Tips for Working at a Coffee Shop

Last week I talked about why I like working out of coffee shops… so this week, I’ve got some tips for you on working at a coffee shop successfully!

coffee shop tips

1) Have a plan for what type of work you’ll do.

Don’t just decide that you’ll go work at a coffee shop. When you arrive, you’ll end up spending far too long figuring out what you’ll work on, and then you’ll realize that you left something crucial at home related to the work you want to do, and it will be a whole big issue.

Instead, decide what exactly you’ll work on before you leave the house, and ensure that you have what you need to get your work done.

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2) Find out about the wifi availability at your coffee shop of choice.

Newsflash: not every coffee shop has wifi.


It’s true. And it’s going to be a major bummer if you plan on working at a coffee shop and need the Internet, and then aren’t able to access it. The first time you start working from the coffee shop, bring something to work on that doesn’t require the Internet, just in case.

3) Bring back-up work to do.

You’ve been going to the same coffee shop a couple times, and you know that they have an Internet connection. Great!

But what if their Internet is down that day, for whatever reason? Or what if you don’t score your favorite table that has an outlet, and your laptop battery fails on you?

It’s for these reasons that I recommend bringing something that you can work on a) without the Internet, and b) without a computer. Otherwise you might be getting that coffee to go.

4) Go at non-peak hours.

If you arrive at the coffee shop when there are crowds and lines and tons of people talking, it might not be the best work environment. Figure out when there won’t be a huge amount of people and go then (for myself, I find that late mornings on Thursdays are excellent for going to the coffee shop!).

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What are your tips for working at a coffee shop? Do you agree with my recommendations? Is there anything that you would add? Share in the comments section below!

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