Why you should use self-coaching as a tool in your solopreneur business

Why you should use self-coaching as a tool in your solopreneur business

Have you ever wondered how to do self-coaching in your life or business, or what self-coaching can DO for you as a solopreneur? Yesterday, I hosted a LIVE group call and shared *behind the scenes* about how I use self-coaching every single week in my own life and business — including real-life examples of specifically what I've used self-coaching for, the exact METHODS and techniques I use for effective self-coaching, sample questions I often ask myself when self-coaching, and more!

In this blog post, I want to share with your a SNEAK PEEK of that live call: a complete overview of exactly what I covered during the call, PLUS two clips of our live call on this topic of self-coaching.

It is SO valuable to get real-life, real-time examples from other business owners to see how they are doing things — we can get a lot of helpful ideas and inspiration from it (plus what NOT to do!), and overall, it’s always fascinating to learn about how businesses are managed behind the scenes.

That's why, every month inside the Productivity Powerhouse e-course, you get ongoing “peeks behind the curtain” of my own business during live group video calls (and you get to ask questions and suggest topic ideas!)

Sneak peek clip from our November monthly live call — why self-coaching MATTERS for solopreneurs:

Here’s what we covered at November monthly live group call, all about  the topic of SELF-COACHING...

  • What self-coaching is and why it matters for you.
  • We're doing this topic for our November live call because I'm currently booking Solopreneur CEO (6-month 1:1 coaching program) for a January start date — coaching is on my brain! — and I want you to get the inside scoop on how coaching works so you can join this month, a) while the 10-month payment plan is still available (it disappears November 30), and b) before we get booked out (only 4 spots available).
  • Quick overview of what my method of self-coaching looks like in my own life/business.
  • How self-coaching is a skill and a practice, plus the way it connects back to Step 9 of the Productivity Powerhouse framework.
  • The "fast-track" method I use with my Solopreneur CEO clients so they can do "guided self-coaching" in between our sessions.
  • A caution to keep in mind when you're doing self-coaching (this is important!)
  • 2 ways I typically approach self-coaching — what it actually "looks like."
  • How I use self-coaching to overcome ego fears, the surface-level issues that I THOUGHT were the problem at first, and 2 thoughts I hold onto for preventing it from being a bottle-neck in my business.
  • How I use self-coaching to manage constrained vs. expansive safety (this connects back to the type of break I was taking from work last month, and the type of break that works better for my brain... it's an issue I needed to work through while struggling to do part of my business planning retreat)
  • How I use self-coaching to mitigate anxiety — as well as the entire process that led me to working through this (it's a really helpful technique that I often implement!)
  • How I use self-coaching to overcome impatience & frustration with website or tech issues, plus the specific strategies I employ for handling it (this is really cool because website issues used to be the bane of my existence, but now I don't bat an eyelash)
  • 12-ish sample questions I often ask myself or integrate into my own self-coaching "sessions" — plus how they connect together, and a couple specific sections of the Productivity Powerhouse framework that you can revisit for doing this in your own life/business.
  • IMPORTANT: What self-trust & self-honesty has to do with **effective** self-coaching (don't skip this!)
  • IMPORTANT: The necessity of asking the RIGHT questions & following the "root issue" paths (plus how self-kindness factors into it)
  • IMPORTANT: How these breakthroughs you experience via self-coaching leads to you experiencing a new *reality* as a result (the actions that naturally come about as a result of doing the deep inner mindset work!)
  • Q&A: "Do you ever reach a point while self-coaching where you get stuck and can't figure out what's going on/how to get through it?" → Yep! How I deal with it if I'm self-coaching and I get stuck.

…So, what do you think? Do you want to access all of that?

It’s all yours when you join Productivity Powerhouse before Wednesday November 30th at midnight!

Sneak peek clip from our November monthly live call — 3 important points for how to EFFECTIVELY do self-coaching:


Every single month inside the Productivity Powerhouse e-course, I host live group calls for you so you can discover the whys & hows & whats of the way I incorporate anti-hustle concepts and methodologies into my life and business in all aspects on an ongoing basis.

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