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Productivity for solopreneurs e-course

Productivity can feel like a CHALLENGE for solopreneurs — which is exactly why I created my productivity for solopreneurs e-course! It’s called Productivity Powerhouse and it uses my signature anti-hustle methods which are fully customizable to ANY solopreneur business — including yours. In this video, let’s talk about what this productivity for solopreneurs course can do for YOU…

About Productivity Powerhouse

Productivity Powerhouse is a robust-yet-simple, effective, and proven process to get back your time & energy, design a business that works FOR you, and take enjoyable action with ease to move the needle forward—WITHOUT working harder or longer hours.

It is perfect for: Solopreneurs & multi-passionate creatives who are sick and tired of feeling exhausted and never having the time or energy to pursue their big-picture goals—and who are wanting to create a business that supports their personal lifestyle desires

Productivity Powerhouse is your 1 resource to personal fulfillment and professional excellence.

In this productivity for solopreneurs e-course, you will learn how to:

✔️ Gain clarity & focus on your ideas (no matter how scattered, lost, or overwhelmed you might feel right now).

✔️ Free up your time and increase your energy, 

✔️ Build a business that supports all of the dreamy goals you have for your personal life.

✔️ Create systems, processes, and strategies that are PERFECT for your unique situation.

✔️ Make it super-easy to organize your tasks & to-do list.

✔️ Eliminate burnout and overwhelm.

✔️ Navigate work/life balance with ease.

✔️ 10x your productivity—without working ridiculous hours.

✔️ Accelerate the process of taking ACTION on those pie-in-the-sky goals of yours — and have FUN while making great progress on your goals.

✔️ Finally, get real time freedom—and experience a joyful business that supports you, so you can make a living doing what you love AND best serve your clients and customers. 

What you get in Productivity Powerhouse…

This Productivity Powerhouse e-course features a transformative 9-step framework that makes up the core curriculum, so let’s go over what you get in each of those 9 steps…

Now, all nine steps of the Productivity Powerhouse framework include both mindset work and practical action steps so that you can fully customize it all to your unique situation. You get both the immediate results and you will experience long lasting success. 

Each lesson is accompanied by a deep-dive “spotlight training” which provides the how-to guides and implementation strategies to easily take action on what you learn, plus you get guided questions, fillable templates, and supplementary resources to help you along the way.

productivity powerhouse framework

Productivity Powerhouse 9-step framework…

Step 1: Identify Your Desires

You’ll learn how to figure out exactly what you REALLY want from your life & business—so that you can make the most of your strengths & productivity style, without spinning your wheels or wasting time/energy.

✔️ Get clarity on your lifestyle goals & personal values (so your business supports your life!)

✔️ Understand your learning style & unique productivity style—and how to use them to your advantage

✔️ Strengths & weaknesses assessment (plus how to apply this knowledge to your business)

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Learning Patterns 

Step 2: Prioritize Your Goals

You’ll learn which goals to focus on first (and how to connect all of your dreamy ideas together)—so that you can fully embrace your multi-passionate interests, without feeling completely scattered.

✔️ Grounding those dreamy goals in reality so you can actually achieve them

✔️ Business planning (the fun & sexy way)

✔️ Get clear & focused on what you’re working toward (plus a motivation boost!)

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Business Plan Breakdown

Step 3: Manage Your Energy

You’ll learn how to boost your own creativity & design a schedule based on your energy levels—so that you can enjoy real work/life balance (and love the work you do!), without burning out.

✔️ Discover your unique energy boosters & detractors—and make incredible use of them in everyday life

✔️ How to deal with creative blocks & sticky situations (so they stop holding you back)

✔️ Burnout assessment & prevention techniques

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Burnout Management & Prevention

Step 4: Create Your Strategies

You’ll learn how to customize EVERYTHING in your business—so that you can get clear, focused, and organized, without using cookie cutter models that don’t feel quite *right* for you.

✔️ Explore & expand on all those awesome ideas you have so that they're simple & easy to navigate

✔️ Set your milestone (and midway!) goals for maximum success

✔️ Discover your PERFECT time management technique, for your unique situation & personality

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Take Back Your Time

Step 5: Organize Your Tasks

You’ll learn how to manage your tasks & systems based on your learning style & personality—so that you can save time & make real progress, without feeling like you’re being pulled in a million directions.

