Behind-the-scenes walk-through of the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum

Behind-the-scenes walk-through of the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum

Are you a solopreneur who wants to save 10 hours/week while increasing your energy to make good use of your time — and do you want to make fantastic progress on your business goals while enjoying delightful work/life balance? Productivity Powerhouse is your best resource to do that! In this video, we'll do a behind-the-scenes walk-through of the Productivity Powerhouse e-course curriculum...

Quick overview of what's in the video: 

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:45 How to be a genuinely successful solopreneur, to achieve your big goals and plans while having plenty of time and energy to enjoy quality time with loved ones… this is exactly what my signature e-course, Productivity Powerhouse, is all about! Let’s do a behind-the-scenes walk-through of the curriculum
  • 1:10 What Productivity Powerhouse is all about
  • 1:55 Overview and walk-through of the Productivity Powerhouse welcome module — starting with the Welcome survey and productivity self-assessment check-in and the About Productivity Powerhouse section, plus how you can access video transcripts as the “e-book version” of the e-course
  • 4:00 The Productivity Powerhouse framework overview, plus how you can learn more about me as your instructor, how to best use the program, our agreement, and how you can stay in touch with me throughout your experience inside Productivity Powerhouse
  • 5:10 Overview and walk-through of the Foundational Resources & Pre-Work module of Productivity Powerhouse, including the Comprehensive Checklist, Curriculum Overview, and Companion Guide
  • 6:25 How you can navigate the curriculum through our handy flowcharts, plus the guided questions that accompany each lesson in the Workbook and monthly live calls that you get access to inside Productivity Powerhouse
  • 8:25 Quick wins for how to save 10 hours this week and a spotlight training on self-leadership
  • 9:35 Element 1 — Make Your Heart Happy (module 1 overview plus Steps 1 - 3 plus accompanying deep-dive spotlight trainings and another productivity self-assessment check-in)
  • 13:10 Element 2 — Make Your Own Rules (module 2 overview plus Steps 4 - 6 plus accompanying deep-dive spotlight trainings and another productivity self-assessment check-in)
  • 15:40 Element 3 — Make Your Business Fun (module 3 overview plus Steps 7 - 9 plus accompanying deep-dive spotlight trainings and another productivity self-assessment check-in)
  • 18:25 Next Steps module — where to go from here, bonus spotlight training on Scale Up Your Success, Productivity Mastery exam and certificate, be featured as a case study and share feedback, recommended resources, become an affiliate, and stay connected
  • 22:15 Bonuses you get in addition to the core curriculum of Productivity Powerhouse — 4 months worth of weekly accountability emails AND access to the entire product suite of legacy e-courses featuring additional practical solopreneur tips
  • 23:45 How you can join Productivity Powerhouse and start taking back your time and energy TODAY
  • 24:10 Wrap up


Are you a solopreneur who wants to save 10 hours a week every week, while increasing your energy to make great use of your time? And do you want to make fantastic progress on your business goals while enjoying a delightful work life balance? In this video, I want to share with you the best way and the best resource to achieve exactly that. 

My name is Sagan Morrow and I'm an anti hustle Productivity Strategist and internationally board certified Success and Life Coach who specializes in working with solopreneurs.

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Now let's get into today's video: How to be a genuinely successful solopreneur, to achieve your big goals and plans while having plenty of time and energy to enjoy quality time with loved ones. This is exactly what my signature e-course, Productivity Powerhouse, is all about. So today, I want to share with you a behind the scenes walkthrough of the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum! 

It is designed especially for solopreneurs like you and it is your number one resource to personal fulfillment and professional excellence, in which you will free up your time and increase your energy, gain clarity and focus, enjoy your desired work life balance with a true lifestyle business, eliminate burnout and overwhelm, and have fun while making great progress on your goals. 

