productivity for solopreneurs e-course FAQ

Productivity for solopreneurs e-course FAQ

A question I ALWAYS wonder, when I'm considering joining someone else's business program, is this: “Your testimonials are great, clearly some people are getting great results with your program… But what about AVERAGE results? What about people who DON’T get results? What happens if I’m not happy or if I don’t get the expected results?”

Are you wondering the same thing about Productivity Powerhouse, since I’ve been sharing more about Productivity Powerhouse in my videos this week?

Let’s answer this for you:

Just a reminder — Productivity Powerhouse is my signature anti-hustle e-course designed especially for solopreneurs to design a business you love that supports your lifestyle wants and needs, your personality and learning style and how your unique brain works, and your personal values, vision, and goals… so you can produce higher quality work for your clients and customers, faster and more easily, without burning out and without sacrificing your personal life.

Now let’s get into this question about the average results you can expect in Productivity Powerhouse!

There are 5 parts to this question, so let’s break it down into each of those 5 parts…

1) What are TYPICAL results (not just the “cream of the crop” results) people get inside Productivity Powerhouse?

Most people in Productivity Powerhouse report feeling more confident, energized, pleasantly satisfied with their work/life balance, deeply fulfilled and joyful in the work they do, a huge improvement in their clarity and focus, better boundaries (internal and external), and having saved 6 - 8 hours/week. Some people report saving 10 or more hours each week! 

The LEAST amount of time saved anyone has ever reported is 4 hours/week — which still adds up a lot over the course of a year and longer! And by the way, in those rare instances when people have “only” saved 4 hours/week, they typically haven’t even finished the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum yet, AND they’re also delighted with the other results they’ve gotten.

IMPORTANT: Every testimonial I share IS the typical results. I’m not “hiding” any results here! When I share rave reviews of Productivity Powerhouse and amazing results that people get, that’s the norm. I don't cherry-pick reviews.

And this means that *you* are fully capable of experiencing these results for yourself, too.

…Plus I make it SUPER easy for you to know exactly what to do, when, and how — because in Productivity Powerhouse, you get flowcharts that tell you “if X then Y,” AND you get customizable templates and real-life examples, AND you get a checklist that provides you with the specific actions to do (in which order) with estimated time allotments associated with each action step — so you really do have a lot of help every single step along the way. 

That was the first part of our question for today…

2) What if I’m an outlier? What are my options if this doesn’t work for me?

In that unlikely case… Challenge ACCEPTED, my friend!

If you feel like you’re an outlier, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, and/or if you’re struggling to get the results you desire, then please reach out and let’s talk about it.

I am here for you. I WANT you to succeed! So if the Productivity Powerhouse framework doesn’t work for you, then I’m going to provide you with personalized recommendations, review the framework for any gaps or areas of improvement, provide you with additional trainings and resources as needed, and ensure that you are set up for true success.

I want you to succeed. If you are not getting the results that you desire, then I'm going to take that as a challenge, and I'm going to look at what's going on here and how can we make sure that you do get those results that you desire.

3) Has anyone ever been unhappy with the program?

In the 3.5 years that Productivity Powerhouse has been in existence, ONE person has expressed their unhappiness with the program.

Here’s what happened:

  • They reached out to me 4 days (yes, less than a week) after joining Productivity Powerhouse to tell me they hadn’t gotten the results they wanted. (IMPORTANT: Although you CAN experience immediate change — because you truly can get very fast results! — 4 days probably isn’t enough to get ALL the results you want from the program!)
  • In less than 12 hours, I reached out to a) thank them for sharing it with me (I always appreciate your feedback!), b) provide them with encouragement, c) ask them for more details so I could fully understand their concerns (I asked very specific questions to best be able to help them), and d) offered to hop on a call so I could listen to and address all of their concerns. 
  • Within 3 months, I did a massive overhaul of the entire Productivity Powerhouse curriculum to dramatically improve it based on this person’s feedback (I did this even though that version of the curriculum had already received rave reviews from many other solopreneurs).

As you can see, I truly did listen to what this person said and I made changes as a result — so that we have all of the good things that everyone else really loved about the program, AND made some really important changes to improve upon it and ensure everyone's satisfaction and future satisfaction. 

Here’s something else I want to note about this particular situation: When you join Productivity Powerhouse, one of the first things you do is complete a Welcome Survey that includes a productivity self-assessment checklist, so we can gauge where you’re at before you even start the program — and then, you do the self-assessment checklist again several times throughout the program to measure your progress as you move forward through the framework. productivity for solopreneurs e-course FAQ

This unhappy customer submitted their productivity self-assessment checklist upon joining Productivity Powerhouse and again 4 days later (the same day they reached out to express their disappointment)...

…And within those 4 days, when we compared their initial checklist answers to their next set of answers, it turned out they had already experienced several big improvements with their productivity!

All of this is to say: Even though one person — and again, that’s ONE person over the course of 3.5 years — has been unhappy with the e-course, a) they actually did experience internal results (and fast!), based on their own self-assessment in the checklist, b) I took the time to listen to them and make changes to the program based on their feedback, c) what you get now has been vastly upgraded since that iteration of the curriculum (and other people have expressed how much they love the program at EVERY iteration — Every time I update it, and even the very first iteration of it, people were still giving the program rave reviews. So the vast majority of people love this program).

I take your satisfaction very seriously.

I will listen to your concerns, and I will take action as a result. And even if a person might be unhappy, they probably are actually getting results which is really cool. It's really cool to see that the results were actually happening — and regardless, I still make changes and I still address their concerns because I really truly care about your satisfaction. 

