Relaunching my freelancer course (plus a brief hiatus on the blog!)

EDITED TO NOTE: This e-course has since been archived, BUT you can still access all of the materials (new, improved, and expanded upon!) inside the other freelancer programs in the School.

I am SO excited to be relaunching my freelancer course, the 7-week Set Yourself Up For Freelancing Success group coaching program! Join this freelancer course which will teach you how to market your business, communicate confidently with clients, manage your time + projects with ease, and more! Click on over to learn more about the freelancing course now.

...but unfortunately what that means is that, since I'm in the middle of launching (and updating old content, and creating new content in the course curriculum), I am SWAMPED with work.

Psst! if you want to get all the tips, tools, resources, support, and feedback you need to start and build a successful, profitable freelance business, then you should definitely enroll in my freelancing course before the cart closes 🙂

As such (because of being swamped with work), I'm taking a brief hiatus from the blog.

Don't worry! I won't be gone for long. I will be taking a break from blogging so I can focus my energies on the group coaching program for the next few weeks, so I will DEFINITELY have a new blog post published the first week of January, if I don't have any in December.

In the meantime, you can get updates each week with my newsletter (it's basically a private mini blog post, featuring what it's like behind the scenes of managing a home-based business).

Or you can simply enroll in the freelancer course 😉 CLICK HERE to learn all about it!

(Hurry---the cart CLOSES on Saturday Dec. 10 and won't reopen again until sometime in 2017)

freelancer course


Thank you so much for your patience while I focus on creating awesome content for my e-course and getting my students settled in!

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