If you have been around this YouTube channel for a while then you might have heard me mention Productivity Powerhouse before. So this is a really wonderful way for you to get that behind the scenes experience of what the curriculum is all about. I'm going to share my screen and let's dive into Productivity Powerhouse and walk through the curriculum together… 

Okay, so as you can see here, Productivity Powerhouse begins with the welcome module. And you'll start out by completing a welcome survey. Now this is a really great way for you to share about your experience as a solopreneur, what your goals are, what you want to get from Productivity Powerhouse, and also to identify exactly where you are now at the starting point. This is really great information because once we have this we can actually mark your progress throughout the entire program. And if you get stuck anywhere along the way, or you start stumbling a little bit, we can come back to your answers in the welcome survey and be able to kind of see what might have been going on there. So this is very helpful for you. And it's also helpful for ensuring that I can help you out along the way. 

After you complete the welcome survey, then you'll be able to watch the video and learn more about what Productivity Powerhouse is all about. Each lesson includes a video as well as a downloadable audio recording so you can actually take it with you on the go if you'd like to like listening to podcasts on that kind of thing. And you will also get word for word transcripts of each in the Companion Guide. So you will get an e-version of this Companion Guide book and you can also purchase paperback copies as well. (You only pay for the cost of getting it printed and shipping and that's it. There's no markup on the price of this). So you'll be able to actually get the opportunity to read through each of the lessons or watch the videos or listen to the audio version. Or you can do all three! Basically it's completely suited to your unique needs. 

Now after you learn about Productivity Powerhouse, continuing on the welcome module, you will learn about the framework itself. So the Productivity Powerhouse framework is divided into three components with nine steps.

So there's three steps for each of the three elements of Productivity Powerhouse. And this video about the framework really walks you through the different formulas that are involved and what you can expect in each of those nine steps of the framework.

productivity powerhouse framework

You also get to learn a little bit more about me as your instructor inside this program. I sort of share my experience of starting out as a freelancer and how I was not productive at all when I started out with my business more than 10 years ago, and what kind of really changed along the way and how Productivity Powerhouse really came to be. 

You'll also get a video about how to use the program. This is going to be very helpful because I walk through exactly what you need to know to make the best use of the program. It's really your best practices for implementing the program and getting the best, fastest results from it. We also have an agreement of what happens here. This is kind of like the terms and conditions of the program. And you get information about how to best contact us along the way. So you can contact me at any time and give me updates on how things are going, and let me know if you're stuck, let me know if you have any questions. I am here to support you. 

After the welcome module we get into the Foundational Resources and Pre-Work before you even start the framework. So you get a comprehensive fillable checklist, and this marks down absolutely everything that you can do in the program. It includes specific action steps and estimated time that each action step will take you. When you download this PDF you'll be able to check off each box as you go so you can keep track of everything and you can plan everything out by knowing exactly how much time it's probably going to take you. This also includes going through the Workbook questions and all of that kind of thing as well. 

After the checklist, we have a curriculum overview. So this is a great way to get sort of an at-a-glance of what to expect in each of the different lessons. You can quickly go through it and if you want to, you know find something about burnout or perfectionism or procrastination, you can quickly find that here and then go to that step if you so desire. 

After that we have our Companion Guide. So that's the e-version of this book. This basically is again the word for word transcripts of all of the videos. Then we have the framework and flowcharts. The flowcharts really help you navigate every step along the way — what you need to do, at which point, so it will help you identify, “Am I ready to move on to the next step? Or is there something that I need to do first?”, so you never have to wonder what happens now. 

You also get the Productivity Powerhouse Workbook. Again, this is a fillable PDF, or you can grab the paper version and it has all of the guided questions and fillable templates and an energy tracker etc to be able to take action on everything that you learn throughout the program. 

We also do monthly live calls in Productivity Powerhouse. These monthly live calls are where I am sharing with you behind the scenes of my own business. I will give you examples of real-life, real-time insights into what's going on in my life and business and how specifically I'm incorporating anti hustle methods into all of it. I have so much fun with these monthly live calls and so do the people inside Productivity Powerhouse. 

