One of my classes this term is Revolutions in Communication. Essentially it is a course about the history of communication, beginning with oral societies. Oral societies relied on stories to convey lessons, and an important part of these societies were the telling of fairy tales.

fairy tales

The book that we are reading is Folk and Fairy Tales, fourth edition, edited by Martin Hallett and Barbara Karasek.

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You can find calendars everywhere. The iGoogle Homepage, student agendas, the bank, cellphones, and most homes all contain calendars. Many companies give out free calendars to promote their businesses and organizations: I’ve collected these from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, World Vision, and VitaHealth among others. But just because there are a lot of calendars out there, doesn’t mean they are all good quality calendars.


What makes a great calendar?
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“Symbolic action is the dancing of an attitude.” This is possibly my most favorite Kenneth Burke quote.

Kenneth Burke quote

“Symbolic action” includes but is not limited to gesture, images, demonstrations, music, slogans, and tone of voice. Rhetoric isn’t necessarily “twaddle”; it can also be (and most often is) a form of connection and a way to identify with one another.

Rhetoric is truly beautiful.

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Last weekend I visited the Winnipeg Art Gallery with the mother dear and Mr Science. It had been years since I last looked at the art there, so it was a lovely experience to wander the big rooms and appreciate the photographs, sculptures, paintings, and other forms of art that graced the walls.

Because it was one of the last days for the current display of Yousuf Karsh’s photography, the entire building was packed full of people.

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As we enter into the New Year, people all over the globe are making New Year’s Resolutions.

“Resolution” implies a certain degree of resolve (naturally). This in turn implies that a firm decision has been made. What it does not necessarily imply is that these resolutions are actually kept.

Not keeping resolutions seems to be as prevalent as the making of the New Year’s Resolutions.

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Check out Part One: Introduction to Journaling if you missed it on Tuesday!

Nature Writing

This form of journaling often involves going out into nature, rather than sitting in the comfort of our homes. Although experiencing nature is essential to nature writing, it is not necessary to do all of your writing outside: even taking a few notes while you’re outside should be enough to get you started once you are back in front of a computer or at your desk.

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Introduction to Journaling

I very much enjoyed our last mini-series on Giving a Presentation, so I decided that we’d do another one: this time we’re focusing on Journaling.

journalingJournaling as a way of writing is excellent for documenting the world around us, to remind ourselves of significant events, and to share our thoughts with other people. They can be private or public and they come in a wide range of genres.

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I love taking pictures. Photographs are a wonderful way to capture a moment. We can frame them to suit how we want to remember the occasion, and how we want others to view the subject as well. But photographs can also detract from being “in the moment.”

When I was younger, I traveled to the east coast with my family. We went out on a boat to do some whale-watching. I was incredibly excited to see the whales up close and I kept trying to take pictures of them.

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I recently got into a heated debate over the notion of privilege. My opinion was that I come from a privileged family because we have the opportunity to do so many things and we are aware of everything that is available. My opposition’s opinion was that privilege is something that royalty has because it was given to them; she believed that she has worked hard (which she undoubtedly has), and therefore she is not “privileged”

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Amusingly, the day after this comic was published, the same thing happened to me (I’ll wait while you click on the link and take the ten seconds to be amused by the comic): I bumped into a classmate, we talked for a short while, then said goodbye… and realized we were both going to the same place.

After we parted ways there, about five minutes later we ran into each other again.

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