Project Management Tips

So you’ve got a project to manage… now what? These BEST project management tips will help you get organized and get an awesome project going!

project management tips
Get organized and be successful!

My 6 best project management tips:

1) Identify all tasks that need to be done.

One of the biggest issues that can come up when managing a project is that it’s easy to overlook small tasks. When I was in charge of an event where we had judges tasting food, for example, somehow we overlooked the fact that these judges would need to have forks and knives. Oops! It was such a simple, obvious thing that we didn’t even think about it.

Identify all the tasks that will need to be done; categorize them together as needed on a spreadsheet or in whatever way works best for you. The big tasks are the most important ones to think about right now, but don’t neglect the little tasks! Sometimes the little things can make a huge difference.

2) Figure out your timelines and how you’ll measure goals.

When are your hard-and-fast deadlines? What will your internal deadlines be in case you come up against some obstacles? How are you going to ensure the project is successful (what ways will you measure goals and success)? Finalize these details and get a solid, measurable plan in place.

3) Get your team together.

Who will be in charge of which tasks? Can one person work on a few items? Can multiple people work on one item? Figure out who will be best for the task at hand, and who has the time, experience, and interest to best complete the tasks.

Be sure to provide everyone with specific details for what their role is, when the deadline is, who they should report to, and how much flexibility they can have in their work. Everyone needs to be on the same page to be able to put forward a really awesome finished project.

4) Keep communication lines strong.

You can save yourself so much time and effort by regularly communicating with your team and letting them know that they can contact you if they have questions or ideas. It’s amazing how often someone will bring a new perspective to the table that might seem obvious, but which no one else thought about before.

You also can’t possibly know about every resource that your team members have access to, so if you make a point of connecting with the team frequently and encouraging them to ask each other for support or ideas, you’ll have a stronger team—and a more successful project.

5) Keep the project goal in mind.

While the little details can make a big difference, sometimes we can get bogged down by them! Don’t let this happen to you.

Instead, always remember why you are working on this project and what this project will ultimately lead to. You’ll have a better chance at success with project management if you always have the end result in the back of your mind.

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6) Don’t be afraid to change your project strategy.

Sometimes things come up and get in the way of the project, or items within the project will change. That’s okay!

Be open to being flexible with the direction the project takes. You might need to add new members to your team, focus on tighter deadlines, or reduce tasks. Flexibility is a valuable asset to any project manager (as long as you are still able to achieve success with your project, of course!).

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What are your best project management tips? Are there any here you would add to or change? Share in the comments section below!


  1. These are great tips! Especially after my management classes I’ve been taking, it is easy to get lost in the overall goal and miss the little things like forks and knives. I find that it’s always good to have a friend or someone look over your task list just to make sure you haven’t missed anything obvious. Thanks for sharing!

    1. For sure! Another perspective can be so useful.

  2. These are some great tips! I would probably add to check back with everyone halfway through the project to see how they are doing. I know in the past when I’ve done projects with others, some came unprepared because they did their part last minute. It doesn’t just make them look bad, but the team as a whole.

    1. So true! That’s why communication should always be a top priority.

  3. Great! I need to plan my day right in the morning. It helps me to stay focus and things are done.

  4. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips!

  5. I think it is important to be able to reevaluate your strategy if things aren’t going as planned! Flexibility can be key!

  6. I think the most important one here has to do with changing project strategy. That’s the one that has gotten me in trouble before.

  7. I definitely agree that writing out what you need to do is so important and helps me have direction! Also, keeping the lines of communication open is so important in a group setting!

  8. A timeline and communication are such great points to bring up! Teamwork can be tough, but these tips seem helpful.

    Lauryn | Lauryncakes Style & Beauty

  9. Those are great tips. I did take a time management course a few years ago and even if I changed job since then, I use their technique and tips all the time.

  10. I believe these tips can even be applied to marriage and families as well. Thanks so much!

    1. That’s a great point, Kim! Very transitional 🙂

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