On Starting a New Small Business Podcast

Last Monday, I had a plan for my week. I was going to prepare for the upcoming launch of the Goodbye 9 to 5 masterclass, do some client work, write a guest blog post, and prepare daily action items for the April Begin Your Biz Challenge. What I did NOT have planned into my schedule was to start a small business podcastFind out what happened when my biz bestie suggested we co-host a new small business podcast... and why I'm excited about this brand new project! Click on over to learn all about this podcast, exclusively for small business owners and communications specialists, right now

So when my biz bestie Dan messaged me on Monday evening with a new idea he had of co-hosting a podcast together, I didn’t REALLY have the extra time to be able to do it… but it sounded like the perfect project. And when something new and exciting comes up in your life, if it feels RIGHT, even if you didn’t have a plan for it, then sometimes you just have to go for it!

Five hours after Dan approached me with his idea for a small business podcast, we had a mission statement and vision, a list of potential guests and sponsors, an outline of what each podcast episode would look like, a working to-do list with deadlines, a name for the podcast (Candid Conversations), a purchased domain name, and a series of thoughts and ideas for what the podcast would be all about.

Psst… Candid Conversations is a podcast sharing the adventures of small business owners and communications specialists: real, raw stories and behind-the-scenes insights to help inspire YOU with your business!

Two days after that, we were sitting down to record our first podcast episode with our first guest… and in the next couple days, our website was up and running.

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    Whenever you start a new project, there’s always a bit of a gamble.

    Is it going to take off, or is it going to fizzle out?

    Will I have the energy to keep this project going?

    Will I make the time to prioritize this project?

    How will this project be received by others?

    The truth is, you never know what’s going to happen when you start something new. You might even discover at the brainstorming stage that you’re not quite ready to take action on the project just yet, and that’s okay! That’s part of what the brainstorming and strategizing stages are all about.

    In our case, it has been an INTENSE last week. Neither of us have ever moved this quickly on a project before. But so far, everything has been coming together amazingly well!

    We’ll be airing the first episode for our small business podcast within the next week, so at that point we’ll see how people like it… but I have a sneaky feeling you’re just going to love it 😉

    In the meantime, I wrote an EPIC blog post all about how we created our podcast in just 48 hours, with a breakdown of what the first 24 hours in particular looked like. If you’ve ever wanted to see the behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to start a new project (with a business partner!), then I think you’re going to get a real kick out of this blog post.

    >> Click here to learn all about the first 24 hours of Candid Conversations <<

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    What’s the fastest you’ve ever moved on a business project? How did it go for you? Share in the comments below!