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Simplify Your To-Do List

The start of a new year can be a fresh start for so many other areas of your life! And when you’re trying to organize your life and be your best self, one of the things you can focus on is to simplify your to-do list.

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Top five tips to simplify your to-do list:

1) Use a weekly task list so you can see exactly what you need to do each week. If you aren’t able to fit something in one day, you can just let it cross over to the next day without needing to re-work your entire list. Simplify your to-do list in 5 easy steps! Simplifying your to-do list will help you be more productive & even feel better. Productivity tips ~ to do list ~ organization tips, time management tips

2) Remove any items that you do regularly and which you will not forget about. This is one of the easiest ways to simplify your to-do list and make it a whole lot shorter of a list!

If you include things like “check email” on your to-do list, ask yourself if it’s something that you would really forget to do if you didn’t include it on the list. It can be a satisfying feeling to cross an item off your to-do list, but it’s not worth it if a lengthy list overwhelms you.

3) Delegate and eliminate as needed. Is there something on your list that it would make more sense for someone else to do? Is there anything on your list which you could remove completely? Simplify your to-do list by crossing these items off completely.

4) Hire someone to do the work for you. You can save yourself a huge amount of time by hiring a virtual assistant, a social media manager, a writer or editor, etc. Be sure that the person you hire is qualified for the task at hand and that they have the ability to take initiative and get the work done in a timely and effective fashion.

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5) Use a couple of different planners / calendars to manage different areas of your life. I use a weekly sticky note that works strictly as my to-do list, but I also have a mini agenda so that I can write down meetings and appointments.

In addition, I use Google calendars and have synced up my schedule with Mr Science’s so that we know what our days and weeks look like; this calendar is accessible through my email account and on my phone.

If you can use a few different calendars, it will help you to simplify your to-do list by spreading it out a little bit and making it seem less overwhelming… enabling you to get more done!

What are your best tips for how to simplify your to-do list? Which tip above have you found to be the most effective? Share in the comments section below!


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