I’m Not On Periscope (and that’s okay)

In case you haven’t heard, Periscope is the hot new social media platform. It’s like a combination of Instagram, SnapChat, and YouTube, all rolled into one (from what I understand of it).In this article, find out why, as a professional blogger & freelance social media manager, I'm NOT on Periscope... and why it might not be the right social media platform for YOU, either!

While I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for years, and jumped on Instagram a couple years ago, I don’t think I’ll be joining Periscope—at least not any time soon.

Periscope has its uses, and many people are finding it an amazing way to connect with *big* names, and to get themselves seen and heard by their idols. It also lends itself to the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered instantly by experts, so it’s a wonderful tool to learn and connect with others.

But I have no desire to join Periscope. Here’s why:

1) I can see it being even more of a time-suck than Facebook.

I’ve only watched three replays of Periscopes (sometimes they’re made available on the Internet after the fact), and they were all by experts who many people look up to when it comes to the business side of blogging. I stopped the videos partway through because I didn’t find it very helpful—in fact, the informal nature of Periscope meant that the video seemed unnecessarily drawn out (it was only a few minutes long!), kind of boring, and, well, amateur because of the poor video quality.

Everyone makes mistakes, of course, and we’re all human, but when I listen to a podcast, watch a teaching video, or participate in a webinar, I want the host to be fairly well-prepared and concise. As far as I can tell, that’s not always the case with Periscope because of its more informal nature.

The big problem with watching a video compared to reading a status update on another social media platform is that you can’t skim down further to see if you want to keep reading. With a video, you either give up partway through or you have to watch the entire thing to determine if you’re going to get anything from it. It could take a huge amount of time sifting through to figure out which scopes are worth the watch.

2) It reminds me a lot of Google+.

As someone who manages social media and creates social media strategies for clients, I can honestly say that I still don’t get Google+. I mean, does anyone *really* get Google+? And if so, can you please explain to me the draw?

Google+ seems to have captured the hearts of a small, select group of people who swear by it as one of the best ways to connect with people and promote their business. The rest of us do very well without being on Google+ (or with just having an account because we use Gmail and, um, never touching it).

One of the issues I have with Google+ is that it doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table. I have a sneaking suspicion that Periscope is going to be similar: that there are lots of people excited about Periscope right now, but it’s not going to be a place you *have* to be, the way that Facebook is, for example.

3) We don’t all have to be on every single social media platform.

I know so many people who just sign up for social media platforms because everyone else does—without thinking about what is best for them, their business, and their audience.

The *best* social media platform is probably the one that fits with who you are and what you like to do—because that makes it much more likely you’ll actually use it regularly, which is the whole point of being on social media!

For who I am and what my business is, there is no point in me being on Snapchat, for example.

I like to use Facebook as a way to connect with a broader group of people (since, let’s face it, EVERYONE is on Facebook). I like to use Twitter because a) it’s fun to make up ridiculously long hashtags, b) people on Twitter tend to be a little more *real* than on Facebook, and c) I love being able to chat with so many people informally on that platform. I like to use Instagram because photos are fun and a great way to capture the moment—one of my favorite ways to pass the time is scrolling through my Instagram feed to see all the pictures my Instafriends have posted! And I like to use Pinterest because HELLO super cool DIY tutorials (plus it is an amazing way to promote my blog. Pro tip: use a platform like BoardBooster* to make your Pinning life SO much easier!).

I visit LinkedIn occasionally, and I can see the merits in it, but it’s not my most favorite platform. At any rate, those are the five social media platforms I like to use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I don’t have much interest in adding any others, especially since, while videos are fun, they aren’t *exactly* my thing when it comes to social media (although they certainly have their place, as I’ll be talking about in tomorrow’s blog post).

I’m more of a writer (as evidenced by this 900-something-word article… ahem) and photographer.

All of this isn’t to say that I’ll *never* jump on the Periscope bandwagon, of course! But the way that Periscope is at this point in time, and the way my business and personal interests are at present, means that it just doesn’t make sense for me to join Periscope right now.

How about you? Do you love Periscope? Do you have a different idea of what Periscope is? Do you think it will become a staple like Twitter and Instagram, or will it fizzle the way Google+ has? Share in the comments section below!

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  2. I did decide to jump on the Periscope bandwagon, and I’m trying to figure it out as I go along. Right now, I’m hosting a journal challenge, so I am on Periscope every day. My hope is by the time the month is over I will 1) know exactly what I want out of Periscope (if I want to keep using it) and 2) be more comfortable in front of a camera. I do see it taking up a lot of time though, especially as a viewer. So, I’m up in the air about it, but I am using it…I like to try things out, even if they don’t work.

    1. It IS fun to give new things a try!

  3. thanks for the insights! I admit, it’s a relief to hear someone say we do not have to jump on the Periscope bandwagon. I’m new to creating short videos on parenting and fitness, topics from my blog. I’ve been posting them to You Tube. I’ve been wondering if I should instead be posting on Periscope, recording, then posting to You Tube. What do you think?

    1. If you’re already into video or if it’s something you want to get into, then recording on Periscope could be a good idea! It’ll be useful if you want real-time feedback from others.

      I think it depends how much editing you do as well, though – which is one of the problems with Periscope. YouTube videos have the option to look a little more professional than the videos on Periscope.

  4. I’m with you – I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I also don’t like the informal quality of Periscope.

    Thanks for your opinion!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes – I’m all about the informal when it comes to blogging and social media, but something about it on Periscope has more of an amateur feel to it, which just… doesn’t sit right.

  5. You can fast-forward through a Periscope broadcast – I only just found that out today, and I’m so glad because I dropped out of several replays when they seemed to be taking a while to get going.

    Not ever network is going to suit every person. I like the informality of Periscope, but I can see how it might not suit everyone

  6. Amen to this. I’m on FB/Twitter/Insta and that’s enough. Plus, Periscope sort of creeps me out. I don’t necessarily want to be live in front of people. I’m with you on the informal aspect of blogging, but you’re right, it feels…just not right…on Periscope.

    1. To each their own, right? Glad I’m not alone 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Loved your honest post! While I’ve been keen to use Periscope and have written several advice posts on how bloggers should use it, I agree with much of what you wrote. Given the nature of how it works and how people can join at any time, it can be very repetitive, if the broadcast isn’t done right. AKA- time suck! That being said, if you have something really of value or unique to show people that they can’t learn at home and is best live, it can be fun. But, I agree, it’s not for everyone. 🙂

    1. Yes! If it’s done right, it can be an amazing resource and social media platform.

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