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marketing strategy template

Marketing Strategy Template

The following is an adapted excerpt from Pitching Clients 101. You can learn more about how to market your business, including get a fillable worksheet for your very own marketing strategy template, in that e-course.  Marketing is a REALLY important piece of any business. As Stew pointed out in episode 7 of the Candid Conversations podcast, “The …

what you need to know about preparing for a launch

What you need to know when preparing for a launch

In the next couple of months, I’m launching a brand-new book, featuring guests and the behind-the-scenes journey of Season 1 of the Candid Conversations small business podcast! Here are a few of the launch tips I’ve picked up along the way and what I’m doing to preparing for the upcoming book launch… Grab your business …

market your freelance business

10 Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

The question of “how do I market my freelance business?” and “Where will I find freelance clients?” is something I hear asked again and again from readers and students who want to start a freelance business. Get your ideal client profile worksheet >> And I get it: finding freelance clients is HARD when you are …