Product Review: Business Cards

I recently had the opportunity to try out products from – specifically, business cards. It was good timing since I’ve been running low on business cards lately. You can always use more!

In the past, I have purchased mine from UPS. They did the lovely design work as well. Since I had a PDF of the original copy (which was pretty close to the end result), I decided to use the same design for my new cards.

It was really simple and straightforward to order them online through BuildASign. There were various options on the size and material that you can use, and the pricing (for those of you not doing a blog review ;)) is very reasonable (which is always appreciated!).

Build a Sign
Business cards! Discreetly hiding my phone number. Because it’s probably oh-so-difficult to find on the Internet.

As you can see from the photo above, the cards look very similar! The first one is my original from UPS, which is printed on linen; the second is on 12pt cardstock (flat matte paper) from BuildASign. The text colour on the BuildASign cards is slightly fainter, which I think is because of the material it is printed on (since the text was meant to be printed on the linen paper). Unfortunately, the print is also a smidgeon smaller than I would have liked since I was using the original design work – and that’s entirely my fault for not paying more attention, not BuildASign’s!

You can still read the text at the bottom of the card, but you need to hold it up pretty close to your face to see my email address. Maybe I should order a couple hundred little magnifying glasses and hand those out with my cards?

Overall, I’m really pleased with BuildASign. I like how user-friendly the website is, and how inexpensive the product is. The cards are basic but nice and they certainly get the job done!

What do you think of my business cards? What style of business cards do you like? Have you tried BuildASign? Any recommendations on where I can get mini magnifying glasses for cheap? Share in the comments section below!


  1. Love the design of your business card, Sagan. It is simple and clear. BuildASign makes it so easy and simple for us to custom design our own business cards and they are pretty affordable too!

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