time management as an overworked solopreneur

How to stop wasting time as a solo entrepreneur

You KNOW you need more time in your solopreneur business. You’re overworked and MORE than ready for a change!

But whenever you try the supposed “be all end all” time management tips — Pomodoro technique or time blocking or creating habits or giving yourself deadlines — it never seems to STICK. You’re frustrated that it’s not really working for you, and you’re feeling a bit embarrassed about it… because you are GREAT at the work you do as a solopreneur, so why is time management such a struggle? 

As a Productivity Strategist and Solopreneur Coach, I work with solopreneurs in your EXACT situation — you are not alone! And the truth is, your time management difficulties aren’t your fault. The traps you’re falling into with time management are a result of widespread myths and mistakes across the business world. 

I’m going to share with you 3 mistakes you’re making, the common belief associated with each of them, plus what you can do to SOLVE each of these problems.

Let’s dispel those myths and fix those mistakes so you STOP making them… and so that you can FINALLY improve your time management skills, once and for all!

Mistake #1:

Forcing yourself to use a fancy software for task management when you don’t actually use 90% of the features, you forget to use it, and you don’t even really enjoy it.

Common belief → “Professionals use fancy software” (This also looks like “I need to use this time management technique because it’s the be-all end-all.”)

WHY THIS IS INCORRECT → It doesn’t take your unique brain into account.

THE FIX → Choose systems that work for your brain and personality and learning style, even if they seem “too simple.”

Mistake #2:

Trying to do everything all at once so you can “get it out of the way” and “free up time later on.”

Common belief → “The more I hustle NOW, the more time I’ll get for myself in the future.”

WHY THIS IS INCORRECT → Hustling now doesn’t solve the root issue — it’s just a bandaid solution to cross a few items off your task list *now.* What happens next time your task list gets unwieldy?

THE FIX → Prioritize your tasks based on your longer-term goals (and connect all of your ideas/projects together if you’re multipassionate)... make USE of your business plan and strategic action plans.

Mistake #3:

Focusing too much on day to day tasks and not enough on big-picture thinking. (Very common for detail-oriented people and perfectionists!)

Common belief → “This is urgent and I need to do it NOW — taking time to step back in my business will slow me down!”

WHY THIS IS INCORRECT → When you’re focused on in-the-moment tasks, you aren’t taking the time to assess whether you’re on the right track, and you’re more likely to make mistakes in your work or go in a direction that’s wrong for you, without even realizing it. 

THE FIX → Prioritize big-picture thinking and planning! Align your solopreneur business with your personal life. 

"Hustling doesn't solve the root issue... It's just a bandaid solution that creates more problems later on" Hustle culture is toxic quotes

Where to go from here...

Now that you know why your current time management strategies AREN’T working, you are ready to make serious progress with taking back your time! 

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