that this program helped me figure out what boundaries I need to set with clients (and myself!) in order to have a successful work/life balance.

Productivity Powerhouse has helped me realize my business can be successful on my own terms, and doesn't have to be structured the same way someone else's is in order for me to feel fulfilled. It is wonderful and highly motivating. I recommend it for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and wants to be more purposeful in the direction they are taking their business. Dive in, you'll feel empowered to find what works best for you and motivated to implement it!

I’ve been able to save 10 hours/week as a result of the tools I’ve gained from this program!"

- Alicia, freelance editor