How to write a “to do” list

“To do” lists can be invaluable for organizing ourselves. But if put together poorly, they can merely be an ongoing frustration. Here’s how to effectively write a “to do” list to ensure you get the items completed on time:

1. Plan ahead for how long it will take you to do each item. If you have a whole long list of things to do, it might appear as though it will take you weeks to get any of it done. But once you start marking down the estimated amount of time for each item, it will likely appear much more manageable. Rather than taking days to accomplish, your tasks might take mere hours!

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2. Categorize your tasks. A lengthy list can be so daunting that you won’t want to do any of it, which rather defeats the purpose. Placing each task in its own category – whether it be “home” and “work,” or “cleaning” and “party preparation” – is again going to break down the list into more manageable chunks.

3. Determine deadlines. Do some of these tasks need to be done by 6pm this evening, and others can wait for another three weeks? Once you have these deadlines figured out, along with the aforementioned estimated time for each item, you can appropriately prioritize your task list.

And there you have it! Now you have a very clean, more inviting “to do” list. It’s simple, it’s easy, and above all, it’s effective. Now start taking action so you can cross off items on your list!