productivity e-course results (quick examples)

Productivity e-course results (quick example)

Are you curious about what kind of results you can get from Productivity Powerhouse? Today I want to share really quick with you what some of the self-assessment check-in feedback was from a business owner who's in the medical field...

She completed Step Six of my Productivity Powerhouse framework within just the first three weeks of joining the program — she's very busy and she was still able to complete Step Six of nine of the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum within three weeks of joining the program!

productivity powerhouse framework


Productivity Powerhouse is my anti hustle e-course designed specially for solopreneurs who want to free up your time and your energy and make awesome progress on your business goals without sacrificing your personal life — so your solopreneur business is in alignment with your personal values and your personal lifestyle goals and your current lifestyle. 

It includes self-assessment check-in surveys at the end of each module to gauge your progress as you move through the program.

Here's what this solopreneur says in her self-assessment after completing Step 6 of the program, and here's what YOU can get from it (so you can see what your experience can be like, too, with Productivity Powerhouse)...

“This assessment is interesting. I understand that it will take time to converge my business but I feel so much more confident in what I need to do, even though I still have more strategies to create and/or do them long enough to make them part of a strong routine.

I feel that I am making progress because where before I didn't know where or how to start, I feel that I am ready for the work and excited even when it requires a lot of work. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.”

There are 5 key points that I want to draw out from this. So in just those few weeks and before finishing the program, here's what she has seen happen, right?

Here's what's happened for her: 

  1. She has increased her confidence.
  2. She has made awesome progress, tangible progress, and she FEELS like it too. She feels like she has made progress, which is very important for staying motivated and on track. It's not just about actually making progress (which of course we want!) — we also want you to *feel*like it. 
  3. She feels ready to keep moving forward. This is someone who was stuck in her business for years; she literally started her business nine years before joining Productivity Powerhouse, and this is how she now feels three weeks into the program! 
  4. She's finally excited about what she's doing in her business. That's so important. That's so beautiful. 
  5. She has clear focus and direction in her business. She no longer feels lost. And again, she had her business for nine years before joining Productivity Powerhouse, so this makes a huge difference. 

This happened within just a few weeks of joining the program. This happened before she even finished Productivity Powerhouse!

And this can be you, too, when you join Productivity Powerhouse: Get the full details and join today so you can get started immediately: