Mindset coach — everything you want to know about hiring a life coach to help you with powerful mindset shifts

Everything you want to know about hiring a life coach to help you with powerful mindset shifts

You KNOW you want to make some mindset shifts, but you’re also struggling to do it on your own. That’s where hiring a life coach who specializes in mindset work can help you out! In this video, I want to share with you 3 reasons you’ll love getting mindset coaching with me, 9 specific things that mindset coaching can do for YOU, plus I want to answer a common question I hear: “Isn’t mindset coaching just gaslighting and toxic positivity?” 

Basically, we’re covering everything you want to know about hiring a mindset coach!

Let’s dive in…

3 reasons you’ll LOVE mindset coaching...

1) Mindset coaching has a domino effect:

Often you'll find that by shifting your mindset, beliefs, and thoughts in one area, it ALSO shifts things in another area.

For example, I worked with a client on scarcity mindset she had about getting clients for her freelance business — she was worried about getting clients and felt like there weren’t enough prospects out there. And when we did mindset coaching on it, the cool thing that happened is that it ALSO ended up snowballing into dealing with scarcity mindset she had about her personal finances, as well as scarcity mindset regarding her energy in social settings.

When we work on one area, it has a powerful domino effect of helping you overcome and work through issues in another area of life or in business.

2) Mindset coaching sets the foundation for action:

It's not just a bunch of internal shifts. It's not just about doing the deep inner work. It also has very external things, tangible things that you can see and experience out in the world.

When you deeply understand how you've been holding yourself back, it is INCREDIBLY liberating... and suddenly it's not so difficult to take action on what you want, after all.

For example, my clients consistently tell me how they made more practical, tangible action on their goals within a couple sessions of us working together, just a couple of mindset coaching sessions, compared to what they had been able to accomplish in the entire year previously of trying to do things on their own — They've been struggling for an entire year to take action on their goals.

...And within one or two coaching sessions with me, suddenly they were able to take tons of practical tangible action. They were able to make more progress on their goals, after just one or two coaching sessions with me, than they had in an entire year previously on their own. That is the power of mindset coaching!

3) Mindset coaching feels powerful in your bones:

Taking back your power and control over your thought processes and belief systems is empowering and freeing.

For example, my clients often have discomfort when they first come to me — they're tired of *getting in their own way*, and they're nervous about working through their mindset blocks because they aren't sure they WANT to know what they'll find! They're uncomfortable about what is going to come up for them and about what they may have been hiding from themselves for a really long time.

But once we start doing this work, they realize how much power they have over themselves, they realize how powerful they are, they realize how much more power they have in the world around them than they'd initially thought, and how they can ACT on that to be and do more of what they — and the world — wants and needs.

They are changing themselves and they are changing the world as a result of doing this mindset work; as a result of working with me in these mindset coaching sessions. 

Those are just 3 of the reasons you’re going to LOVE your experience of getting a mindset coach to help you out! If that sounds good to you, book your coaching session with me today.

Now maybe you're kind of wondering, “Okay, so this sounds great. This sounds very cool. It's neat to see the different things that you've worked on with our clients! …But what can mindset coaching do for me specifically?” — If that’s what you’re thinking right now, then I want to go over nine incredible types of things that you can experience during our mindset coaching sessions! 

What can mindset coaching DO for you?

Here are 9 incredible types of things you can experience during mindset coaching sessions…

I'm curious... What do you MOST desire?

Consider this list and let me know which *speaks* to you; which ones of these for you are you nodding along and thinking, “Yes, this is what I want! That is exactly what I want in my life.”

Here are the 9 things mindset coaching can do for you…

  1. Overcoming the internal obstacles holding you back — e.g. people-pleasing, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, perfectionism, worry and insecurities, procrastination, overwhelm, shiny object distractions, fears of success and failure, all-or-nothing black-and-white thinking, shame, guilt, and self-judgment. Do you want to overcome those types of things? If so, let me know in the comments. 
  2. Developing intrapersonal skills and building self-honesty, self-trust, confidence, courage, self-kindness, and motivation. Do you want those things? Do you want to trust yourself more, to be kinder to yourself, to be more courageous in the world, to be more confident in who you are and what you have to offer? Is that something that you want? 
  3. Creating goals and shifting habits to align with your personal values and ideal lifestyle... and finally take ACTION on things you'd only been dreaming about for years (in a way that feels good for you — not scary!). It doesn't feel like you are just going through the motions of doing something because someone told you to do it. You're actually taking action based on your values and what feels good for you and what you want for your ideal lifestyle! Is that what you want? 
  4. Reframing your perspective and approach so the choices you make are genuinely enjoyable and fully supports your unique lifestyle wants/needs (and creates space for other factors you're experiencing, such as ADHD or anxiety). If that's something that you want to do, you want to be able to work with those things, but you might not really be able to change about yourself — we can't change the fact that you know, I personally have anxiety and my clients can't change the fact that they have ADHD, but how can we work WITH those things? Is that something you want? Do you want to be able to work with those things and restructure your approach so that all the choices you're making are enjoyable for you and the people who support you in all different aspects?
  5. Dramatically improve your focus and clarity, get back your time and energy, and move forward on the goals that used to seem as though they’d only exist in the distant future. One of my favourite things that happens when I'm working with my coaching clients is that they tell me,”I have this goal that you know, it is going to be so wonderful, this is my ideal scenario, but that's five years down the line, maybe it's 10 years down the line.” And we do a little bit of coaching, and suddenly within six months, they are doing *the thing* that they felt like they could not possibly conceive of doing in the near future! So do you want to improve your focus and clarity to get back your time and energy, and to be able to create a much faster sort of pace without that energy dissolving, so that you can experience your goals much sooner than you initially thought? Is that something that you want?
  6. STOP being mean to yourself (beating yourself up, judging yourself and feeling ashamed about your struggles, guilting yourself). Do you want to stop that negative voice in your head that’s so mean to you all the time? 
  7. START being kind to yourself (recognizing your own worth and value, changing your inner voice, creating space to be present for yourself, allowing yourself to make progress on your own terms and at your own pace, being more positive WITHOUT adopting a "toxic positivity" mindset and without ignoring or neglecting very real things happening around the world and real things that are holding you back in your own life). Do you want to start being kinder to yourself? 
  8. Stepping out of your comfort zone (safely) and doing the scary thing (e.g. setting external and internal boundaries, increasing visibility, taking action on dreams, and more). Do you wish that you could step out of your comfort zone just a little bit more? Do you wish that you could do the thing that you're so afraid of but deeply, desperately want? 
  9. Feeling more free and fulfilled with your life (so you can see just how capable you truly are, improve your confidence, increase your courage and energy, get back your time, prioritize your family & relationships, and enjoy the lifestyle you've been craving). Is that something that you want; do you want more freedom in your life? You want to feel more fulfilled, more satisfied. You want to be liberated. 

