Normally I’m not a “holiday gift list” kind of blogger—I always get a kick out of seeing them on other people’s blogs, but it’s generally just not my thing. However, I have recently come across a number of really cool things and had to share them, along with some classic gift ideas. Get them for a person in your life who loves to read and / or write—or pick them up as a special treat for yourself!

gifts for the writers and readers in your life

  • Louis IV-style writing desk. Guys. Look at this desk! Probably not something to run out and buy on a whim 😉 but so gorgeous.
  • Writing pen for your wine glass. This gift is a nice cross-over for the writers and wine lovers in your life!
  • Bookmarks. A pretty or unique bookmark is a simple but lovely gift to give. (Is it just me, or are bookmarks like socks in that they just seem to disappear over time?)
  • Personal library kit. I’ve seen this kit so many places—genius idea! I’m not much of a book lender myself (each book has a very specific spot on my bookcase and I like them all to be accounted for. It’s kind of a big deal if I lend a book to someone. I’m working on learning how to share :D)), but this kit is just so darn cute.
  • Scrabble. It’s a classic and ridiculously fun game, perfect for people who enjoy learning new words and exercising their own vocabulary.

What would you add to this list? What’s one of your favorite writing / reading gifts that you’ve received (or given)? What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Share in the comments section below!

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