Community is at the core of so many small home-based businesses—whether yours is an offline or online business, service-based business or product-based business. Learn 3 ways for how to give back to the community (plus tips on how to choose a charity/non-profit to donate to) in this article! Tips for home-based business owners who want to give back to their communities ::: donation tips ::: how to choose who to donate to :::

So how can you start giving BACK to the community, once you start making a little bit of money with your business?

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There are 3 key ways you can give back to the community as a home-based business owner:
1) Discount your rates for non-profits or struggling businesses

One of the wonderful things about actually getting paid what you’re worth is that you’ll then have the luxury to discount your rates for non-profits (or new,

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Hey friends! What happens when your blog + biz start to change directions? You go with it! In this article, I share the new blog direction I'm taking and how my blog and business are now geared specifically towards young professional women who want to attain work-life balance and start their home-based businesses. Click on over to check it out!

I am going on holiday next week to spend time with family and explore Montreal. And I’ve decided to take the week off of blogging, too, instead of scheduling posts in advance!

If you’re a regular/long-time reader of, you may have noticed a few changes here and there on this website—including a change to the blog posting schedule.

That’s because I’m doing a little bit of shifting of the direction for Exciting times!

Instead of focusing on broader lifestyle topics, is transitioning into a lifestyle blog more specifically for young professional women who want to start their own home-based businesses and maintain some semblance of work-life balance while they’re at it.

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Confidence issues can be killer—especially in the world of business!

Something I hear again and again from people is that they haven’t taken the leap to do XYZ (usually things like pitching their services to clients, quitting their day jobs, and asking for a raise) because they don’t feel confident in themselves or their ability.

Sound like you?

You need to use some confidence-boosting strategies!

freelance marketing plan

Here are 3 steps to boosting your confidence in business:
1) Get more experience.

Honestly? Sometimes you just need some practice at your skill! 

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