Day in the Life of a Freelance Editor/Writer: October 2014 Edition

Six months into my journey as a home-based business owner, here’s what a day in my life (specifically, Wednesday October 29) looks like:

7:45am Roll out of bed to go for a run.

8:30am Return home from running and get cleaned up.

9:15am Settle down at the computer with a cup of tea and a bowl of grapefruit. I started the day my usual way, with 8+ tabs going on the Internet as I checked emails and social media accounts (personal and for clients) and responded to inquiries.

10:20am Make a loaf of banana bread.

10:45am Edit sections of an educational book for a client.

12:15pm Take break to read a book and have a snack.

12:50pm Deal with correspondence.

1:10pm Have meeting with the bank with regards to dissolving a non-profit I’ve been volunteering for.

2pm Arrive back home and work on social media.

2:30pm Write a blog post.

3pm Do business admin work.

3:20pm Dinner time! (Yes, dinner is freakishly early in my household.)

3:45pm Continue editing the educational book.

4:45pm Spend 15 minutes goofing off around the Internet, then putter around the house and tidy up.

5:30pm Walk to my evening transcribing class and transcribe a three-hour university lecture.

8:45pm Walk home after class.

9pm Proofread an urgent press release for a client and deal with some business correspondence.

9:45pm Watch some Netflix with Mr Science.

11pm Bed time.

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  1. Still plan on using you once I’m making some money again. So, the schedule could get tighter…

    1. I approve 🙂

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