what is a solopreneur

What is a solopreneur?

As I mentioned in last week’s article, I’m focusing my energies on all kinds of solopreneurs now---not just freelancers.

But “solopreneur” might be a term you’re not familiar with… or maybe you’ve heard it before and you’re wondering what a solopreneur is, and whether that’s what YOU are?

What is a solopreneur (and how do I know if I am one)?

A solopreneur is anyone who has a business where they are the only person in the business. A one-person business.

So whether you make money through your blog, or do freelance work for clients, or sell physical products on Etsy, or sell digital products on your own website, or if you're an author... if you have a business and you don’t have any employees or a business partner, then that means you’re a solopreneur!

A solopreneur differs from an entrepreneur in another way, too: entrepreneurs might plan to sell their businesses down the road, whereas solopreneurs typically have no interest in selling their business.

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    Why am I switching my focus from freelancers to solopreneurs?

    Freelancers ARE solopreneurs---they’re a type of solopreneur!

    What is a solopreneur? Learn the definition of a solopreneur (and what a solopreneur vs entrepreneur is), and find out the truth about growing a successful business without a team of employees. Click on over to get the scoop now! ::: solopreneur tips ::: home-based business tips ::: how to be a solopreneur

    A solopreneur is a one-person business. A freelancer is a one-person business who provides services to clients.

    See the difference? A solopreneur doesn’t necessarily have to be a freelancer, whereas a freelancer is always a solopreneur.

    So why am I switching the focus of my business to all kinds of solopreneurs---not just freelancers?

    The reason is this: what I teach is a set of systems and strategies. My area of expertise is in providing you with the information, tools, and resources to create strategic plans of action and systems that are right for your unique business.

    And honestly, BECAUSE I teach you how to create your own systems and strategies, it doesn’t really matter whether you sell services or products. It doesn’t matter what kind of solopreneur you are.

    It became super clear to me when I began teaching different programs on productivity and small business that ALL kinds of solopreneurs can benefit from what I teach and how I teach it. We had people selling physical products and digital products (not just services!), and they were getting just as much out of my e-courses as the people who were selling services.

    I don’t want to limit my blog or courses or books or challenges to just one type of solopreneur when everyone can benefit!

    You CAN have a successful business as a solopreneur

    There’s a misconception that when you’re a solopreneur, your ability to grow a successful business is extremely limited.

    I’ve been working on my own with my business for nearly a decade, and over that time my business has grown and evolved and seen a great deal of success---without needing to hire a team to help me out.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a team (or even one person!) to work for you---in fact, that is fantastic.

    But not all of us WANT to hire a team.

    And it IS possible to build a successful business without having a team of people working for you.

    If you’re anything like me, your idea of a “business empire” is the ability to do work on your own terms, to wake up excited about working every single day, and to take time off when you want to explore other hobbies and interests.

    If you’re anything like me, your idea of a “business empire” does NOT involve a multi-million-dollar-a-year enterprise with a team of a dozen people working for you.Wondering whether it's possible to grow a small business as a solopreneur? Are you unsure of the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur? Heck, do you wonder what a solopreneur even IS? Find out all about solopreneurship in this article (plus join the Begin Your Biz Challenge to get started as a solopreneur TODAY!)

    (Again, serious kudos to everyone who does want that and is doing that! That’s awesome. But it’s just not really our idea of business goals, now is it?)

    You got into the world of business because you truly love your craft, because you want to make a living doing something that excites you, because you want freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever and how often you want, and because you like having the choice to change direction and focus with your business as you grow and as your interests develop.

    THIS is why I’m focusing on all kinds of solopreneurs now, and not just freelancers.

    I want to share with you---no matter what kind of solopreneur you are---how you can create a successful business as a one-person team.

    It starts with your business plan:

    business planning retreat workshop

    Be sure to check back next week, when I’ll be publishing an article on how to grow your small business without a team of employees 🙂

    Watch the business planning retreat workshop now!

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