3 mistakes you're making when you feel overwhelmed

3 mistakes you’re making when you feel overwhelmed

At some point or another, we all experience overwhelm. Some of us may be more familiar with the feeling than others! And when you have your own business (or you're thinking about starting one), or if you're multi-passionate... Well. Overwhelm DEFINITELY becomes a reality that we need to deal with.

There are three mistakes people tend to make at this point:

The first mistake you're probably making is to succumb to the overwhelm.

The second mistake is when you think that there's no way out...

And the third mistake? You aren't addressing the real root cause of your feelings of overwhelm.

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    Now, you might be making all three of these mistakes—or you might be stuck on one or two of them.

    Succumbing to the overwhelm is, frankly, the easiest thing to do. Right? "Eep, I'm feeling overwhelmed! Guess I'll just quit while I'm ahead. I'm too overwhelmed to make any decisions or move out of this."

    (Does that sound familiar?)

    A better way to handle the overwhelm is to acknowledge that it's happening and to be kind to yourself... To trust that you are fully capable of handling it, and that this will pass. To take a breath, step back, reframe your approach, and make one tiny shift in the right direction.

    The overwhelm, at this point, loses its firm grip of control over you. And that's in part because you believe in yourself and you trust that there IS, in fact, a way out of the overwhelm—a life beyond it!

    When you assume that there's no way out of the overwhelm, on the other hand, you are giving up your own power and autonomy. 

    And in that case... How can you get out of the overwhelm if you don't trust that there's a way out or that there's even an option to get beyond it? You won't be able to see the options available to you because you don't think they even exist. 3 mistakes you're making when you feel overwhelmed

    → Those first two mistakes—and solutions!—go hand in hand. 

    The third mistake people make, about not digging beneath the surface to truly figure out what started the overwhelm in the first place (and what exacerbated it), is on another level: If you stay at the surface-level, then the feelings of overwhelm are just going to keep returning. 

    You'll have to keep dealing with it again... and again... and again, which frankly just gets really frustrating.

    What we want to do, instead, is to a) recognize the symptoms of overwhelm and address it immediately, so that we can get a handle on it before it spirals out of control, and b) develop our self-trust and self-coaching skills. 

    And in doing this? We retain our power.

    The next time you experience overwhelm, I invite you to fully process it, make the necessary adjustments in your approach & business tasks, and to critically analyze what's going on at a deeper level. When you understand it more deeply for yourself, you can ensure you're handling it the *right* way for your particular situation—no more slapping a Band-Aid on it and hoping that covering up the issue will solve it (Spoiler alert: It won't)

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