After recently launching Living Fashionably in the Real World, I got to thinking about blogging in general, and how you know when it’s time to start a blog, especially in this time period when anyone can start up a blog within the space of approximately five minutes.

Should you start a blog?

There are a few things to take into consideration before starting a blog. These questions might help if you are thinking about starting a blog (or a new one in addition to your current blog), but not sure if you’re quite ready for it:

  • What will your blog be about? It’s important to write about something you like! Knowledge + passion are an important combination when considering your blog’s subject matter.
  • Does your blog idea already exist? There are so many blogs out there that the general idea of your blog has probably already been done several dozen times. What will you bring to the mix? What can your blog add to the blogs that already exist on your subject matter? This is also a good time to think about why you want to blog.
  • Do you enjoy writing and can you set the time aside to write your blog? It’s tempting to start a blog for the sake of it, but many people realize they don’t actually enjoy the writing process (maybe you need a photo or video blog instead!), or else they simply don’t have the time to devote to it. At this point, start thinking about how frequently you plan on blogging, and how much time you’re willing to devote to blogging.
  • How many ideas do you already have for your blog? If you can think of three blog posts and you’re stuck at that point, you might want to reconsider writing a blog. If you can immediately think of dozens ideas for topics to write about on your blog, that’s a great start. Be aware of how quickly your initial ideas could be used up. Can you constantly, regularly come up with new material?
  • What obstacles will you face in blogging, and how can you overcome them? Everyone is going to have their own obstacles. Perhaps your Internet connection isn’t very good, or you’re overworked, or you’re not sure you’ll have enough ideas. It’s good to have back-up plans to kick in when one or more obstacles will inevitably arise.
How to start a blog
“Who wants to start a blog?” “Me, me! Ooh, pick me! I want to blog!”

Share in the comments section below if you have other recommendations for what to think about before starting a blog!