Are you an overworked solopreneur who would love an accountability partner, support and guidance on your business journey, and practical (personalized!) advice from an expert who *gets* what you’re going through? Solopreneur coaching is the best way to get all of that and more!

Wondering whether a solopreneur coach can help YOU? 

One of my solopreneur coaching clients, Toni, is graciously sharing about her experience!

We are starting her third (!) round of solopreneur coaching next week — you can check out her previous case study about getting solopreneur coaching HERE.

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Multipassionate solopreneur, you can use the Productivity Powerhouse framework to effectively juggle all the moving parts of your life and business (e.g. your business, your household, your self care, etc)!

This is a rare opportunity to PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN and access one of our Productivity Powerhouse monthly live group call replays from December 2022: this topic is all about juggling things when you’re a multipassionate solopreneur with LOTS going on…

Productivity Powerhouse is an anti-hustle e-course designed especially for overworked solopreneurs to get back your time and energy — so you can ACTUALLY see progress on your business goals WITHOUT sacrificing your personal life.

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Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do as a freelancer? Do you wish you had more time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list—without burning out? In this presentation, you’ll identify your productivity problem areas so that you can take action and fix those issues, using a unique approach of personality-based productivity! 

This video will help you feel confident in your abilities to free up several hours each week, and have an action plan for restructuring your business in the most productive way possible for your unique life and business.

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If you know what your goal is, but taking action on it feels like pulling teeth — or if you’re stuck in a rut or any kind of habit that you don’t want to be doing, but escaping it feels impossible — then **there is a reason for it.**​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​

There are REASONS for why you keep saying “I know I should do XYZ, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I just need to be more disciplined. After XYZ happens, then I’ll be able to do the thing I want.” ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​

(Do any of those sound familiar?
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Are you the type of person who always feels like you’re not doing enough — or you yourself are not “enough”? That can feel disempowering, doesn’t it? 

Today I want to give you an exercise for working through those feelings, because they are all too familiar for me, too!

This is a 3-step process for how to effectively work through feeling like “not enough.”

Step 1: Acknowledging that it’s not really about where you’re at right now that’s the problem — it’s your perspective and mindset that’s the issue. 

FOR EXAMPLE: “I’m only an indie author &

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Super Quick Solopreneur Tip of the Day: You can grow your business while feeling safe. It doesn’t need to be either/or!

Getting out of your comfort zone an stretching yourself can be wonderful, but you do NOT need to be in a constant state of fear in order to make progress and scale your business.

…And in fact, you can make MORE progress, faster and more enjoyably, when you feel safe and supported.

If you like the idea of that, hit the like button to give this video the thumbs up!

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Do you know what you truly want for your life and your business?

Take a moment and think about this question. Really, truly, and fully: Do you know what you WANT in your life? Do you know what you WANT in your business?

(This is about: the feelings and thoughts and beliefs and experiences you want to have, the goals you want to achieve, the journey along the way, the values and philosophies you want to live by, the people you want to do this with, etc.)

This isn’t always an easy question to answer,

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Super Quick Solopreneur Tip of the Day: Supercharge your strengths!

What are you naturally good at? What fascinates you, and what do you love doing? What skills do you already have that people rave about? Where are there overlaps in all of those things?

At the centre of that is probably where you’ll discover your strengths, and that’s a wonderful area to focus on for upgrading your skills… Turn your strengths into superpowers!

What you are already good at, you can become GREAT at. And by doing this with your existing natural talents and strengths,

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Solopreneurs often ask me THIS question: “I know I should wake up at 5am to start working (either before the kids get up, or just because some guru said that’s what I should do, or society tells me it’s the “right” thing to do)… but I HATE getting up early. Can I still achieve my goals if I start my workday later?”

YES! Consider this your permission slip to stop forcing yourself into being a morning person…

If you are not a morning person, why are you trying to be a morning person? 

What will “being a morning person” do for you? 

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SUPER QUICK Solopreneur Tip of the Day: Energy management is the foundation of great time management.

That’s why we focus on ANTI-HUSTLE productivity around here!​​​​​​​​

ALSO: “anti-hustle” does NOT mean you don’t enjoy working or you’re not a hard worker. You can be anti-hustle AND a hard worker AND enjoy work AND enjoy time off work.

TAKE ACTION ON THIS — Manage your energy! Any time that you are looking into time management “hacks” and exploring options to maximize your productivity, start with your ENERGY.

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