Should freelancers blog? Too many small business owners and freelancers jump into getting a blog (just like they jump into having an email list!) without actually thinking about WHY they’re doing it.

Having a blog for your freelance business can be AMAZING for marketing purposes, connecting with your audience, and just sharing your knowledge with the world, but I highly recommend that you take some time to really put some careful thought into it before you dive into blogging.

The truth is, blogging is incredibly time-consuming and it can be overwhelming.

It’s hard to maintain a consistent schedule,

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Nowadays, EVERYONE talks about the importance of collecting email addresses and building your email list if you have your own business.
Should you have a mailing list for your freelance business? Find out how to decide whether an email list is right for YOU and your business in this article (plus get a FREE cheat sheet featuring additional tips for setting up your email list!)

But there are two things people don’t really discuss when it comes to having a mailing list:

  1. WHAT exactly you should include in your mailing list (which you can find out the answer to by clicking HERE)
  2. WHO exactly should have a mailing list—which is what we’re going to talk about today!

Should you have a mailing list, as a freelancer?

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One of my dear blog friends contacted me a last week to inquire if she could use my blog newsletter welcome email as a template for her own, because she loved it so much. Of course I said yes—and since I see questions ALL THE TIME about what to send your email subscribers, I figured I’d provide you with a handy template to use for your own blog newsletter welcome email! Get tips (plus a template!) for how to create a welcome email that WORKS for your new newsletter subscribers -- email marketing tips for bloggers, small business owners, freelancers & more. Click on over to get the blog newsletter welcome email tips & template now!

CLICK HERE to grab the free blog newsletter welcome email template >>

The welcome email is a great opportunity to email your new subscribers immediately after they sign up for your newsletter. 

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When I first started blogging, I didn’t invest in my blog much at all. It took me a couple years before I even bought my own domain name! Not sure what to invest in for your blog? Find out the top 7 BEST investments for your blog if you want to go pro with it... plus 5 free resources! Become a professional blogger in no time with these useful tools + resources. Click on over to find out what they are + how to get them now!

If you’re a hobby blogger, then you don’t have to worry about spending ANY money on your blog. But if you want to become a professional blogger and start monetizing your blog, then it’s a smart idea to invest in it.

Want to go pro with your blog? Get the free blog content calendar template >>

Here are my top 7 best investments that you can make for your blog (plus 5 free resources):
1.Website hosting + domain name

If you want to be taken seriously with your blog,

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*Everyone* tells bloggers that they need to have a newsletter or some kind of email marketing* going on if they want to go pro with their blogs.

Get blog newsletter ideas in this article featuring tips on what to include in your blog newsletter! These blog newsletter tips will help you figure out what to send people once you've got them on your list. It's not enough to just collect email addresses -- you have to actually make use of them! Click on over for the blogging tips + email list tips now.

It makes sense—after all, once you have someone’s email address, you’ve been given access to connecting with them on a one-on-one basis (and if you pay attention to the analytics of your email marketing platform, you can also get a lot of insight into what they are most interested in, based on what they open and click on etc.).

Grab your cheat sheet for tips on putting together an email list >>

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A few weeks ago I guest-blogged over at Amy Howard Social about how to leverage your blog as a platform for freelance writing services. Today I want to expand on that and cover the top 10 reasons why bloggers should offer freelance services! Find out 10 reasons why bloggers should be freelance writers in this article! Every blogger who wants to go pro with their blog + make money blogging should read this article. Freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money with your blog! Click on over to get the tips + additional resources now.

Note: this applies to bloggers who want to go pro with their blogs or monetize their blogs in some way. 

Grab the worksheet on how to create your freelance services webpage >>

Top 10 reasons why bloggers should be freelance writers:

1) A freelance writing page is FAST to put together.

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Making time for blogging can be challenging when we have other aspects to our business (or are in university… or have a 9—5 job… or all three!).

In this video, I’m sharing two important tips on how to make time for blogging:

A quick note: Find out 2 great tips for how to make time for blogging in this article! If you work a 9 - 5, if you are in college or university, if you have a whole other aspect of your business that doesn't involve blogging, it can be challenging to make time for blogging. Get time management tips & blogging tips by clicking on over now!

One of the things I point out in the video is that if you are starting a blog with the sole purpose to make money, it’s not going to work. And this is true, but I also REALLY want to stress here that, as Mariah Coz would say,

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I’ve got a special surprise for my lifestyle blogger friends today!Get 82 social media tips for lifestyle bloggers in this article! These social media tips are perfect for new bloggers or for bloggers who want to transition from hobby blogger to professional blogger, or for bloggers who want to up their social media game. Get all 82 social media tips for bloggers for FREE --- click on over to get the tips now! ::: blog tips ::: lifestyle blogging tips ::: social media tips for lifestyle bloggers -- FREE ebook! Grab your copy now.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been hard at work putting together a couple books and a course. On a whim a few days ago, I decided that instead of publishing one of those books—82 Social Media Tips for Lifestyle Bloggers—on Amazon for purchase, I would make it FREE.

Just because. 🙂

This book contains a ton of useful social media tips and tricks for lifestyle bloggers!

Click here to get your free e-book of social media tips!

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I have been blogging since early 2008. Over that time, I’ve learned a lot! There are also so many different kinds of tools, programs, and software that can be useful when blogging, that it’s tricky to sort through them and find the best ones. Learn about 5 awesome blogging tools you need to start using NOW to improve your blog and seriously up your blogging game! These tools have revolutionized my blog and are ones that I use every single week. Find out what you need to know about these essential blogging tools by reading this article.

But I like to think that I’ve managed to just about do that 🙂 Over the past year, I’ve discovered five awesome blogging tools that have seriously improved my blogging game.

Click here to get your blog editorial calendar template now >>>

These are my top 5 favorite blogging tools:
1) PicMonkey.
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A while back, after receiving yet another terrible pitch from a public relations (PR) person, I Tweeted in jest, “Next book idea: feature a bunch of emails from PR people, pointing out exactly what they’ve done right and (more often than not) wrong.”

The response I received was that YES, yes this book did need to happen. So… a book might be in the works, my friends! We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve rounded up 12 mistakes PR people have made when reaching out to me in the past 🙂 This humorous article features the top 12 PR blunders made when people in public relations have reached out to bloggers! Have you made this mistakes yourself... or have you as a blogger seen these mistakes? Have a laugh and contribute to the discussion on other PR blunders you've seen as a blogger! ::: blog life ::: bloggers and public relations :::

Take a peek behind the curtain: get a behind-the-scenes look at running a home-based biz >>

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