solopreneur boundaries tip

Do you struggle with boundaries? Here are 3 journalling prompts to help you out

Welcome to our new mini series: Super Quick Solopreneur Tip of the Day! Our first tip in this series: Pay attention to your internal boundaries...

Why are internal boundaries such an important thing for you to watch out for?

Because INTERNAL boundaries are often the most challenging for solopreneurs!

It is SO EASY to let your boundaries slide once or twice (which very easily snowballs into three times, four times, etc etc) — so having a good understanding of WHY a boundary matters so much to you, and WHAT you’ll do to uphold it, and CHECKING IN on a routine basis to pivot or adjust it at all, will be useful here.

Take action on this with these 3 journaling prompts:

  1. What boundaries do you want to have with clients — and how does that compare to what boundaries you currently do have with them?
  2. How are you keeping yourself accountable to upholding your boundaries?
  3. Be honest — Are other people (in your professional life or your personal life) crossing your boundaries, or are you crossing your own?

We can keep you accountable and upgrade your internal boundaries together when you book a 1:1 coaching session with me: