Reconnect your business with your life for professional excellence, business success, personal fulfillment, and true work/life balance…

Rediscover your passions, goals, and values…

Improve your relationship with yourself and your business…

Make more progress than ever before on your ambitions and goals.

6-month 1:1 coaching & mentorship program

YOU, now — Before Solopreneur CEO: 

✘ Tiptoeing at the edge of burnout, working on holidays and weekends, and so tired you’re almost falling asleep at your desk. 

✘ Stuck in perfectionism, imposter syndrome, information gathering, and procrastination; struggling to make the progress you want in your business (even when you feel like you're working a lot).

✘ Beating yourself up, treating yourself harshly, and unhappy with hustle culture but feeling helpless to escape it.

✘ Lost and stagnant, easily distracted by shiny objects, and not actually doing the things you know you "should" be doing.

✘ Overwhelmed and overthinking everything — you have so many ideas that you don’t know which to pursue and end up pulled in all directions at once.

YOU, in 6 months — After Solopreneur CEO: 

✔ Enjoying a 4-day workweek while increasing your productivity AND improving your mood and personal relationships (plus you have time/energy for hobbies).

✔ Motivated and making more progress on your goals in 6 months than you did in the previous 2 years — and it feels exciting, doable, enjoyable for you.

✔ No longer berating yourself for being “lazy” or feeling guilty for “not working enough” (you finally treat yourself with the same compassion you give to other people!).

✔ ELIMINATED procrastination (and replaced it with healthier, more useful, and more positive habits).

✔ Crystal clear on what you want, how your multi-passionate interests can work together, what to prioritize, AND how to make it happen — and you're actively DOING it.

"All of the shifts I've made in my mindset and everything we've been covering in coaching, all the stuff I've learned about productivity and about being anti hustle at the same time, has been so helpful.

I feel in a totally different mental space than I was in last year… and that's huge because last year, I just felt lost and exhausted and burnt out. This year, I feel like I have a direction — and even if that direction doesn't work, it will be okay. I can pivot and I can figure out something else, and it'll be fine.

And although I still have a lot of questions and a lot of things I'm still working on, I feel a positivity about them that I didn't have before, like, you know, ‘I will figure this out. I will make it work, or this will work out somehow.’ Instead of, ‘I have all these ideas and I don't know what to do and let's just not do anything.’

I feel much more positive about everything in general. It's definitely a mental space I would not have been in, even just a month before we started coaching… This has changed my point of view so much on so many things.

So, best investment ever! You've helped so much. I really have to thank you!

I would have gotten here eventually, I'm sure, it probably just would have taken me seven or eight years to get here. The fact that we could do this in six months is really awesome!”

- Toni, freelance editor

Solopreneur CEO is a 6-month coaching and mentorship program designed especially for busy, overworked, high-achieving freelancers and other solo entrepreneurs who want to enjoy a true lifestyle business.

This is a unique hybrid that incorporates anti-hustle personality-based productivity methodologies, business consulting and mentorship, and life and mindset coaching.


You are a freelancer (or other type of solo entrepreneur) who enjoys your work, but you don’t want your business to be your whole life.

My successful, satisfied coaching clients have included people at ALL stages of business (e.g. several years into being a business owner, side hustlers with 9 to 5 jobs, full-time business owners with many years under their belt, and new solopreneurs starting their first business), and across a wide range of industries (e.g. freelance editors and writers, pet photographer, sonographer, bookkeeper, psychotherapist, baker, florist, IT specialist, and more)

...And because we use anti-hustle, personality-based productivity, we take a "you"-centric, lifestyle business model approach — which is why my coaching methods work for people with all different backgrounds and lifestyle wants/needs (e.g. neurodivergent brains, parents raising kids, multipassionates managing multiple businesses, people with anxiety, etc).

You are the type of person who prefers a no-fluff approach, and you want a long-term, lasting, and replicable solution. You are prepared to be honest with yourself (and me!), and you work best with positive motivation and encouragement, combined with practical advice...

