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You love the idea of having your own freelance business and working from home.

...But you DON'T love how lonely it can get to do everything in your business by yourself.

...And you DON'T love how overwhelmed you feel with everything you're trying to juggle in your business.

...And you REALLY wish you knew what the heck you should focus your energies on when you have limited time... ESPECIALLY when you're new to starting your business!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a business best friend to help you strategize & get organized in business, brainstorm ideas, and provide you with positive encouragement and support so you have the confidence to make serious progress with your business?

Enter the Biz Bestie Program!

It's awesome to be your own boss... but sometimes, you just want to hand the reins to someone else and get them to tell you what to do. I hear you!

Let me be your BBF (business best friend) for a 6-week period.

Through business strategy and brainstorming sessions, I'm here for you, helping you make serious progress with your freelance business in the most enjoyable way possible.

...Because one of the best parts of having your own business is that it is so much FUN to do something you love!

 "Biz Bestie was incredible! I was struggling to find direction with my business, to know where/how to find clients, and to understand how to manage my business. Biz Bestie helped me map out a business plan, understand and implement different marketing strategies, learn how to set daily and weekly plans, handle overwhelm, and figure out how to run my business.

Sagan even tailored the program to best fit my needs and adjusted it each week as I continued finding my path with her guidance. She took the time to learn my productivity and learning styles at the very beginning and adapted her teaching method to what worked best for me."

- Richelle, freelance editor

You want someone in your life who *gets it*—someone who:

  • Will manage you & advise you on what/when to work on in your business
  • Understands what it's like to have your own freelance business
  • Gets genuinely excited for your wins
  • Can help you to identify your weaknesses & come up with solutions to your business problems
  • Is able to provide you with constructive (positive!) feedback on how to make concrete improvements to your business
  • You can reach out to whenever you need to talk something over, have a burning question to ask, want feedback on your work, or need to bounce ideas around
  • Gets as much enjoyment from chatting about all things business as you do
  • You can rely on to be there for you on short notice
  • Will prioritize YOU and your business each and every week during the program.

Like the sounds of that? I can be that for you in this Biz Bestie program.

Biz Bestie is a one-on-one coaching program that helps you help yourself. It provides structure and guidance that gives you an ideal space to forge your own path and strengthen your understanding of your business and its needs.

keep accountable with your business

What can you expect with Biz Bestie?

First and foremost, you will receive a LIFETIME all-access backstage pass to the following e-courses in the School ($2,800 value):

  1. Productivity Powerhouse (how to save 10+ hours/week EVERY week in your business)
  2. Pitching Clients 101 (step-by-step system to land your first—and next—client)
  3. Keep Your Clients (how to make sure your clients keep coming back again and again!)
  4. Goodbye 9 to 5 (how to quit your day job and start working from home full-time... within just 3 months)
  5. Business Planning Retreat Intensive (how to host your own solo business retreat so you can get clear & focused with your goals & priorities, all year long)

PLUS, you'll get 6 weeks of (unlimited) one-on-one email access to me, where I can...

  • Listen to you when you need to vent or when you want to talk through your thoughts/ideas out loud
  • Help you identify what your personal business weaknesses are & strategize ways to work with/around those weaknesses
  • Brainstorm ideas with you
  • Strategize ways you can effectively implement those business ideas
  • Provide constructive, positive feedback on your work to improve your business
  • Make recommendations for moving forward with your business (including big-picture planning and goal-setting)
  • Give direction & guidance
  • Provide support & encouragement

A few of the things I can help you with include...

  • Organizing your next 3-month plan of action
  • Choosing the right services for your business
  • Coming up with a customized business plan, marketing strategy & pricing strategy
  • Identifying who your ideal client is & where to find them
  • Crafting email pitches & website copy
  • Figuring out what steps to focus on at which stages of your business
  • Breaking down big goals into manageable, bite-sized actions that get real results
  • Working productively from home & managing your time effectively
  • Staying motivated & inspired to keep moving forward & making progress with your business

Remember: ultimately, it is up to YOU to do the work!

I can't do the work for you.

But what I CAN do is support you with any of the above—whether it's helping to come up with ideas, reviewing your website copy, making suggestions for the next steps to take, or just being there to lend a supportive ear and encouraging words.

If you need someone to give you an encouraging push in the right direction, or if you're feeling a little lost or overwhelmed with how to get started, or if you want some guidance and actionable steps for what to focus on every single week over the next few months, I can help you with all of that.

"[Before I joined] I was feeling a lot of stress and overwhelm, but I'm in a better place now. I've mapped out the coming week and I'm coming up with plans for how to move forward with my business and with other aspects of my life. I have a much clearer idea of where I want to go!"

- Leslie

“I really appreciated the insight and focus I got from Biz Bestie… I’m saving all of the emails!

My business ideas and plans finally feel simplified now.”

- Jessica

What do you get in the Biz Bestie program?

You'll get a LIFETIME all-access backstage pass to the School, which will provide you with additional resources for building an awesome business you love ($2,800 value).

When you enroll in this program, you will fill out an initial assessment providing details on your business (or your business idea, if you haven't started your business yet), the obstacles you've been facing, and any particular areas you would like to work on together over the 6-week period.

Then, we will connect via email to chat about your business and organize a strategic plan of action for the next month.

We'll have weekly accountability check-ins to see how things are going with your plan (and to adjust it as needed), and at that point, you'll receive action steps so you know exactly what to focus on for the week ahead. At the 6-week mark, we'll create a plan of action for your next steps once the program ends.

Throughout the 6-week program, you will also get unlimited email access to me—so you can email me at any time in between our weekly accountability check-ins with your questions, thoughts, and ideas for additional feedback, recommendations, and encouragement. We can talk about anything you're struggling with and explore ways for you to overcome those issues.

(Every person and business is different, so if you want to add virtual coffee dates during the program, we can totally make that happen.)

The bonuses...

At the end of our 6 weeks together, you will get an assessment overview of recommendations for the next steps you can take!

...AND you'll get a VIP coupon code for an additional 6 weeks of one-on-one business strategy & brainstorming sessions with me at a reduced rate of 40% off.

bb_what you get_6 weeks

How much is your investment?

The total investment you'll make is $3,499, paid in full or with our easy (interest-free!) payment plan: 3 payments of $1,171/month.

It's your choice:

Imagine what your business could be like, a couple months from now, if you made the decision TODAY to take the leap and enroll in this program.

Imagine what you could do with unlimited access to personalized, one-on-one business feedback and brainstorming sessions, for a solid 6 weeks.

Imagine what you could accomplish with a biz bestie at your side, every step along the way, who has the years of professional experience to help you out.

Imagine where you could be in the next couple months if you invested in your business today.

"Being in the Biz Bestie program has been really helpful for me just to have someone to talk to who knows the business, who knows what the struggle is like. For me, this has been a success!

At our first call, I was still at my day job; now, two months later, I feel like I've done a lot and a lot has changed, even in my own mind. It seems like a short period of time, but so much can happen during that time! This was good timing for me, with the amount of support I needed—it's been great."

- Melanie, freelance writer

**Please note that Biz Bestie is no longer open to the public — it is now available by invitation only**

However, you can join the Solopreneur CEO 6-MONTH 1:1 coaching program instead!

About your instructor...

Hi! I'm Sagan, a small business strategist and published author. With a decade of experience as a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager (in both part-time and full-time capacities, working with small businesses, non-profits, corporate entities, and individuals), I have provided supports and direction to dozens of successful students through my online courses.

My 10+ years of experience as a small business owner has included working full-time on my business as well as working part-time on it (while I was also working a stressful, intense 9 to 5 job)—so regardless of your situation, I have a real-life insight into some of the challenges you might be facing.

The first time I was a full-time freelancer many years ago, I made a lot of mistakes and failed to the point that I had to go back to working at a 9 to 5 job while I worked on my own business on the side... but I was able to learn a TON from that experience, so that the second time I became a full-time business owner (several years ago), I had a great deal of success!

It's not like I started out magically knowing everything about business—nope! What I teach you is stuff that really WORKS based on real-life testing. I've been where you are, struggling with your business, and I can definitely empathize with your situation.

Moreover, I do NOT believe there is any single right way to have a successful business—which means that I'll work with you to find unique, customized strategies and action steps that are right for YOU!

I'm not going to just feed you the exact same thing as a dozen other solopreneurs. You're guaranteed to get personalized recommendations and customized tips + ideas that make sense for who you are and what your unique business vision and goals entail.


Frequently Asked Questions...

1) When does the program start and finish?
The one-on-one program begins the day that you submit your initial assessment, and ends 6 weeks later.
2) How long do I have access to the program?
You'll get access to one-on-one sessions with me for exactly 6 weeks. There will be options to extend the program at the end of those 6 weeks, and you'll get LIFETIME access to the e-courses in the School.
3) What is your refund policy?
As this is a service-based program, no refunds are available.
4) Who is this program for?
This program is for freelancers of any kind, and you are probably at the beginning or early stages of your business journey! If you are struggling and you need some extra guidance and support, you're in the right place.
NOTE: If you have an established business, then Solopreneur CEO is a better option for you.
5) What if we're in different timezones?
No problem—that's why this program is entirely email-based.
NOTE: Video calls are only available in the Solopreneur CEO program.
6) How quickly do you respond to emails once I'm in the program?
I respond to Biz Bestie emails every Monday and Thursday.
7) How often can I email you with questions?
Some clients email me several times each week, and others prefer to only connect during our weekly accountability check-ins. You can email me as often as you like! But please do note that I save Mondays and Thursdays for responding to emails.
8) How many spots are available in this program?
Space is limited in this program to ensure each person gets everything they need to succeed! At this time, there are only 5 spots available each month. Enroll today so you don't miss out!
9) I feel super overwhelmed with my business and don't even know where to begin! Can you help me?
Yes! That's exactly why I designed this program. We'll beat the overwhelm together so that you're much more focused and able to make plenty of progress with your business.
10) What exactly is included in the all-access backstage pass to the School?
You'll get access to the following e-courses in the School ($2,800 value). Click on the links below to learn more about each one:
11) How much time is this program going to take me to do each week?
As much time as you want! I know that you're really busy—so because of that, we're going to outline a strategic plan of action that fits with YOUR lifestyle and schedule.
I recommend devoting at least 30 minutes/day to working on your business, but even if you can only do 15 minutes/day, we can still outline a plan of action to help you make progress on a time crunch.
BB materials 2020

"I made immense progress thanks to Biz Bestie. I'm now at the point where I am comfortable making my plans each day and week and have a good idea of where to go from here. I'm more confident in myself and my own abilities, and I’m excited for the road ahead. Sagan's encouragement and guidance has led me to a clearer path for my business's future.

I 100% recommend Biz Bestie to anyone who feels lost with their business, needs to regroup, or wants guidance and direction. This program will teach you the skills to enhance your understanding and relationship with your business. Sagan truly cares about your success and wants to see you thrive. Biz Bestie offers a jumping off point and walks beside you as you discover where to take your business… it lived up to and exceeded my expectations!”

- Richelle

**Please note that Biz Bestie is no longer open to the public — it is now available by invitation only**

However, you can join the Solopreneur CEO 6-MONTH 1:1 coaching program instead!

Got questions about the program? Email