How to Overcome Perfectionism: Your 5-Step Guide

How to Overcome Perfectionism: Your 5-Step Guide

How do you fix perfectionism? What is the antidote to perfectionism? It's one thing to know that “done is better than perfect” …It's another thing to believe it and act upon it. In this video, let's talk about how to overcome perfectionism, and what you can do to stop being a perfectionist and start getting things done. 

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What is the antidote to perfectionism? How do you fix perfectionism? 

Here's how: You stop trying to force yourself to stop being a perfectionist. 

If you watched our previous videos in this How to Overcome Perfectionism series, then you will know that perfectionism is information. It is a symptom of something deeper going on. 

This means that the antidote to perfectionism is to understand what that perfectionism is masking and to address that root issue. THAT is how you fix perfectionism. 

How to overcome perfectionism and the fear of failure

I want you to really think about what you are afraid of specifically. List out everything that scares you about what would happen if you were not a perfectionist: What would happen if you did not give into your perfectionist tendencies? 

When you do this, you will be able to uncover what may be leading to your perfectionist behaviour. 

5 steps for how to stop being a perfectionist and start getting things done…

How to finally overcome perfectionism: step by step ultimate guide

How to stop being a perfectionist, Step #1 — Get very clear and specific on all the ways that perfectionism is holding you back, all of the ways in which perfectionism is not helping you. 

Make a full list. For example, you might include in that list how you missed a deadline last month because you were so focused on getting it perfect that you forgot to pay attention to the timeline. Or maybe you've recently held yourself back from accepting an opportunity or putting yourself out there, that type of thing. 

Listing all of these things out will help make it much more real to you in all the ways that perfectionism is harming you. 

How to stop being a perfectionist, Step #2 — Reframe your perspective and shift your mindset. 

Think of perfectionism as something that you are actively doing — not something that you are being. 

It isn't who you are. It is not part of your identity. It is something that you DO. 

When you separate perfectionism from your own identity, it gives you back your power. You can do something about it, you can change. 

How to stop being a perfectionist, Step #3 — Uncover what is beneath your perfectionist tendencies. 

What aspects of your life does perfectionism crop up in? Where do you see perfectionism happening? And where do you see it not happening? What patterns do you notice? What is leading to your perfectionism? In other words, what is the root cause of that perfectionism? What is that perfectionism a symptom of? 

Asking these questions is crucial for uncovering the root reasons for your perfectionism. And when you address the root reasons for your perfectionism, that perfectionism ceases to have so much power over you. 

This is something that I can support you with: 

How to stop being a perfectionist, Step #4 — Give yourself better challenges. 

For example, as we've talked about in previous videos in this How to Overcome Perfectionism series, perfectionism is NOT the same as having high standards. With that in mind, explore alternatives to having high standards for yourself without allowing perfectionism to take control. 

If you have a history of identifying as a perfectionist or as a high achiever, then this is a really good challenge for yourself. Here's why: It requires a lot more resilience and character to set high standards for yourself for the right reason, than it does to hide behind perfectionism. 

How to stop being a perfectionist, Step #5 — Lead with curiosity and compassion rather than judgment. 

This is a skill and something that I successfully help all of my clients to do. The idea here is that you are creating new parameters for yourself. You are following your curiosity in order to get better clarity on your personal best steps for moving forward. 

Compassion is important in this so that you don't fall apart when you make a mistake. This means that you can actively use mistakes as learning opportunities — and that way you can get better and keep improving at your craft. That is how you break free of perfectionism. 

Anytime perfectionism tries to creep back in, refocus on that foundation of curiosity and compassion. 

How to fix perfectionism — your next steps…

Now that you know how to overcome perfectionism, it is time to do it! 

And you don't need to do it alone: I am a Personal Fulfillment Coach and I have helped many clients overcome this exact issue. Our coaching sessions will help you to finally stop being a perfectionist, start getting stuff done, and become your best self. 

Personal fulfillment coaching is your antidote to perfectionism: You can produce high quality, exceptional work, and do it more efficiently and enjoyably than ever before, WITHOUT perfectionism. 

You are a high achiever. You have high standards. You want to be and do better — and you can! You do not need to rely on perfectionism to do any of that. 

As you've learned throughout this How to Overcome Perfectionism series, perfectionism is holding you back from your own success. It is preventing you from being your best self and doing your best work. 

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You are more than capable of accepting this challenge. You do not need to make yourself small by clinging on to perfectionism.

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