You are ready to be guided and supported in the right direction, to learn about and test the best systems, processes, tools, and strategies for your unique situation, to take ownership over your business, and to embrace full agency in your transformation.

Is that you? If so, I'd love to work with you!


In this program, we start with you — Solopreneur CEO is designed to work WITH you and FOR you, rather than trying to force you into a box. All of the goals, strategies, plans, etc are co-created together so that they are the best possible fit for where you’re at, where you want to go, and who you want to be, AND to evolve alongside you. (This is rooted in my proprietary anti-hustle, personality-based productivity methods — fully customized to you and your unique wants/needs.)

Solopreneur CEO is specifically for solopreneurs, which means that I will NOT tell you that you need to hire employees/contractors or raise your prices astronomically in order to be successful. Instead, we focus on getting your business foundations so streamlined and efficient that your systems and processes keep your business running smoothly without you needing to be at the helm 24/7 OR needing to outsource a bunch of tasks to other people. 

We do deep coaching to get to the root issues of obstacles that are getting in your way (rather than focusing on surface-level problems — e.g. Perfectionism and procrastination are both symptoms of deeper underlying root issues that are unique to you, so we address those root issues rather than trying to “fix” the perfectionism/procrastination itself).

Solopreneur CEO was first launched in 2021 (and I first started working with solopreneurs in a coaching/mentorship/teaching capacity around 2016/2017, after starting my own business around 2010).

Since launching this program in 2021, we’ve had a 100% satisfaction rate (which means that every Solopreneur CEO client has reported being satisfied — and, in fact, thrilled — with their experience in the program), and a 100% renewal rate (which means that every Solopreneur CEO client has been so delighted with their first 6 months that they have wanted to continue getting coaching with me for at least 6 more months).

Solopreneur CEO clients have also told me that they have tried numerous other coaching programs, e-courses, masterminds, etc in the past which have not worked for them — that THIS is the first time something genuinely worked.


As your coach, I will “compassionately challenge” you rather than taking a “tough love” approach, and here’s why: “Tough love” puts the *tough* first, whereas being “compassionately challenging” puts the *compassion* first. Being “compassionately challenging” invites you to ELEVATE yourself... There is value, usefulness, inspiration, motivation, kindness and a levelling-up when you experience *compassionately challenging* coaching — but none of that inherently exists in *tough love* coaching.

(There's nothing wrong with wanting a drill sergeant for a coach! But if that's what you want, then this may not be a good fit.)

The sheer amount and speed of progress you experience when you are compassionately challenged can be mind blowing. My clients consistently say how motivated and excited they are after our sessions, and how they have much more clarity, hope, and lightness as a result… I stretch you beyond your comfort zone without you feeling like you’ve been tossed into the ocean without a life jacket!


✔ 6 months of one-on-one coaching, consulting, and mentorship from Sagan — This is high-level, deep work, fully customized so you get the best possible experience.

✔ Welcome Package in the mail with the hard copy version of Productivity Powerhouse plus some fun, useful goodies for your business ($142 retail value).

✔ 2 coaching calls/month (12 in total), where we'll transform your relationship with your business and plan out your best action steps together — Includes review and discussion about your business progress, brainstorming and recommendations for overcoming hurdles, deep coaching for business and life success, productivity and business strategy, actionable steps to take, reflection check-ins, and more (up to 75 minutes each — $3,084 retail value).

✔ Downloadable recordings of each coaching call, plus bullet-point recap in a follow-up email to cover all of the main points we discussed and key takeaways, plus any action steps for you to do before the next session (no worries about missing anything or forgetting something we discuss!)

✔ Concrete action steps and implementation time between coaching calls, so you never have to wonder about what to do next.

✔ 6 months of unlimited email/voice/text messaging access in between sessions, in case you have questions or you get stuck at any time throughout the program, or if you want/need a confidence boost, pep talks, feedback on your work, and motivational support along the way (a "Day of Voxer" where I become a coach in your pocket for 24 hours normally costs $297... so even if we have back-and-forth conversations for just 2 days/month in this program, the retail value of this alone is $3,564).

✔ Personalized feedback on your work, plus customized self-coaching exercises and thought experiments, audio recordings, and EFT tapping sessions (as needed/on request).

✔ Complimentary backstage pass to Productivity Powerhouse e-course & certificate program with the Solopreneur Diary Entries PREMIUM Edition ($1,197 retail value — full reimbursement available for existing Productivity Powerhouse clients, because I don't believe in double-charging you!)

✔ Meditations & EFT tapping sessions to accompany each of the 9 core lessons inside Productivity Powerhouse ($99 retail value — perfect for assisting with somatic techniques).

✔ legacy programs with lifetime access to our entire product suite of 12 e-courses (organized into Anti-Hustle Mindset, Business Planning Package, and Business Strategy Bundle) to take advantage of even more learning opportunities ($1,196 retail value).

✔ Opportunity to renew at your initial rate for up to 12 months, upon completing your first 6 months of Solopreneur CEO — no obligation or pressure (this LOCKS IN your current rate... which means that even when the price increases in the future, you won't be affected by it for a minimum of 18 months!)


The full retail value that you get (AKA the amount you would pay for each of these individually) is more than $9,282 USD, but...

You get ALL of the above for just $5,979 USD — or you can take advantage of the interest-free payment plan of $997/month for 6 months.


Applications are open as of NOW! Upon joining, you'll complete a Welcome survey so we can arrange our coaching schedule right away:

"[Before Solopreneur CEO], I was frozen. Stuck in perfectionism, imposter syndrome, information gathering and procrastination. I was struggling to make any kind of progress in my business.

And then I met Sagan. In Solopreneur CEO, Sagan pushes me. She pushes me past my comfort zone, past the things I'm stuck on, and past the fears, doubts and struggles that had me paralyzed.

I've only had 4 sessions with Sagan and in that short amount of time I have developed a business plan, created realistic goals, and learned multiple strategies for getting unstuck. I've created and put my first digital product up for sale, I'm making huge progress on my goals, the future of my business feels exciting for the first time, and my goals finally seem attainable. I have made more progress in 4 sessions with Sagan than I have in a year on my own.

[Now I know] the biggest obstacle in my path was myself. Procrastination, perfectionism, information gathering and getting held back by tech were masks that I was using to hide the fear, doubts, and anxieties that were building up inside me. Sagan helps you recognize what's really holding you back, gives you strategies for dealing with these obstacles and helps you to develop a strong mindset so that you can finally start to conquer your goals. She sees what's really behind the things that you are struggling with and always knows the best ways to get you unstuck and moving forward. 

I highly recommend Solopreneur CEO. It's the best investment in your business and your future that you can make. Sagan is a master at recognizing the true causes of my struggles and providing solutions to get me to move forward."

- Michelle, sonographer & YouTuber

solopreneur coaching program


Your Transformation as a Solopreneur CEO...

⭐ Month 1: CLARITY

You will have complete, utter clarity on your goals and offerings—and the best ways to turn those big business dreams of yours into reality... We'll indulge your curiosity to get crystal clear on EXACTLY what you want from your life & business.

FEATURING: Identity & Intention Setting ~ Productivity Magic Audit ~ Business Planning Retreat

⭐ Month 2: ENERGY

You will end the cycle of overwhelm, improve your mind/body connection, set everything up to prevent burnout from happening again, and learn to save 10 hours/week (EVERY week)—with plenty of energy leftover at the end of the day or week to enjoy that extra time however you please.

FEATURING: Energy Advancement Techniques ~ Burnout Prevention Planning ~ Goal Achievement Strategies


You will set up your fully-customized business structure in a way that supports your ideal lifestyle—and you'll tap into your unique creativity to inspire and motivate yourself (and to be able to connect more deeply with your customers/clients).

FEATURING: Inspired Customization ~ Creative Consciousness ~ Ideal Business Development


You will overcome fear and embody confidence, so that you STOP holding yourself back... You'll gain the confidence you need to keep making awesome moves with your business & accomplish your goals.