4) What opportunities are there to share my experience and constructive feedback?

I am always available to answer your questions via email (please feel free to reach out at any time!). Inside Productivity Powerhouse, you also have numerous check-in points along the way and survey options — including anonymous surveys — to provide your honest feedback and critiques.

(I provide anonymous options so that you feel very safe and comfortable with voicing your thoughts and opinions.)

There are many different ways to share your feedback and share your thoughts and ask questions and get my direct responses. It is me who is responding to your emails. It is me who is looking at each and every response to each and every survey. I am looking at all of these things. So it's not someone else who is doing it — it's me, your instructor in the program. I'm looking at all of them. I take them all very seriously. I take all of it into consideration. 

5) What are people who have taken this program ACTUALLY saying about Productivity Powerhouse?

Here are a few things that solopreneurs say as a result of doing Productivity Powerhouse…

"Productivity Powerhouse is excellent! It enabled me to create a schedule that works for me and my family. I have 3 children who are in school, so being able to productively use my time when they are in school is critical for me. I also feel motivated to adhere to a schedule again, which is particularly important because I completed the program during the pandemic.

Now, I feel less overwhelmed with the tasks I have to complete to run my business successfully, which helps me spend more time with my family while still putting in productive days at work. I loved that I was able to complete the program at my own pace—Sagan’s lessons were very motivating, and I found myself looking forward to each module.

Productivity Powerhouse is wonderful and highly motivating. I recommend it for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and wants to be more purposeful in the direction they are taking their business.

I’ve been able to save 10 hours/week as a result of the tools I’ve gained from this program!"

- Alicia, freelance editor

(She began the program during one of its earliest iterations, so you can imagine how much better the e-course has become since Alicia started it in 2020! Also, she’s mentioned in the years since then how valuable the Productivity Powerhouse teachings continue to be for her and her business.)

"I cannot tell you how amazing it is to actually 'shut off' from my workday and focus entirely on my family in the evenings.

Before taking Productivity Powerhouse, I would walk past my office door and be reminded of the 1001 tasks still waiting for me to complete. Now, I walk past my office door without another thought because I already know I'll be ready to work the next day!

It's only been a few weeks since I joined Productivity Powerhouse, and I can say with complete confidence that the skills I learned in this course have saved me at least 6 hours every week... Not to mention the emotional benefit of closing out my work computer at the end of the day with full satisfaction of everything I had accomplished that day.

My team is even working more efficiently, now that I have a more productive plan that has us moving forward rather than in circles. Productivity Powerhouse has absolutely started me and my team down a better, more productive path!"

- Anabeth, project manager

(She is not a solopreneur, but rather works at a large online company. Anabeth manages a big team of people remotely and works from home.)

“I want to tell you how much I am appreciating the Companion Guide [e-book version of Productivity Powerhouse]. I've been reading a few pages every morning and yesterday started the Step One assessment in the workbook. I'm imagining repeating this process often for different projects. The thought process questions were all very insightful [and] I have new clarity on how knowing my values is so essential and powerful.

I can't tell you my joy (and I've done many assessments over the years) in seeing all of this so clearly, and being able to begin to make connections to how this knowledge can support me in achieving my goals.

The process has been breathtaking… I am soaking up Productivity Powerhouse with a full heart and much delight.

Good things are happening here, just for even having dipped my toes into the waters.”

- Kara, registered psychotherapist

(This is her feedback before even completing Step ONE of the program! So you can see that even just starting the program has made this huge impact for her. It's been really really helpful for her.)

"Before joining Productivity Powerhouse, I had too much to do with not a lot of time to do it. I was also regularly exhausted and wasn't taking care of myself well or giving myself the space I needed to be effective in my two businesses. I had burned out severely, requiring a 3-day hospital stay in the intensive care unit. So I wanted to be more productive and have better time management and energy management skills before I burned out again, thus leading me to find Productivity Powerhouse.

I joined Productivity Powerhouse because I wanted to be able to cut down on my to-do list and give myself the systems I needed to manage my energy, get my tasks done, and have the time I need to do everything and then have time left for a life that I love.

Productivity Powerhouse was very helpful! I now have a few key systems and strategies in place that I regularly use from this system, and I’ve saved about 5 - 8 hours/week thanks to Productivity Powerhouse.

Now I have more energy and free time to spend more time on my hobbies and interests, while knowing that my business is constantly evolving and getting better. It also has given me what I need to know exactly what to do each week, month, and year. Productivity Powerhouse is a great course that helped me put the systems I needed in place.

Productivity Powerhouse helped give me the confidence to know I won't burn out again—or I'll at least catch it before it happens. I can now be the CEO I want to be and know that my business is growing and that it will last because I'm making the right decisions at the right time and with the right guidance."

- CJ, pet photographer

(He also has a freelance writing/editing business, and began Productivity Powerhouse while working on BOTH of those business, *while also* working at a busy 9 to 5 job.)

Want these experiences for yourself?

Join Productivity Powerhouse now:

There you go! I hope that fully answers your questions and addresses any hesitations you have about the program.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I know Productivity Powerhouse can benefit me, but the timing isn’t right,” then THIS is your moment.

THIS is what you’ve been waiting for.

And because the Productivity Powerhouse program is specifically designed to free up your time and get you fast results, it is absolutely doable for you to start NOW — even though you’ve got a lot of other things on your plate.

…We’re actually going to make your life and business feel easier and REMOVE things from your plate, decrease your overwhelm, and improve your clarity and focus when you join Productivity Powerhouse! It doesn’t need to be such a challenge anymore: