How to Be a Better Version of YOU (what you REALLY need to do)

How to Be a Better Version of YOU (what you REALLY need to do)

You want to be a better version of YOU… but besides reading a bunch of personal development books or reciting affirmations or “deciding to be better” or journaling daily, how do you actually BE that better version of yourself? Especially because you might be “doing all the things,” but you still feel like there’s a missing piece. Personal development seminars and positive thinking just aren’t cutting it.

Why is that? In this video, I want to share with you the top 5 things you need to do in order to ACTUALLY step into the better version of yourself, now and into the future. 

I’m a Personal Fulfillment Coach who helps you with self leadership, intrapersonal skills, and improving your relationship with yourself through transformational coaching so YOU can be your best self.

These are the 5 things I help my clients with in our sessions — let’s dive in:

Here’s where to start with being a better version of YOU: 

1) Define what it means to be a better version of you.

This is not about trying to be who someone else wants you to be. What does a “better version of you” mean to YOU? 

This is also NOT about trying to be someone else! Instead, it’s about becoming MORE of YOU. 

Usually, when people talk about being a better version of themselves, it’s a very contracted version. They’re thinking about ways to become LESS of themselves, because they don’t like themselves very much. But instead, we want you to be more of your core self. Right now, the best parts of you are probably hiding. We don’t want to diminish that light — we want to bring it to the surface!

This brings us to our next tip for how to be a better version of yourself…

2) Practice self kindness and self compassion.

It’s hard to allow yourself to be more of you if you don’t like yourself or if you’re really hard on yourself — it’s important to build these skills of self kindness and self compassion so that you have the opportunity to even RECOGNIZED who that better version of yourself IS.

I posted a video with a self-kindness thought experiment a while back to help you navigate this.

4) Connect with your unique strengths and superpowers… AND take the time to learn and understand your personal weaknesses, so that you can work with or around them. 

Your weaknesses don’t have to be all-consuming or something you shy away from or neglect! In fact, some of your most valuable superpowers might be masquerading as weaknesses. OR, you might find that if you LEVERAGE your weaknesses, they stop having so much power over you.

5) When you know what that *better version of yourself* looks like… Dig deeper, and then deeper again, and then deeper again.

Here, ask yourself, “Why is it important to me that I do or be this vs that?” Ask this question for EVERY single aspect of yourself that you intend to improve. 

This matters because it’ll help you to determine whether you genuinely want to be or do this vs that… OR if you like the idea of it more than the reality… OR if you simply have it “on the list” because you THINK that’s who you should be, or it’s what people in your life or society tells you that you should be.

Consider this your check-in point to assess whether that is the path you truly want to go down, or if there are other paths you want to pursue. Why does that “better version of yourself” look like that person rather than this person? 

5) Approach all of this through the non-judgmental lens of CURIOSITY.

A key part of being a better version of yourself, of recognizing and stepping into your full potential, of elevating your whole being, is a willingness to continually progress along the journey — to learn deeply about yourself.

This involves developing your intrapersonal skills and getting to know yourself better and better all the time, so that you can draw out those *better version* parts of you… Lifelong learning is essential for always becoming a better version of yourself.

Where to go from here...

If you are wondering, “Okay, how exactly do I do this with curiosity? How can I make sure that I’m continually optimizing for lifelong learning to ensure I truly become that better version of myself and develop my self leadership skills?” … then I’ve got you covered! In my next video, we’re going to get into that exact topic. It’s the perfect next step for you! Stay tuned for that.

And in the meantime, do you want help working through each of these 5 steps? Would you like some guidance and support along the way to figure out the answers that are within you, to bring to the surface your unique superpowers, to get clarity on what that better version of yourself looks like? 

I’m here for you — book your coaching session and we can do this entire process together! I’m so looking forward to working with you.