FEATURING: Confidence Booster Blueprint ~ Dynamite Rule Breaking ~ Maverick Leadership Embodiment

⭐ Month 5: PLEASURE

You will experience genuine joy and excitement about the work you do—including the systems, processes, and structure that your business exists in (pleasure not just in the tasks themselves, but in how you APPROACH those tasks). 

FEATURING: Sophisticated Simplicity Methods ~ Ease Analysis ~ Business Structure Blueprint

⭐Month 6: COURAGE

You’ll finally feel like a real CEO, your business will be able to run itself without you needing to be at the helm 24/7, you’ll be on your way to achieving the dreamy goals we set together at the beginning of the program, and you’ll have the courage to continue to pursue your dreams... Your business will have the capacity to grow with ease, while supporting both your clients AND yourself.

FEATURING: Sustainable Scalability ~ Transformational & Professional Excellence ~ Daring Business Growth


"What about..."
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: "How much time will this take me?

I’m not sure if I should try to take more on... I’m not sure I can handle it!"

A1: Part of the reason why Solopreneur CEO is a 6-month program is so that it doesn’t feel daunting.

In fact, you can make great progress with this program in just 1 - 2 hours each week!

→ And because the entire purpose of this program is to set your business up for success, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, simply by being part of it. You'll restructure your business and implement awesome new techniques that will free up 10 hours, every single week.

Yes, really: If you think you don’t have enough time to do Solopreneur CEO, or the timing isn’t right… THAT is your sign that you DO need Solopreneur CEO, right now.

We’ll get you back your time.

Q2: "What if I’m feeling burned out with stress and pressure in my life/business?

...I don’t know if I can make another commitment.”

A2: Hey there, Action Taker! I see you, getting excited and doing #AllTheThings 🙂

Solopreneur CEO builds your capacity and bandwidth, relieving the stress and pressure. YES, this is a commitment… but it’s designed in such a way to support you. 

We’ll build your energy, capacity, and bandwidth, so you can enjoy true flexibility and freedom in your business and your life. 

You don't need to feel stressed, burned out, or over-committed anymore.

...In fact, because you feel that way, that is just an even stronger indicator that Solopreneur CEO is the BEST decision you can make right now.

Q3: “What if I keep getting stuck in the rabbit hole of research, learning, and planning…

I’m struggling to actually implement all the things I want to do!”

A3: You are not alone! This is a very common shared experience that many clients have when they first come to me: They often love learning new skills, and they have a wealth of knowledge and insights… But taking ACTION on them is a whole other beast.

Does that sound familiar for you, too?

Don't worry! The methodologies in Solopreneur CEO are specifically designed to help and support you at EVERY step along the way: We get you over that hurdle of being stuck in constant Learner/Planner mode so that you become a true Action Taker.

We’ll restructure your business model, approach your business through a fresh new lens, and transform your relationship with your business — so that taking action isn’t such a struggle anymore.

This works for clients in all industries (including the most die-hard Learners and Planners!)

Q4: "This sounds cool! But I have so many other things to learn...

I don't think I'm ready for it yet."

A4: I don’t want imposter syndrome to prevent you from becoming a Solopreneur CEO!

If you think you *aren’t ready yet,* then I want you to know that Solopreneur CEO doesn’t discriminate on where you’re at in your business journey.

My clients have had great success through one-on-one coaching with me at all different stages of business — some clients haven’t even started their business when we start to work together, others are in the first year of their business, and still others come to me after they’ve already had a business for 7+ years.

The truth is, you, too, are already... all ready... to jump into Solopreneur CEO.

Whether you need help starting your business, you're struggling to grow it, or you're happy with your current success and want to take it to an even more successful level...

Right now, you are in exactly the right place to join Solopreneur CEO.

Q5: "What if I'm NOT struggling in my business?

...My business is already successful, but it's just not supporting my lifestyle the way I want.”

A5: Solopreneur CEO is a great option for you! In that case, we'll focus on diving deep into your existing business model, restructure your approach and fine-tune things at a more detailed level, and pinpoint what's holding you back from achieving your next-level success for lifestyle fulfillment.

If you want to grow your business and take it up a notch, or if you simply want to it to support your lifestyle on a deeper level, Solopreneur CEO will help.

