3 things to do during busy seasons of solopreneurship

3 things to do during busy seasons of solopreneurship

Are in a busy season of solopreneurship and SCRAMBLING to keep on top of it all? In this video, we’re going to quickly address 3 things you can do to manage that. Busy seasons of business can feel like a great "problem" to have on the surface level, but it can definitely lead to burnout and overwhelm... so we want to ensure you navigate it effectively!

Quick overview of what's in this video:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:30 Three things to do if you are caught in a busy season of solopreneurship
  • 0:50 Managing a busy season of business, tip #1 — Burnout prevention and energy management (and how energy management is the foundation of good time management)
  • 1:45 What a burnout prevention and management plan looks like (and how we can do this together in Solopreneur CEO at http://saganmorrow.com/ceo, or you can DIY it in Productivity Powerhouse at /powerhouse)
  • 2:35 Managing a busy season of business, tip #2 — Assess your existing task list (What is ACTUALLY important? Illusion of urgency/importance can be very tricky here, so watch out for that)
  • 3:20 Managing a busy season of business, tip #3 — Press “pause” on any non-urgent tasks
  • 4:00 How this connects back to a lot of mindset alongside strategy
  • 4:25 If this feels sticky or uncomfortable for you, or if you want support and guidance with this to do it faster and more easily, then we can do this together in Solopreneur CEO — http://saganmorrow.com/ceo (this is a GREAT time to do it, if you’re caught in a busy season — even if you feel like you have no time to do it! — because we can get you quick results and help you navigate things in a more efficient, less stressful way. We’ll get you back your time and energy!)
  • 6:20 Wrap up


Are you in a busy season of solopreneurship and just scrambling to keep on top of it all? In this video we're going to quickly address three things you can do to manage that. 

My name is Sagan Morrow and I'm an anti hustle Productivity Strategist and internationally board certified Success and Life Coach who specializes in working with solopreneurs. Be sure to grab my free training, Anti Hustle Secrets to Solopreneur Success

Now let's get into today's video: Three things to do if you are caught in a busy season of solopreneurship. Being in a busy season feels like a great problem to have on the surface level, but it can definitely lead to a lot of burnout and overwhelm. So with that in mind, here are three things that you can do to manage and navigate busy seasons when — not if — they happen…

Number one is burnout prevention and energy management. 

You probably have heard me say this before, I say this all the time, that energy management is truly the foundation of good time management and healthy, not toxic, productivity. How to handle busy seasons as a solopreneur

Energy management is extremely important and is the foundation of all of that. It doesn't matter how many hours you save in the day or week if you do not have the energy to make good use of it. And when you are struggling through a busy season, when you have so many things to do, when you're juggling all the different things and just putting out fires and constantly shifting from one project to the next, then you definitely need to incorporate a lot of really good energy management.

I like to do burnout prevention plans and burnout management plans with my clients as part of the work that we do together in my Solopreneur CEO coaching program. And this is one of the things that you can actually DIY in my Productivity Powerhouse e-course

So this is where you are not only mapping out how you are going to prevent burnout from happening, but you also have something in place to manage your burnout. So if you are currently experiencing burnout right now or if you are on the road to burnout, if you know that it is coming and you can kind of see it down the road, then this is going to be really really helpful for you to just kind of navigate and set things in motion and again, ensure that you have very good energy management built into this. 

This is also about knowing your unique energy boosters and detractors and really capitalizing on those types of things as well. So that's the first thing that you should do. 

The second thing that I would recommend is to assess your existing task list. 

Here, you're really looking at what is actually important. Now there's often the illusion of urgency and importance that comes into play here. This is a very big struggle that a lot of solopreneurs have, where you have the illusion of something as urgent or important when it isn't actually. 

This can be a very tricky thing to determine and to differentiate between what's actually important, what's actually urgent, and what is masquerading as important or urgent. So you will want to watch out for that. But this is really about assessing all of that, everything that you have on your plate, and really looking at, “does this actually matter? Is this really important or urgent for me to do at this time?” 

And then the third thing to do is to press pause on any non urgent non important tasks. 

This again can be a tough one for a lot of solopreneurs. It can feel really difficult to actually stop yourself from moving forward, to press the pause button when you feel like everything's really urgent and important. But here you are saying to yourself, “you know what? My business is not going to fall apart if I set this aside for a few days or even a week or even a few weeks, and maybe even a few months.” 

Here, you are setting aside those particular items and only focusing on what really really matters. 

Now all of this is very much rooted in intentionality and strategy, while doing that mindset piece. You are overcoming any guilt or anything that might be coming up where you are feeling discomfort around, pressing pause on things like that. That's where you want to really work through all of those pieces. 

We can absolutely work through this together — If any of this feels sticky or uncomfortable to you, or if you just want help with getting these things in place, if you're curious about learning more about energy management or you want support step by step guides and putting together your burnout management and burnout prevention plans, if you want assistance with assessing your existing task list and being able to effectively press pause on certain things and sort of weed out what is important, what's not important, what is urgent, what isn't urgent, and all of those sorts of pieces — we can do that together! 

Now is the perfect time to hire me as your anti hustle Productivity Strategist and Success and Life Coach if you're in a busy season of business. Even if you feel like you don't have any time to do this work, now is the exact perfect time for you to do this work. It will not take a ton of time or energy on your part. This is actually stuff that we can integrate on a pretty quick basis so that you can start seeing those results that you desire very quickly. 

We can work through all of these different things together in that one to one capacity, ease any of those feelings that you might have of burnout or overwhelm. And also in the longer term, we can restructure your business in a pain free way, in a way that feels good for you, so that it really accommodates for these busy seasons and they don't feel so frazzled and overwhelmed when they happen. 

We also work on ensuring that you are getting back both your time and your energy without feeling like you're sacrificing things in your business so that you can put your personal life first, without letting the ball drop in your business and while still making really good progress on the goals that you desire and that you have set for yourself.

And again, this is going to give you back your time so even if you feel like you have no time for it, this is actually the perfect time to do this. You can book your spot today in my six-month 1:1 coaching program, Solopreneur CEO!

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