5 Big Mistakes Bloggers Make On Facebook

While I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for my book designers to send me the proofs for The Business of Writing & Editing, I’ve been writing a new book on social media tips for lifestyle bloggers (silver linings!).

In my research, I’ve reviewed many different social media accounts… and I’ve come across some major (and common) mistakes that many bloggers make with their Facebook pages. If you’ve got a Facebook page for your blog, don’t make these mistakes! You could definitely be losing out on followers because of them. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, you NEED to read this article! This blog post outlines the 5 crucial (and common) mistakes bloggers make on Facebook. These mistakes are easily avoidable, but might be costing you followers! Click on the link now to get these Facebook tips for bloggers. *** social media tips *** blogging tips ***

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Here are some of the big mistakes bloggers make on Facebook:

  1. Posting the same three links over and over and over again. By all means, promote stuff! But if *all* you’re doing is promoting stuff, especially the same things over and over and over again without posting anything in between, that gets tiring pretty quick.
  2. Only sharing articles from your blog. If I’m *that* into your blog, I’ll be checking it every week for updates. Social media is about community and sharing other people’s things, too.
  3. Not updating your Facebook page regularly, or posting sporadically. If you post 10 things in one day, and then let a week go by without sharing anything, that tells me you’re not actually *on* Facebook that often. Why be on social media if not to participate and connect with followers and the community? When you don’t post somewhat regularly (even if that’s only a few times each week), you might also miss out on potential new followers—they might think your page is dead and decide not to follow you if you haven’t updated it in a while.
  4. Having typos or poor grammar all the time. We all make typos or grammatical errors from time to time. However, if every single thing you post on Facebook is riddled with errors, it shows that you haven’t put the effort in to proofread. It’s like when I used to be part of the hiring process at my old 9—5 job and I had stacks of resumes to sort through: if there are a bunch of typos, it shows you don’t care enough to double-check things before publishing (or, in that case, applying for a job), and there’s a good chance people won’t follow (or hire) you because of that.
  5. Using too many exclamation points or frequently writing in all caps. Excessive exclamation points is like yelling on social media. I love a good exclamation mark as much as the next person, but not every sentence requires an exclamation mark at the end of it. Moreover, one (and a maximum of three, when used very rarely) drives the *point* (heehee puns!) home just as well as 10 would. Using all caps is another one that can be effective when done from time to time… but doing it all the time just looks amateur.

These are mistakes that can easily be avoided, but which definitely might be holding others back from liking your Facebook page!

Another big reason for why someone might choose to not like your Facebook page is because the things you post simply don’t resonate with them. This isn’t so much a *mistake* as it is something to keep in mind—in fact, it can be a good thing.

For instance, I’m not likely to follow someone on Facebook who posts frequently about parenting or religious topics, because they just aren’t relevant for me. Likewise, someone who doesn’t approve of my views of being pro-choice, for example, might not follow me on Facebook. That’s okay! It’s actually good if people don’t follow you because the topics don’t resonate with them—they aren’t your target audience. You might lose out on some followers by posting more things specific to your niche or topics that might be controversial, but you’ll also be increasing engagement and reaching out directly to your target audience. And that is awesome.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see bloggers making on Facebook? What makes you like a Facebook page… or choose to not like it? What questions do you have about managing Facebook pages? Share in the comments section below!

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