Q6: “My industry/niche is very specific...

Will this work for me?”

A6: One of the most empowering aspects of the work we do — and the customized framework that we use in Solopreneur CEO — is that it is flexible and can be easily adapted to a wide range of different businesses, industries, and niches (e.g. my successful, satisfied 1:1 clients have included freelance editors/writers, photographer, sonographer/YouTuber, florist, baker, motivational speaker, brand strategist, and others).

We'll fully customize the work we do together so that it best suits your needs. If you have any concerns about your particular situation, just reach out via email and we can discuss it further!

Q7: “Okay, I am IN! What happens next? How soon can we get started?

A7: Wonderful! I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Space is LIMITED to just FIVE spots to ensure you get the highest-quality service.

Applications will be assessed and approved on a first-come first-served basis within 1 - 2 business days of submitting your application.

I strongly recommend that you apply now to lock in your spot, before it gets snapped up by someone else!

When your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email from hello[at]saganmorrow[dot]com with your checkout link, at which point you will a) officially enroll in the program, b) complete the Welcome survey, c) get access to Productivity Powerhouse and the entire legacy programs product suite (this is done manually, so your access to these e-courses may take 1 - 2 business days), and d) receive your Welcome Packet in the mail.

We will schedule ALL of our calls at your convenience before our first session so you can block of those meetings on your calendar in advance. Typically coaching sessions are available Tues - Thurs, 9am - 4pm PT, however we can accommodate other days/times if those don't work for your availability.

When you book your spot, we can get started as soon as within the next couple weeks — or we can schedule your sessions to start at your convenience later on in the future (e.g. If your schedule is very busy and chaotic for the next couple months, you can a) book your spot now, and b) get immediate access to Productivity Powerhouse, legacy e-courses, and the Welcome package — and then c) we can schedule your sessions to start several months from now.)

Ready to take your business to the next level? Let's do this:

"Wow! I feel like my questions are so big in my brain, and then we talk about them and solve them in 3 minutes during a coaching call... This is so helpful!

I really love our Solopreneur CEO sessions because I get such a different perspective from Sagan, versus the other mentors I have... Sagan is great at coaching on business management and how you're going about doing things and your business structure and processes. I love it. It's very useful!"

- CJ, pet photographer

About Your Coach

Hi! I'm Sagan Morrow (she/her), your anti-hustle Productivity Strategist, internationally board-certified Success & Life Coach, and internationally board-certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

I have 12+ years of experience in business — as a communications specialist, freelance writer/editor, professional blogger, and certified nutrition consultant, before I began teaching online courses and coaching other entrepreneurs — so I have a lot of experience in understanding what does and doesn't work for building a business... especially for solopreneurs. 

Beyond that, I also have a background of professional experience in public relations, community leadership, fundraising and development, and coordinating and managing teams. I'm an alumnus of the Anti-Racism Leadership School and I'm actively committed to doing lifelong work for a more equitable, diverse, inclusive world. 

(And because I have that experience of being a solopreneur for 12+ years AND coaching dozens of other soloprenurs in building their own lifestyle businesses... plus my experience of working in a business partnership, 9 to 5 environment, contractor for other companies, and in the non-profit sector... you KNOW you are getting the real deal with informed, well-rounded expertise!)

As someone with chronic anxiety, insomnia, and nightmare disorder — and as someone who is highly multipassionate (I'm a romcom author in my spare time with 8 published novels so far) — I understand at a very personal level that traditional business practices are NOT the right fit for every business owner. You get to build a successful, sustainable business that fits *you* and your unique wants and needs.

→ I'm on a mission to make solopreneurship easy and enjoyable, for every solopreneur who comes across my path. 

This is why I created Solopreneur CEO.



Choosing to be a successful Solopreneur CEO is a radical move. Most people won't do it—most people decide they aren't cut out to be the sole boss of their business. But you know you ARE capable of this. You DO want to be a successful Solopreneur CEO.

...You are a maverick!

That's pretty badass.

And I want to give you the support you need to scale your business sustainably. Whether you're at the starting point with your business, or you've had it for years and you're ready to level up... Now's the time to embrace your desire.

You don’t need employees... And you don’t need a boss, either. You need Solopreneur CEO: a high-touch, one-on-one, 6-month program that uses a powerful hybrid of coaching, consulting, and mentorship to fast-track your business success for courageous clarity and sustainable scalability!

I am committed to your success, and after years of experience in coaching and teaching dozens of other solopreneurs, I know that you, too, are 100% capable of getting the productivity results outlined above…

...It’s yours for the taking. You are READY for this:



**Space is limited... ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE**

There are only spots available for a few clients each year — grab yours now before it gets scooped up by someone else!


We're only about halfway through the program at this point, but my biggest takeaway so far is how much more positive I feel about my business. I started the program feeling like I was directionlessly floating along and trapped at the same time. I feel a lot more focused and free already, like the possibilities are endless and I can accomplish them.

I was really surprised at how much mindset work we're doing in our sessions! I knew there would be some, but I imagined coaching to be a lot more strategy-based. There's definitely strategy, too, but the mindset work has really taken a front seat way more than I thought it would. Which makes sense, since being a solopreneur means mindset has a direct effect on business.

Sagan is really good at working to understand your mindset so that she can give advice that's truly tailored to you and your experience. I've never once felt negative pressure or dismissal from her—her suggestions might make me a little uncomfortable at times, but it's always in a good, just slightly beyond the comfort zone sort of way, not like she's throwing me into the deep end without a life vest. Sagan also provides encouragement, reassurance, and commiseration, and she's full of practical tips, too.

I am getting everything I expected out of Solopreneur CEO, plus more!”

- Toni, freelance editor

Email with any questions or concerns.

Terms & Conditions

1. This program takes place for six (6) months, and includes twelve (12) coaching calls during that time.

2. Each coaching call will be approximately one (1) hour long.

3. We understand that sometimes unexpected things come up! However, in the case of needing to reschedule any sessions during the program, please do this ASAP so we can make adjustments accordingly.

4. In the case of Sagan arriving late to a session, you will receive a corresponding extra amount of coaching time from her to accommodate.

5. In the case of you arriving late to a session, it may cut into your session time (and extra amount of coaching may not be provided).

6. Arriving more than ten (10) minutes late to your session may be counted as a no-show to that session.

7. In the case of you needing to reschedule any sessions outside of the allotted program, this must be done within one (1) month of the end of the program, or you may forfeit access to it.

8. This program is non-refundable. You are responsible for completing all payment plans in a timely fashion; failure to do so may result in interest being applied to your payment. Failure to complete all payments in the extended plan is theft and will be treated accordingly.

9. If you are struggling with the program or need any support between sessions, Sagan is here to support you—but she can't support you unless you tell her that something isn't working! Please reach out at any time during the 6-month program (via email or Voxer) with your updates, questions, concerns, etc, and we will adjust the program as needed to best serve you and ensure your success and complete satisfaction.

10. You have unlimited access to the amount and frequency with which you reach out to Sagan during the 6-month program. Make use of that as much as you want and need! However, please note that Sagan typically responds to all messages within approximately 24 hours, Monday - Thursday, 9am PT - 4pm PT. For example, if you contact her on a Thursday at 7pm PT, you can expect to receive a response by the following Monday afternoon.

11. Solopreneur CEO (and all trainings included in this program) is the intellectual property of Sagan Morrow.

12. Solopreneur CEO is fully customized to your unique wants/needs. As such, the 6-month "curriculum" as outlined earlier on this page may not be the exact areas of focus that we work on for your particular situation. This is a co-created experience, and Sagan will absolutely take into account what you want/need while guiding this process.

13. We'd love to celebrate YOU and your success across Sagan's platforms! When you join the program, you will get the opportunity to being occasionally quoted/featured across our platforms. (In the Welcome form, there is specific space for you to consent to this OR opt out of this, and you are free to change your mind at any time.)

14. You are responsible for attending sessions, actively participating, and putting your best effort into this program. You've got this!