✔️ Task list assessment—no more unnecessary "busy work"!

✔️ Design your dreamy calendar & schedule (fully customized to YOU)

✔️ Choose your best task management methods

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Practical Productivity

Step 6: Simplify Your Processes

You’ll learn how to become a Solopreneur CEO—so that you gain confidence (and your business starts to manage itself!), without over-complicating your business structure or filling up your schedule with unnecessary "busy work."

✔️ Get my easy-breezy decision-making matrix (so you never have to waffle over a decision, ever again)

✔️ Structure your solopreneur business like a CEO—this is unlike anything you've seen before

✔️ Create your essential documentation manual (my clients RAVE about this... and I know you will, too!)

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Business Structure Blueprint

Step 7: Walk Your Talk

You’ll learn how to take real ACTION on your ideas & strategies—so that you can achieve your dreamy goals & become truly prolific!—without perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome, or comparisonitis getting in your way.

✔️ Gain real momentum & get stuff DONE... with ease, AND while having fun at the same time!

✔️ Unlock the recalibration matrix (so you'll never have to twiddle your thumbs, wondering what to do next)

✔️ Overcome those tricky perfectionism & procrastination tendencies of yours

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Overcome Overwhelm

Step 8: Fire Up Your Systems

You’ll learn how to streamline & gamify your systems—so that you can make your business more self-sufficient, without needing to force yourself to do tasks you hate, and without constantly reinventing the wheel.

✔️ Gamification exercise—you'll start having fun in every aspect of your business!

✔️ Identify what to delegate & automate in your business (psst... you don't need to hire a team to do this)

✔️ The magic of reframing (this is pure gold)

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Productivity Magic Audit

Step 9: Celebrate Your Progress

You’ll learn how to assess & audit what’s working (and what isn’t)—so that you anticipate & prevent mistakes before they even happen, without spending months working on the “wrong” tasks.

✔️ Learn to do weekly audits (such a beautiful & transformative practice!)

✔️ Guided questions for conducting performance reviews (yes, even as a solopreneur)

✔️ How to "see the future" before it happens—and prevent yourself from making big mistakes in your business

⭐️ PLUS the spotlight training: Success Strategies

You might be thinking, “Productivity Powerhouse sounds awesome! …but I don’t think I have time to do it right now.”

Is that going through your head right now? productivity for solopreneurs e-course

...In that case, Productivity Powerhouse is PERFECT for where you’re at!

It’s okay if you don’t have the time right now — because the entire point of Productivity Powerhouse is that it gives you back your time (AND your energy).

If you don’t have time to do it right now… When WILL you have time?

The entire purpose of Productivity Powerhouse is to free up your time and energy.

So if you’re the kind of person who says, “Next week I’ll be less busy” — but you’ve been saying that for MONTHS on end — then Productivity Powerhouse is going to help you finally escape that frustration!

Five more things I want you to know…

  • You can make awesome progress with Productivity Powerhouse even if you only have a few minutes here and there to work on it. It is designed that even if you only have five minutes here or 20 minutes there, you can still make progress with the program. 
  • I provide you with flowcharts and a curriculum roadmap checklist so you know what to do at every step along the way (PLUS I include approximate time allotments for each so you can plan accordingly!).
  • You get my Quick Wins bonus immediately upon joining the program so that you can start saving time IMMEDIATELY.
  • Solopreneurs who experience awesome results with Productivity Powerhouse include busy parents with little kids, people recovering from burnout, side hustlers juggling hectic 9 to 5 jobs, people who are neurodivergent, and more.
  • You get lifetime access to everything in the program (so even if you join now but don’t begin for another few weeks or months, that’s okay! I strongly recommend you join sooner rather than later so that these concepts are top of mind, so that you can begin accessing my accountability pep talks right away, and so that Productivity Powerhouse will be ready and waiting for you when you want to dive in).

The time to join Productivity Powerhouse is NOW. Productivity Powerhouse will get you back your time and energy: The timing — YOUR timing — has never been better!

3 options to suit your needs…

With Productivity Powerhouse, we have three different tiered options to suit your needs. 


First, we have the Gold Package. This is lifetime access to the robust core curriculum that makes up the Productivity Powerhouse framework, and you get immediate access to everything inside Productivity Powerhouse. 

Here's what's included… 

✔ 9 powerful core lessons to teach you anti-hustle methodologies & transformative mindset work (the 9 steps we just went over).

✔ Step-by-step guides & practical action steps to make it simple & straightforward for you to IMPLEMENT what you learn.

✔ 9 spotlight trainings accompanying each lesson, featuring tactics & strategy to enable you to easily take action

✔ Framework roadmap, flow charts, curriculum overview, and comprehensive checklist so you never have to wonder what to do next

✔ 116-page workbook featuring guided questions & fillable templates to make it easy to take action

✔ 328-page Companion Guide to read through all the lessons, guides, and trainings at your leisure (this is the "book version" of the program, so you can take it with you anywhere you go!)

✔ Accessible learning options available: Video trainings, audio recordings, word-for-word transcripts, and physical copies of the program available to accommodate for all learning needs

✔ 4 months of weekly support, delivered to your inbox

✔ BONUS: Quick Wins resource (30 ways to save 17 hours/week)

✔ BONUS: Supplementary resources to help you implement everything you learn 

✔ BONUS: 2 extra spotlight trainings to prepare you for the program & keep you making great progress afterward 

✔ Lifetime access to all materials

✔ Productivity Mastery exam & certificate of completion, to test your comprehension of concepts you learn in this e-course (optional)

✔ Affiliate opportunity available

You get all of this in the Gold Package for just $997 or three monthly payments of $337. 


Now here is the second tier: this is the Diamond Package. With the Diamond Package, you get everything that I just mentioned — everything in the Gold Package, PLUS you also get the Solopreneur Diary Entries: Premium Edition:

✔ Monthly live group calls featuring behind-the-scenes real-time, real-life examples of how Sagan uses Productivity Powerhouse methodologies in her own life and business.

✔ You get access to *this* month's live call & recording, plus ALL FUTURE live calls & replays (does not include access to past calls from any months prior to you joining the program).

✔ Topics change each month and include sample self-coaching questions, practical action steps, lessons learned, and key takeaways that you can incorporate into your own life & business.

✔ Submit your questions and topic requests to be featured!

Again, the Diamond Package includes the core curriculum PLUS the Solopreneur Diary Entries: Premium Edition.

This is an additional $1,200 value!

I recommend the Diamond Package for the vast majority of solopreneurs. It is available to you for just $1,197 or three monthly payments of $399. 


The third tier, the third and final tier of Productivity Powerhouse, is the Platinum Package. With the Platinum Package, you get everything that we just mentioned: everything in the Gold Package, plus everything in the Diamond Package (so you the core curriculum plus the Solopreneur Diary Entries: Premium Edition; those monthly live group calls). 

And you are getting a couple more things…

✔ Meditations & EFT Tapping Sessions: You'll get access to meditations and Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA tapping sessions) that accompany each of the core lessons inside Productivity Powerhouse — $99 value

✔ legacy programs: You'll get lifetime access to our entire product suite of 12 e-courses (organized into Anti-Hustle Mindset, Business Planning Package, and Business Strategy Bundle) to take advantage of even more learning opportunities — $1,196 value

The legacy products of 12 solopreneur e-courses features basically everything you could possibly want to know about solopreneurship, e.g. how to quit your nine to five job within 90 days, how to pitch clients effectively, how to communicate really well with your clients, pricing strategies for your business, business planning best practices, how to create irresistible offers; all the different aspects of solopreneurship is all yours when you get the Platinum Package.

The Platinum Package is available for you for $1,997 or three monthly payments of $667. 

Productivity Powerhouse tiers

So there you have it: Those are your options with Productivity Powerhouse!

This is our productivity for solopreneurs e-course.

Join today.

Psst… If you have not yet clicked on those links, if you haven't joined Productivity Powerhouse just yet, then do you have any other questions about the program? What is the reason why you haven't clicked on the link yet? 

Email hello[at]saganmorrow[dot]com to share what's holding you back and I will be happy to answer any questions you have! 

…And otherwise, click on the link below and complete checkout! I will see you inside Productivity Powerhouse.