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Why you NEED a Business Bestie

If there are only 3 things I have learned over my 8 years as a small business owner, it would be this: A business best friend can do AMAZING things for your business! Find out why you need a business best friend in your life, what they can do for your business, and how to get your very own biz bestie for your freelance bsuiness (plus get a VIP coupon code for the Biz Besties Coaching Program!) -- click on over to get the goods now

  1. No one will ever care about your business as much as you do---and therefore it’s up to YOU to do the work
  2. You will have so much more success if you focus on creating customized systems and strategies for your business
  3. You will get so much farther ahead (a lot faster!) if you have a business best friend in your life

The first item on that list is advice I received from the mother dear (another small business owner!). She said it to me early on when I was first starting out as a small business owner, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

When you know that it’s all up to YOU, I think you make more of an effort to *really* hustle in your business. And that’s where the next two items on the list come into play!

The second item on that list is the entire reason I created my signature program, Productivity Powerhouse

The truth is, you will never have as much success in business by using pre-made templates and plans, as you will if you create customized systems and strategies that are built for YOUR unique business. That’s why I designed Productivity Powerhouse to empower other freelancers to use the materials and lessons in that course to build systems and strategies that WORK for you.

The third and last item on that list, having a business best friend, is something I lucked out on, to be honest.

A couple years ago, when I decided to take the plunge and work from home full-time (for the second time!), it just so happened that one of my friends was also starting his own freelance business.

How very convenient! It turns out that it is AMAZING what can happen when you have a business best friend to go for coffee with once every few weeks, to chat about business struggles and wins, to brainstorm ideas with, and to commiserate with when you’re having a tough time---or to just ask a quick question on Google Chat when you're stuck on something.

Actually---I even wrote large sections of my book as a result of our coffee dates!

I didn’t realize just how lucky it was until I started getting more and more feedback from my students and readers over the past few months, saying things like…

I need more accountability in my life.

I wish I had someone to give me that extra push to move forward with my business.

Some days I love working from home, but other days it’s really difficult. I need a virtual co-worker!

Here’s the thing: support from friends and family (who don’t have business experience) is really lovely and SUPER important. They can be awesome sounding boards and sometimes they’ll lend a whole new perspective on things that you never even considered before. Want to take your freelance business to the next level? You need a business best friend! Find out what a business bestie can do for your business, PLUS get a free cheat sheet to find out if hiring a business coach for your freelance biz is right for you, in this article.

But. When your loved ones don’t have experience running their own home-based online business (which IS very different from a bricks-and-mortar business---and there’s also a big difference in having a business with employees vs. being a solopreneur, which freelancers tend to be), they can really only contribute so much to the conversation about your business.

For one thing, they’re never going to be QUITE so interested in business talk as someone else who’s also a business owner will be.

For another thing, they aren’t going to completely understand what it’s like to have your business constantly in the back of your mind (I can only imagine it’s vaguely similar to being a parent and always thinking about your kids all the time).

Enter having a business best friend (BBF)!

Is a business coach right for YOU?

This will help you decide whether anti-hustle productivity & business success coaching is a good fit for your unique situation...

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A business bestie is awesome for…

  • Having lengthy chats about your business and getting thoughts about it off your chest
  • Suggesting new ideas or perspectives that you might not have considered before
  • Brainstorming with you
  • Providing feedback on your work
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Sympathizing when something goes wrong
  • Providing words of encouragement when you’re struggling
  • Calling you out when you aren’t working as hard as you could be
  • Sharing potential ideas, directions, and goals you’re thinking about

Yes: having a business best friend can be a game-changer for your freelance business!

…but what if you don’t have a business bestie yet?

…or what if your business friend doesn’t have the experience and background to provide you with practical, actionable takeaways for your business?

…or what if your business friend just don’t have the time to meet with you regularly to keep each other accountable?

This is exactly why I created my new 6-week one-on-one Biz Bestie Coaching Program.

I’ll be your biz bestie!

Over the course of 6 weeks, I’ll be there to answer any and all questions you have via email, to keep you accountable, to make recommendations for what you should work on each week and what you should focus on in order to make progress in your business, and to provide words of encouragement when you need the support.

With our intensive one-on-one coaching, you could do more in those 6 weeks than you would otherwise have accomplished over the course of an entire year.

What if you could start your business TODAY, instead of next year?

What if you could starting making actual PROGRESS in your business, right now, instead of watching the months tick by without seeing any change?

You have it in you to create an awesome business.

You just need a friendly face at your side to ask you the tough questions, to point you in the right direction, and to give you a kick in the butt when you’re dragging your feet.

I can be that for you!

Enroll in my Biz Bestie Coaching Program and let’s work on improving your business, together. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and save your spot.

Hurry! Space is limited in this program, to ensure everyone gets premium attention.

Is a business coach right for YOU?

This will help you decide whether anti-hustle productivity & business success coaching is a good fit for your unique situation...

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  1. This could not be more true!! Having someone who “gets it” is so important whatever you do in your career. But when you have to be so self-motivated, it can really keep you on track.

    Great blog post!
    Love Becca

    Mental health and lifestyle blogger, based in Sheffield

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Becca!

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