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How to navigate the "Wild West" of hiring a business coach

How to navigate the Wild West of hiring a coach

“I’m worried that if I hire a coach, it won’t pay off.” “I’ve heard horror stories about coaches who give you the same generic advice you can get from a podcast.” “I don’t want to get into that situation with a sketchy ‘coach’ taking all my money and then telling me to post 5x a …

Does coaching really work

Does coaching really work?

Does coaching really work? If you’re skeptical about coaching, or if you’re wondering, “Can coaching REALLY get me tangible results?”, then this blog post is for you. We’re going to break it all down as to whether coaching actually works! Be sure to read all the way to the end of this article, because I’ve …

how i became a productivity coach, plus 3 tips for identifying your niche

How I became a productivity coach

“How did you become a productivity coach? How did you figure out it was the right niche for you?” Today I’m answering the question about how I became a productivity coach—it’s story time! CLICK HERE to get my anti-hustle productivity secrets & save 10 hours/week >> 3 Steps to 10x Your ProductivityWatch the training now!Sign …