Editing is HARD… but you make it look so easy!

One of my client’s who creates academic worksheets, web copy, and manuscripts.

When one of my clients made the above comment about my work, it made my day – and it also reminded me that not everyone can do what I do.

I think that sometimes, when we really love our work, and when we have some natural skill for it, and when we have also completed programs and conducted research and are constantly learning more and fine-tuning our abilities every day, we forget that there are very good reasons why people hire us to do the work for them: either they don’t enjoy it, they don’t have the time for it, or, far more likely, they don’t have that skill.

What skills do you have that are difficult to do but which you make look easy? What abilities do you have that you are passionate about and are constantly honing? Share in the comments section below!