So, tell me:

→ How many of those things in that list do you want?

→ Which ones speak to you the most?

...Regardless of whether 1, 2, or all 9 are things you desire, they are ALL things I work with my clients on in our coaching sessions ♥

That's right: ALL of those things are what you and I can do together in life coaching sessions!

That is what life coaching can do for you. That is what mindset coaching can do for you!

Is mindset coaching just gaslighting and toxic positivity?

Now, let's wrap this up by answering a very important question I hear people asking: "Is mindset coaching just gaslighting? Is this about pretending systemic issues don't exist, bypassing my emotions, ignoring how I feel, or ~toxic positivity~?"

GREAT questions! I'm really glad that people are asking that because this is really really important. You KNOW you want to make some mindset shifts, but you’re also struggling to do it on your own. That’s where hiring a life coach who specializes in mindset work can help you out! In this video, I want to share with you 3 reasons you’ll love getting mindset coaching with me, 9 specific things that mindset coaching can do for YOU, plus I want to answer a common question I hear: “Isn’t mindset coaching just gaslighting and toxic positivity?” 

Basically, we’re covering everything you want to know about hiring a mindset coach...

The short answer is this: No. Mindset coaching is not toxic positivity and it is not gaslighting.

...Now let's break that down a bit farther!

When I work with my clients, we operate from the assumption, understanding, and recognition that there are very real systemic barriers getting in your way. Systemic change is 100% necessary in our world, *and also*, many of us are simply not in a position to instigate broad-scale systemic change in the immediate future.

What we CAN do in the immediate future and on an individual level is to understand our position within various systems, determine how we want to act, and uncover (including unpacking, processing, and working through) any internal bottlenecks and mindset blocks that may be tripping us up.

We do not pretend systemic issues don't exist. We acknowledge the systemic issues at play while also exploring what can be done about it, immediately and for long-lasting transformations, at the individual level.

We also validate your feelings, judgment-free.

You might feel "silly" about how nervous you are to do what you think is a "simple task" — at which point we can work through that together, because a) it's okay to feel nervous, b) it's okay to feel silly, c) there's a lot of unpacking to do around the concept of a "simple task," d) let's work through each of those feelings around nervousness and silly, and so on.

Because first of all, it's okay to feel nervous. In any scenario, it is a valid feeling. Second of all, it's okay to feel silly. Third, there is a lot of unpacking to do around the concept of a simple task. And fourth, let's work through each of those different feelings around nervousness and silliness, right all of those kinds of things, and so on. 

We do not dismiss your feelings. In fact, we need to address how you feel and think in order to get you to where you want to be! We’re not going to gloss over how you feel. I’m not going to tell you “Stop feeling nervous, stop feeling silly, it’s just a simple task,” and I am also not going to invalidate that you think that it is a simple task. We're going to hold all of those potentially seemingly conflicting thoughts and ideas and feelings, and work through all of them together.

We do not ignore your thoughts or feelings. Nothing is "too small" of a thing for us to explore and work on together.

In fact, it is very cool to be able to work with my clients on something that they think is so small, and you know, not even worth addressing — and when we get into it, what we realize is that it is affecting all of these other facets, and by addressing what they THINK is a very small, insignificant thing or silly thing, by addressing it, it has this snowball effect, where it helps them to work through so many other things. So it's really really good to address all different things coming up for you, no matter how small it may feel like it is. 

Lastly, we hold space for your range of experiences.

If you have a tendency to be mean to yourself or beat yourself up, then we're going to work on that so you can be a lot kinder to yourself! We'll shift negative thought patterns into more positive ones.

This is not the same as toxic positivity. We are holding space for your range of experiences, thoughts, feelings, behaviours. We are not ignoring any of them, we are not pretending they do not exist. We are acknowledging how very real they are. You always have permission to feel the full range of emotions; what we do is ensure that you are able to work with and through them so that they do not control you or your actions.

(FYI: I have had chronic anxiety, insomnia, and nightmare disorder my entire adult life, and I'm an alumnus of the School for Anti-Racist Leadership.

I've also successfully worked with clients who have ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, are neurodivergent, and recovering from severe burnout.

Some of my clients are parents of little kids, others are juggling side hustles with a day job, and they are adults of all ages and gender and backgrounds.

We take your unique lived situation, your background, your lifestyle, YOUR mindset, and the systemic issues getting in your way into account. Mindset work is most effective when we address all of those things.)

There you have it: everything you wanted to know about hiring a mindset coach to experience powerful internal mindset shifts AND put into motion real-world actions! 

Book your coaching session today and we will ensure you get some life-changing mindset coaching: