Quick and easy productivity tip

Quick & easy productivity tip

How many tabs and folders do you constantly have open on your computer? If you're anything like me, you have at least a dozen open at any given time!

This often makes life easier for us when we're business owners: We might need to refer to a few different internal resources while we're working on projects, for example. Rather than closing them, it just makes more sense to keep things open. 

→ But it can ALSO lead to distraction and overwhelm. Eep.

A beautiful way to navigate this—and get the best of both worlds—is to make great use of your computer background screen. What's currently acting as the "wallpaper" of your computer desktop screen? That is prime real estate, so put something USEFUL on there!

For example, I have my business departmental structure on one of my computer background screens, and my Productivity Powerhouse framework as another background screen at the "command centre" in my home office.

(ICYMI, Productivity Powerhouse is my signature program that teaches you anti-hustle methodologies so you will save 10+ hours/week, every week—without burnout or overwhelm—in your solopreneur business)

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    These are two "business maps" that I use in my own business frequently—and I also like that I have the constant, almost subliminal reminder about my business structure and Productivity Powerhouse framework any time I get a glimpse of them behind my many tabs that are open. 

    Another reason why this is so valuable: When I want to refer to them throughout the day, I use the opportunity to minimize the many windows I have open, so that I can see those graphics clearly... and in doing so, it gives my brain space to "breathe." Suddenly there aren't a ton of windows open, vying for my attention! Instead, all I see is the graphic I need. It clears the mind from clutter almost instantly.

    If you aren't already making good use of your computer desktop real estate, I encourage you to make a change this week!

    In just a few minutes, you can have something super valuable in that space, such as...

    • Your own business departmental structure (something you learn how to do in Productivity Powerhouse, FYI) Quick and easy productivity tip
    • A powerful quote or concept (to keep yourself grounded)
    • Glowing testimonial from a client (for a feel-good confidence boost)
    • Screenshot of your schedule (great for leading up to a launch)
    • Guiding principles or goals for your business (to ensure you stay on track)
    • ...or something else altogether!

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    What's on your computer desktop background? Make good use of that prime "real estate"!