You do get recordings if you miss the live calls, but a really important thing to know is that you do not get access to any of the previous calls from the time that you join. So if you join today, then you will get access to this month's call and recording plus all future calls and recordings, BUT you do not get access to any past month's recordings. If you wait three months to join and you join three months from now, then you will not get access to the next three months worth — AKA this month's and the next month's live call or the replay. I hope that makes sense. 

So it is really important that if you want to access these live calls, get in there sooner rather than later. We talk about all kinds of different things from business planning to specific actions I'm taking in my business, different content creation processes, CEO thoughts, mindset shifts, and answers to any questions that you have as well. I do take topic requests.

You also get a resource here to save 10 hours a week right away. Okay, so you get access to this very quick resource and it has very specific actions that you can take. Again, we haven't even started into the actual core curriculum! This is still the pre-work and I really wanted to ensure that you have access to this to be able to immediately start saving some time. So this way, if you are joining Productivity Powerhouse specifically because you want to save that 10 hours a week, then this resource is going to help you be able to do that as you're working throughout the framework as well. 

The last piece that we have in this pre-work module is a spotlight training on Self Leadership. This is a great opportunity to develop your self leadership skills and we'll just kind of keep some things top of mind for you before you even begin the framework. Again, this is like the pre-work before the core curriculum starts. So this is on self leadership and ensuring that you are setting yourself up for really good success. 

Then we move into the first element of the Productivity Powerhouse framework, which is Make Your Heart Happy. We have here an element overview of what to expect in this element, why this element is so important, why it matters, and also some things to watch out for in this module, during this stage of life and business, some things that can kind of creep up on us so we have some things to watch out for him. 

Then we have Step One, which is Identify Your Desires. And it is all about making sure that you're starting with really good foundations.

The accompanying spotlight training for Step One is all about learning patterns — ensuring that you're doing really good incorporation of your learning style and your personality as part of your productivity techniques and foundations. So during this first step of Step One, identify your desires and the spotlight training on learning patterns, you are going to be incorporating personality based productivity, you're going to be doing a strengths and weaknesses assessment, a productivity assessment, you're going to be really identifying all about what you truly want from both your life and your business. 

Then we have Step Two, Prioritize Your Goals. This is about pinpointing exactly what you want, and all of the pieces surrounding it.

So this is where we have the spotlight training on your business plan breakdown. You get business planning templates, and we walk through absolutely everything that you need to know about creating your business plan. We also have the Business Planning Retreat Intensive that you get complimentary access to as a Productivity Powerhouse — it is a separate e-course that's all about how to host your own solo business planning retreat. So it's a lot of fun. And in this business plan breakdown by the way I also outline my goals, my values with my business and explain exactly what they look like and how to create your own values, your own connective threads, especially if you're multi passionate. All of those pieces are very, very intensive. We get very deep with it. And it's a lot of fun. 

After you do that, you move on to Step Three, which is Manage Your Energy. Here's where you will do your burnout prevention plan, learn all about energy management and how to incorporate more of your energy boosters and reduce your energy detractors, all of those types of things. Energy management is truly the foundation of good time management and healthy, not toxic productivity. So this is extremely important to do:

Before we get into the time management techniques, we need to focus on energy management first, and the spotlight training that accompanies this one is all about your burnout management and prevention planning and implementing all of those sorts of pieces. So you do get step by step guides for doing this and sample templates for what this could look like in your own life and business. 

At the end of each module, we have a check-in. This is where you are doing a very quick productivity self-assessment. It's a little traffic light check-in where you get to see how you are feeling for each one of those three steps. If you are in the red, green or yellow, we have guided questions to help you figure that out one question for each and check whether you are ready to move on to the next element element to Make Your Own Rules or if we recommend that you revisit some of the steps in that first module, that first element of Make Your Heart Happy. 

After you do that we move on to Element 2, Make Your Own Rules. So again, we have your element overview that describes the element and what to expect, what to look out for, all of that kind of thing. productivity e-course for solopreneur success

You get Step Four, which is Create Your Strategies. So here you will learn how to actually create customized strategies in your business and of course your life as well. So everything really connects back to those initial steps that you went through of Identify Your Desires, Prioritize Your Goals, and Manage Your Energy. This is all about creating actionable strategies based on what you want, what your goals are. This will map out a very broad scale, how you're actually going to achieve those. It's great.

Our spotlight training here is Take Back Your Time. So you're going to learn all about very practical time management techniques and that kind of thing. So this again, builds on the energy management piece. Now you're going to know, because you did the energy management, you will know exactly what time management techniques are perfect for your unique situation. 

Then we move into Step Five, Organize Your Tasks. And this is all about the task management side of things, ensuring that you're not doing a bunch of busy work, making sure that you are being highly strategic. So building on the broader strategies that you had just created back in Step Four. With Step Five, you're actually implementing very specific tasks that connect back and work toward achieving those goals that you have and ensuring that your strategy is very successful.

And the accompanying spotlight training here is Practical Productivity. So all about task management techniques, that kind of thing, getting really well organized, home office organization, all of that fun stuff. Very, very practical, very tangible. 

Then we have Step Six, which is Simplify Your Processes. So this is where you're going to get a business structure blueprint, you're going to learn all about the decision-making matrix, and you're going to learn all about how to really ensure that you are simplifying everything that you're doing in your business. 

Spotlight training is again that Business Structure Blueprint; you get to see behind the scenes of my own documentation manual and are going to learn all about how to structure your business so that it works really effectively for you. And you will create your own documentation manual so that everything in your business, the over-complication that's currently in there, is completely removed. Everything is simplified and works really well for you. And then you will do another check-in with that productivity self-assessment; the traffic light check-in so you can see if you're ready to move on to the next element. 

And then we move on to Element Three, Make Your Business Fun. So again, we have the element overview that talks all about this particular element and what to expect. 

We go through Step Seven, Walk Your Talk. So here you're actually implementing everything that you have put into place in the previous six steps. And we have our accompanying spotlight training, Overcome Overwhelm. So this is really good for ensuring that you are staying on track. Overwhelm is a big piece that can come up here. There's a lot of mindset issues that come up for people when they start implementing things. So here we're ensuring that none of that stuff is going to derail you. 

Step Eight is Fire Up Your Systems. So here we are streamlining everything in your business. Now that you've been taking action on some things, you're going to be able to see where certain things need to be streamlined a bit. So this is going to help you do exactly that and ensure you have amazing business systems in place.

We also have the accompanying spotlight training, Productivity Magic Audit. This is so good for auditing everything with your productivity systems and strategies and processes in your business. We have complete guided questions that you can go through to do your own Productivity Magic Audit. Very, very powerful stuff. 

And then we move on to Step Nine, Celebrate Your Progress, and this is all about ensuring that you are really checking in with how you're doing and that you are celebrating yourself along the way. Here you are ensuring that you are doing audits and assessments of what you've been doing so far, identifying any problem areas or any areas to pivot, and then planning accordingly. So you're basically able to see ahead and see what mistakes could be down the line and prevent them from happening. That is what this step is all about. It's amazing. It's so, so powerful. All of these are so powerful, hence why it's called Productivity Powerhouse! 

Now, the accompanying spotlight train here is your Success Strategies: you will learn all about how to do business audits and performance reviews. And again, you get step by step guides and templates for each one of these. 

All of our lessons and spotlight trainings, by the way, do have very specific action steps for exactly what to do along the way. And they all include questions in this Workbook. So there are specific questions, and you'll be able to easily see, you know, spotlight training on Self Leadership, so they're all organized in such a way that you know exactly which section to do at which point along the way. They're all organized into various assessments. 

And then we have a final check in at the end of your nine steps, once you've completed the framework, to see where you're at. 

Now lastly, we have an entire Next Steps section here; a Next Steps module. I never ever want to leave you hanging! We have a Where To Go From Here lesson that just sort of tells you here's what to do next. Then we have a bonus spotlight training on Scale Up Your Success, so here is where we walk through the entire Productivity Powerhouse framework of all nine steps and what that could look like for six different things throughout life and business — six examples of what this can look like and how to use the Productivity Powerhouse framework for absolutely any goal that you might have. 

We also have a Productivity Mastery exam and certificate component for Productivity Powerhouse. The Productivity Mastery exam is optional. It is an open book exam. And it is not just to test for the sake of testing, okay, it is about your comprehension and implementation of what you learn in this program. So it is a very good exam for actually checking that you know what you're doing, that you have learned these concepts and integrated them, that you fully understand and comprehend all of the concepts and that you've taken action on them. That's what this exam is all about.

And once you pass the exam, you will get a certificate of completion. Now I mark each exam personally, I go through each of them. I have an entire system for how I grade them. And if you do not happen to pass — which I cannot imagine that happening; if you go through the program, you will be fine. You are going to pass with flying colours! — but if you don't pass, I will be giving you feedback on where you should go back and focus more on improving your productivity and your systems and processes to then be able to take the exam again. And regardless, there are no trick questions to the exam and you will be able to get feedback on any exam question where you lose points. I will actually let you know, "This is why you lost points here,” or “Here's what I recommend that you do.” So you get feedback on your exam once you submit it.

And again, you get a certificate of completion, your Productivity Mastery certificate, you will get a digital badge that you can post on your website and you can use that certificate to showcase your proven abilities at time management and productivity — which can, by the way, be a really good marketing tool for for your own clients. 

productivity powerhouse

Now after that you can get the chance to be featured as a case study and also share your feedback. You do get the opportunity to share anonymous feedback throughout the entire program. You can share your case study or testimonial anytime as well. So this is just a really good opportunity to let me know what you're thinking about and what you would love to see more of or less of or anything like that. All feedback is welcome and I take all of it very seriously so that I can constantly improve the program over time. It does, by the way, get really rave reviews for this program. So it's definitely a very good, very robust program. But regardless, any feedback that you have is always welcome. I very much welcome critiques, or things that you would love to see improved upon at all times. 

We also have Recommended Resources here to sort of help you out with different things. 

You get to become an affiliate of Productivity Powerhouse if you so choose. We have an affiliate hub to help you out. And an opportunity to again, stay connected and contact us at any time. My inbox is always open. I always love hearing from you. I do want to support you! 

Now the other piece that we do have in this program, which is not is not listed here, but you do get four months of weekly accountability emails from me where I'm walking you through the different things reminding you about, “this is something you might be stuck on with this particular step, here's what to keep in mind when you're doing this training,” all of that kind of thing. 

You do also get the opportunity to access the entire legacy product suite. So that is an entire program suite of 12 different e-courses on things such as Pitching Clients 101, how to keep your clients once you've got them, client communications and best practices for pricing, Goodbye 9 to 5 masterclass on how to quit your day job within the next three months, The Business of Writing and Editing Deluxe Package (that's for freelance writers and editors), the Begin Your Biz in 15 Minutes a Day Challenge (my year long challenge where you get daily 15 minute business task that I have provided for you, that will only take you 15 minutes, and it helps you make very good progress on your business all year long). These are just some of the things that you get.

And again, this is all that's just complimentary. It is completely complimentary. This is the legacy product suite for Those programs are no longer updated, but they have really great, long lasting evergreen content. So I would highly recommend them. And it's just yours, as part of Productivity Powerhouse.

So there you have it. That is what I want to let you know about Productivity Powerhouse. You can learn more about it and join today!

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